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  1. Does anyone know who the Bulls fan is with a hard hat, solar pan screwed into the top, that runs a fan on the inside of the hat? He was absolutely trashed at the game and threw up on my son's seat. Just wanted to tell him thanks...
  2. Someone just posted to the Bullsrally Facebook page and it actually was a pretty solid turn out. Really glad to see that
  3. I'm actually back in the Tampa market. We moved back two years ago and bought season tickets. We ended up having twins and that has consumed much of our life. Hoping next year to get back into season tickets.
  4. Unfortunately we didn't renew this year. We had three new mouths come into our families between my brother and I and it just wasn't in the cards.
  5. Obviously goes without saying but don't drink before going to the range. It's an amazing facility. The company I work for built it, and it really is breathtaking.
  6. What mo they payment would you like to be at and let's see what we can make work for you.
  7. I'm hoping B10 is where we fall.
  8. I don't see a meeting scheduled to discuss the meetings agenda
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