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  1. Can the AAC adopt this policy?

    Ah, that went right over my head....
  2. Holy hell..... Who tf let Joey get away with comparing QF to Ben Carson in the opening sentence?
  3. Can the AAC adopt this policy?

    Curious as to what you mean by this... Saying the AAC games are tougher on the players? I do agree to your second point, even without the first one. Lets give these kids as much time to rest as possible. Also, I wonder how they're are going to do this when non conference games. I'm assuming this will only apply to conference games and all non-conference games are going to be the standard 20 minute halves?
  4. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    As excited as i am for this season, i can't wait to see what Q does after USF. Love his personality.
  5. Back to back defending champs with former Pitt star DeJuan Blair on ESPN 2, could be a good one.
  6. We're having a tough time getting good shots.
  7. The kings look good, but Dominique looks like the best player out there.
  8. SJ Green

  9. You're probably right. But, I'm enjoyed watching her get dragged on Twitter.
  10. As it looks like the working day has come to a close, I'm disappointed we haven't seen anything from Judy and/or Mark supporting Charlie. May be to much to ask.
  11. Twitter, starting to get traction among a lot of publications, too.
  12. Serious question, can USF do much about this? Also, it's nice to see the consensus is pretty consistent on this. I just want USF to publicly back Charlie.
  13. I don't even have much to say. This is so disrespectful, out of line, and just plain wrong, IMO.