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  1. I think 4 is too much; 2 games would be good, imo.
  2. Thank you everyone! I tell people he's a Bulls QB recruit c/o 2035.
  4. Thank you everyone! He needs some UCF diapers to crap in.
  5. My son, Kane Luke. Born 1/25/17. He's ready for football season to begin. In the middle pic, I had just told him the season doesn't start for another 7 months.
  6. Autocorrect knows that "Antigua" and "lose" usually go hand in hand.
  7. still can't believe how awful he was here.
  8. Welcome EastTexan. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend about the USF Bulls. We're glad to have you as a fan.
  9. I feel like we're being paid back for the Holtz new error.
  10. He is saying Strong is the best hire, by far.
  11. Year 1 $5, year 2 $5, year 3 $5 million...3 years $5.000001 million.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted already.
  13. My source is telling me that those are the terms he just agreed to for being the HC at USF.