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  1. This game has been played for 93 years? Never knew that.
  2. P6

    Logistically, is this possible? I hope it is, and i hope they do. Some good press could come of it.
  3. Stan Heath Accused

    Noriega is kind of a weirdo... I don't think these claims are at all true.
  4. Signing Day

    Niiiiiceeee. Also just saw this. Makes it even sweeter.
  5. Signing Day

    Awesome, welcome to Tampa. Any surprises or are these all guys previously committed?
  6. And no comments on here since... I think it's expected, though. Tack on the inconvenience of playing the weekend of Xmas to the fact that it's another trip to Birmingham, and i'm almost glad we at least made it to four figures.
  7. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    This comment should be down voted into oblivion.
  9. I refuse to believe Atlanta Bulls post was serious.
  10. Oregon has some nerve to be mad

    They can suck it. When you look at this situation, I think it's ridiculous to hold any harsh feelings against Willie. And I've seen wayyyyy too many people voicing that opinion. Anyone that does is a loser who needs to understand that they're just fans that need to GET OVER IT.
  11. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Some players are saying this isn't true. EDIT: those tweets saying there was no meeting have been deleted.
  12. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    I actually saw a quote that he said UCF just wasn't the right fit, aka he wants a P5 job. Not necessarily just waiting on Oregon.
  13. RUMOR: USF 2.0

    Wrong, next.
  14. RUMOR: USF 2.0

    I think this happens sooner rather than later. From the onset, reports pegged Willie as FSU's first choice. Read today that FSU is a "dream job" for Willie, who's whole family grew up Seminole's fans. With a meeting happening today, I would bet all sides will get it done.
  15. AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

    The way all of these candidates tip toe around questions from the media is pretty entertaining.