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  1. Quick scroll through Collin Sherwin's twitter has me excited. Collin Sherwin‏Verified account @USFCollin 24m24 minutes ago So if practice is any indication, #FlowersForHeisman needs to be a thing all year long. Collin Sherwin‏Verified account @USFCollin 14m14 minutes ago Been coming to USF Football practices since 2002. The most depth of talent & competition I've ever seen out here. Really impressive.
  2. Cool article on Alton Voss. I think I've seen some articles on here about him overcoming addiction to play again, didn't know he had NFL hopes.
  3. I really don't think retread is the way to go with the condition of our program. It will take a lot of energy, and patience to get this team rolling. Just not sure someone who just spent six years getting smacked around the ACC is the guy to get it done. Don't think I've ever been this disinterested in a head coaching hire at USF.
  4. Very cool that they're friends, Teddy is the man.
  5. Very cool story! USF will miss Rodney, great kid from a great family. So far so good from him at he combine, hope he can make the most of his chance this summer/fall.
  6. Just to be clear, I never absolved Geno or Troy from any blame. I think missing the flight was pretty much all there fault, which I've said earlier in the thread. I really don't know why so many people care that I reference 22 year olds as kids. Whether I called them men, kids, students, guys, or whatever, I still put the blame of missing the flight on them. I also agree that the mom should be staying out of this.
  7. I mean, two kids missed a flight and it was reported by several major news outlets and posted all over social media. Think about how many positive stories about just some of the kids from USF that are written by Joey and Co. Rodney Adams, Quinton Flowers, Henry Beard, the list goes on. Those don't get any national coverage. But, this does. Yeah, I think it's stupid and is an overreaction.
  8. Considering I said "Which I don't believe", no, I don't believe they left the terminal. I believe the fell asleep, which is what they said.
  9. We don't know where they were, they could've been away from the terminal (which i don't believe, but we don't know) We also don't know if they were awake. I will fully admit, that if they were awake, with the team at the gate, and STILL missed the flight, that's embarrassing.
  10. Do you agree that missing a flight is a simple mistake? If so, then the media's overreaction to the simple mistake IS NOT a reason to question the responsibility of college students. Now, if you don't agree that this is a simple mistake, and you believe missing a flight is a serious mistake by these two. Then, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  11. Lmao, ok.
  12. I took the article as him questioning the story of Troy and Geno. Apis pointed out that I was overreacting a little and that Joey was just pointing out facts, not questioning anyones story. He's right, but I would argure he could probably find something a little more meaningful to research and report on, but not important. I never said they didn't make a mistake. I just said I don't believe they wandered off. I think they fell asleep far enough away from the group that they weren't able to be woken up by someone, likely due to some help from some medicinal products. Which is a mistake.
  13. I do see what you're saying. But, I still disagree. You're right about Joey, I shouldn't fault him much. More so the adults who continue to chastise simple mistakes of a college kid.
  14. I don't think anyone said it was "the coaches fault", all he did was accept responsibiltiy. However, no one is blaming him. I also don't think it would be fair to suspend these kids. They do a lot of traveling, and it is exhausting during the season, especially towards the end of one with the amount of turmoil they've had. Mistakes happen, give them a break.