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  1. Now we literally have to beat UH -and- UCF and win two in the conference tourney to have a shot at NCAAs. We still kind of control our own destiny.
  2. CJL is a tyrant. He choked a student-athlete within an inch of his life, then later told him to go f**k himself because he was the most powerful man in the university. Not satisfied there, he emptied his belongings into the trash, drove the trashcan to the player's home address and set it on fire in their front yard. He even killed a poor seagull that had been flying by and tied its lifeless corpse into a pretzel. His reputation is irreparably tarnished.
  3. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    More Impressive Turnaround

    So easy answer here. Sure the 2010-11'team preceding the NCAAT team went 10-23, but the 09-10' team preceding them (with DoJo) went to the NIT. There were a bunch of players on both postseason teams btw including Chris Howard. This year's team follows teams that were a disaster for 7 years!
  4. Ah man, you didn't go to any of the BE Tournaments at MSG?! Even 2009 and 2012?
  5. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Like we saw with Mike White, he sucked against p6 opponents but went down to the Sun Belt and became some stud qb.
  6. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    I'm talking about his competition, not him
  7. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Youre thinking of FCS (1-AA) not DII
  8. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    New OC, new WR recruits?

    Have any of you watched D2? They have 5 foot tall WRs and 5'8" TEs. You want to promote a kid TWO levels higher? D2 is not even close to FCS
  9. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Two year deal is a formality. 'Zomg CCS has two years no matter what!' Yo what kiind of program signs anyone to a one-year deal? Think before you speak. If CCS goes 3-9 or something ridiculous he gets fired with all his assts. Next question. Fool
  10. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    Q makes his NFL Debut on Sunday

    Aw man, that's too bad, but glad he gets the game check and will be on the Bengals sideline with his NFL teammates.
  11. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    Q makes his NFL Debut on Sunday

    Yo, this **** made my whole day. Go Q!
  12. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    I miss Sterlin Gilbert

  13. TruthARevolutionaryAct


    I everyone really forgetting? We didn't fire Heath to hire Antigua. We did it to hire Masiello, who was found to have lied on his resume. I will always wonder how Steve Masiello wouldve done here. I can't help but feel we were about to emerge from a four-decade hibernation in men's hoops.
  14. TruthARevolutionaryAct

    The Future Looks Bright

    Yeah guys, you can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.