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  1. You're probably right. But, I'm enjoyed watching her get dragged on Twitter.
  2. As it looks like the working day has come to a close, I'm disappointed we haven't seen anything from Judy and/or Mark supporting Charlie. May be to much to ask.
  3. Twitter, starting to get traction among a lot of publications, too.
  4. Serious question, can USF do much about this? Also, it's nice to see the consensus is pretty consistent on this. I just want USF to publicly back Charlie.
  5. I don't even have much to say. This is so disrespectful, out of line, and just plain wrong, IMO.
  6. Is this serious? And regarding the 2017 class? THAT is surprising...
  7. Also, everyones just talking about money, money, money. I doubt Marlon's dream was to play RB for USF. His dream, and primary professional goal, was likely to play in the NFL, and clearly everyone was right in saying he'll have a great chance to do that if he left now. If he stayed, that dream is not so certain (injuries, poor season, etc.).
  8. Baffled me seeing all of the tweets saying he made a mistake leaving early.
  9. I did see him play, great player. But, I still don't believe he was better than Mack. I think you're best argument is the fact that the NFL has moved to a RBBC approach. Andre was the focal point of the offense in 2004-2005 largely because he was taking handoffs from Pat Julmiste, not too many defenses had to worry about him. It's a tough argument to have, especially more than 10 years apart, but Mack was i believe the 13th or 14th RB taken while there were 17 RB's taken in 2006, and Andre wasn't one of them. Not even close to apples to apples, but just right there it shows that Mack was simply more highly regarded by the NFL than Andre was.
  10. There is a reason Andre Hall didn't get drafted and Marlon did. Marlon's a better football player at this stage in his career.
  11. No one person deserves credit. The list is pretty long.
  12. Not sure this is true. My only evidence off of the top of my head is Alton Voss. Pretty sure his "clock started ticking" in 2007, and he just finished his final year of eligibility.
  13. Some lofty expectations for a 19 y/o we've never seen play against D-1 competition...