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  1. Hueyhog20

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    Yeah Memphis isn't even on our schedule next year, so couldn't care less if they are a threat or not. Our three toughest conference games are UCF, at Temple (we haven't won on their turf yet) and at Houston. I expect to lose at Houston, but I'm more focused on us beating our two divisional foes. Can't have a repeat of the Temple loss in'16 where we dominate the conference but lose the one game we need to win, thus losing the tie-breaker.
  2. Hueyhog20

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    I'm fine with USF being ranked as the 3rd best in our division.....for now. UCF has probably the best QB in the conference and Temple finished really strong. I'm telling you though, while UCF lost a lot of talent in the draft, that won't be what really hurts them. Losing that coaching staff, especially Frost, is going to impact them more than people think this year. Would not shock me if they finish with 8 wins.
  3. Hueyhog20

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    Also like to add, USF has the honor of losing the ONE conference game they couldn't in 2016. There was no doubt we were the best team in the conference that year. Otherwise we'd have that conference championship. UCF lost their star coach, they are in a world of hurt next year. Let their fans get over confident like ours were last year, thinking we'd have an easy transition with CCS.
  4. Hueyhog20

    USF 2018 Football Schedule

    My conference schedule prediction: @Houston (Thurs) East Carolina Tulane @Tulsa UConn @Temple (Fri) @Cincy UCF (Fri)
  5. Hueyhog20

    Bulls end season #21 in AP

    All about our QB play next year. There will never be another QF, but if we can get a manageable replacement there is a foundation of an 8 win team or so, considering how bad our conference is. But no way we will start the year ranked. I expect UCF (and maybe Memphis) will be, but I think UCF will be taking a step back with their new coaching staff. I haven't looked at their OOC schedule but I do think they lose 2 conference games next year.
  6. Hueyhog20

    CFN's Bowl Performance Rankings

    We will never have a QF again, but I’ll settle for a Matt Grothe if we can.....
  7. We are still CUSA on roids no matter who we beat. Go Auburn!
  8. Hueyhog20

    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    BTW, how does Memphis lose to an Iowa Stare team with who has 0 offense?
  9. Hueyhog20

    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    Memphis drops to 22-25 range IMO.
  10. Hueyhog20

    AAC > ACC

    So does the bowl loss for Memphis count as a home loss? I still think we would have beaten them this year, had we played. They lost to the only real defense they played against this year. Their QB looked normal. Our D would have had success.
  11. Hueyhog20

    Gilbert Deserves Coal in His Stocking Thread

    I remember one drive on Saturday where we started having success moving the ball on the ground, then went deep 3 times in a row (all incomplete) and we had to punt. Just unbelievable with how bad the playcalling was.
  12. Hueyhog20

    Predicting the starters next year

    Not worried about RB, seems we rarely have issues getting production from someone. It’s the one position I can always count on with this program.
  13. Hueyhog20

    Remaining AAC Bowl Games

    So the runner up in the MW conference is matched against the 4th best AAC team....kind of odd. Would think they’d try to get Fresno lined up a P5 at least.
  14. Hueyhog20

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    It’s not like USF is a sun belt team or anything. There was a day that we belonged to an automatic bid BCS conference.
  15. Hueyhog20

    Signing Day

    So how did UCF do so far with their class w/out Frost?