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  1. One thing I wonder going forward is how the upcoming consolidation of campuses will impact our rankings / progress. In other words, are these rankings inclusive of the entire system already such that it will have no impact? Or when consolidation happens, are we going to drop because now additional campuses are being baked in that have less favorable metrics? I am not knowledgeable about this whatsoever, but am genuinely curious what impact, if any, this will have on this trajectory. Maybe someone here with better knowledge can enlighten us?
  2. It could be more to do with the last part of my post regarding the competitive pool shifting, rather than anything they are doing wrong per se. As noted in the above, while the number ranking didn't change significantly, their overall position still increased given the larger number of universities in the pool from last year. Regardless, still awesome to see our continued jump despite those same factors.
  3. New rankings are out. USF continues to show very well! Nice to see the academics side continue to shine and make us proud. FSU also had a great showing this year with a large jump in the rankings. I haven't seen much published yet by way of press releases other than FSU, but I can't wait to see how we publish / market the large strides we continue to make. LINK 2020 rankings: National #34 UF #57 FSU #104 USF #166 UCF #218 FIU #281 FAU Public #7 UF #18 FSU #44 USF #79 UCF #105 FIU #140 FAU 2019 rankings for comparison: National #35 UF #70 FSU #124 USF #165 UCF #187 FIU #230-301 FAU Public #8 UF #26 FSU #58 USF #87 UCF #100 FIU NR FAU One thing that I did see published is the following from the Miami Herald which might explain some large changes positive or negative: "Words of caution: Be careful comparing this year’s rankings to those of last year. If your school’s rankings changed significantly, it may be because the competitive pool got a little bigger this year. About 13% of ranked schools moved into different categories this year, so a university ranked previously as a regional university may now be a national university. U.S. News and World Report explained in a press release that that’s because of the “2018 update” from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, which U.S. News has used since the first Best Colleges rankings in 1983 to compare schools with similar missions. Nova Southeastern University contacted the Miami Herald to point out that while it ranked 191st last year among 300 ranked universities, it was ranked 246th this year out of 400 universities. Though the ranking dropped, its position improved overall." Regardless - pretty awesome!
  4. Hilarious that this thread was revived. Is cooper hall still cooper hall? I'll check back in 2021.
  5. Great story, but a little bit of a bummer in all this is that he has a Masters from UCF and also serves on their board of trustees. He seems to be more of a Knight than a Bull, I'm afraid.
  6. Lol, bullrush. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it.
  7. For the love of god, please get rid of the "All I do is win" playing after every score.
  8. Agree with Nobull. Save the money and just win. Every marketing thing we do backfires. The ridiculous big 4 billboard still makes me cringe when I think about it.
  9. Drewski


    Yup, couldn't agree more. Like I said, I still think it's a good show, and I still recommend it to others, but my main point was that in my mind, it went from an elite show last season, to just a good show this season. It's my way of pretending like I'm a TV critic to get my mind off of my day job . That said, still much better than 90% of the TV out there right now.
  10. Drewski


    You will love Breaking bad. My favorite show going right now. Amazing mix of originality, great acting, suspense, and writing. I've heard that Boardwalk became great this season. I tried watching when it first premiered, but I got too busy at the time to see it through. I will give it another shot. Regarding Homeland, I still enjoy it, and I think it's a good show. However, I just think it got bumped down from the tier I type shows that consistently have excellent writing. I feel like they are requiring us to overlook some plot holes that are growing bigger and bigger with each episode. In my mind, it's turned into a 24 type show, rather than a high quality drama that a best drama emmy type show commands. Some examples of what has driven me crazy this season: **Spoiler alert** -How many times can Carrie continuously defy CIA direct orders and still be allowed to be a part of the operation and the CIA (e.g. her going after nazir in the warehouse right after Saul told her not to; her kidnapping brody and taking him off the grid to that motel, etc.) -Carrie's obsession with Brody is getting a little tiring -Brody is watched like a hawk while being a part of this investigation, yet Nazir is skyping him on his blackberry -Nazir kidnapping Carrie himself and walking into a convenience store (this is the equivalent of bin laden running around in the US) -The VP pacemaker scheme just seemed 24ish to me As you can tell, most of my examples were from the last episode. Before that, I was willing to overlook some of the holes because the acting and thrill was there, but last week just took it a little too far for me. I think the tough spot for this show is that they have two star actors (Carrie, and Brody) that you obviously want to keep as part of the show for as long as you can. Unfortunately, because of their characters, there's only so much story you can get out of them before it becomes stale, or before you're forced to do wacky things to the story line to force it to work. Unless they kill off one of these two, I don't know where they can possibly take this in the third season and still make it plausible. Admittedly, I'm a little nitpicky when it comes to TV shows
  11. Drewski


    Fantastic show last season, severely downgraded this season. Still a good show, but not the caliber that everyone was hoping it was. Not enough plausible storyline to fill the second season, and I have no clue what they will do next season. Breaking Bad, and Mad Men are still the cream of the crop. Everyone is high on Game of Thrones as well, but I haven't had the chance to watch that one yet.
  12. This is hysterical. I seem to recall a thread on this board earlier in the season asking if Holtz was our Ron Zook. Now, we're talking about replacing him, with the REAL Ron Zook! Too funny.
  13. I thought the same. It's early, and I don't know a ton about him, but my initial reaction was this same thought when I first heard his name.
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