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  1. Yep! As I said, Holtz is Strong but never had the luck. The big plays always went against him. Strong always had the luck plays go for him.
  2. Hueyhog20

    The moment I knew

    Just beat BC too, a better win than what we’ve had all year. FSU looked BAD this year though, but yes he could turn it around still. We won’t.
  3. Did they at least call us UCF at some point?
  4. Hueyhog20

    I am sad to say it was true all along

    While BB has regressed I’m not blaming anything on him completely. He’s got a terrible coaching staff around him.
  5. Hueyhog20

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Exactly. We remain a sloppy, undisciplined team. It’s 100% on coaching. We look exactly like we did in the San Jose opener and we are two seasons later. We made a bad coaching hire.
  6. I agree, but we seem to hire coaches who like to make our QBs pocket passers (Holtz, Taggart first 2.5 years, Strong/Gilbert). Its time we hire a coach who we know will use our FL speed from the start.
  7. Hueyhog20

    Our QB is not a good QB

    He looked so on the money after our first two games. Really thought we had our answer to Milton for the next two years.
  8. Hueyhog20

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Is it health, our line, or Gilbert?
  9. Hueyhog20

    The moment I knew

    I never wanted to see him leave TBH. He adjusted his style to the talent we had. That takes guts as a coach so I give him kudos for that. I think if he stayed last year we win the American. But now that he’s gone he’s in a worse situation and so are we.
  10. I get your point, but disagree. Those Leavitt teams played better competition and never looked as unmotivated and sloppy as the Strong ones are now. Leavitt would own playing in the American. Also we have had a weak OOC schedule these last two years. Leavitt would have run the table here too.
  11. Hueyhog20

    Our QB is not a good QB

    So disappointing to see BB falter like he has after such a promising start. What happened to the BB of the GT game?
  12. I’ll be honest. I really don’t want to see a Strong year 3 to see if he’s a Holtz 2.0 or not. He’s already kind of proven that he is. I want him gone and a full re-start.
  13. Hueyhog20

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    I accept the fact that he’s likely here next year. But unless his staff is changed....
  14. Looking at this season, we lose the following games if we didn’t get the lucky break: GT (4Q fumble) Illinois (late TD was almost dropped) Tulsa (gw FG) I’ll give us the ECU win since it would have still been tied without the Cronk win. Our real record should be 4-8 after the season. Holtz finished his second year 5-7. Holtz had a few last second losses that year that didnt break his way, in which Strong had some last second wins break his way. They are two peas in a pod as far as coaching goes, and unless the staff is shaken up, we are in for a Holtz-like 3 win season next year under Strong.