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  1. Women’s basketball vs Tulane

    That's what comes with the 1,500 people that regularly attend being die-hard. Fantastic effort by the Bulls today, they seem to be well past the earlier L's.
  2. Birmingham bowl plans??

    Not for me this year; 8 hours is a little much of a drive for just me, and even if I were to fly up at 7 AM and depart at 6 PM, $300 is a lot of money for a football game.
  3. WBB @ George Washington 12/2/18 1400(2:00PM)

    Great win. Bulls now 7-1 with wins over LSU and St. Johns, the latter of which has historically given CJF fits. Big road game against Oklahoma next Saturday, then a few sub-200 cupcakes before two big homers against Dayton and Michigan State, then onto AAC play!
  4. It's a beautiful day to survive and advance! No football game today, so consider heading out to Corbett for futbol!
  5. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 2 seconds  
  6. Hopefully it doesn't negatively impact the internships and other opportunities a lot of Mass Comm students take advantage of...Better yet, I'm hoping it would make a positive impact.
  7. Y'all know I'm as big of a homer as any... but I think an 11 seed was the right call; consider this: outside of Temple (x2), who else did the team beat? They didn't play UConn close, lost to a sub-50 RPI team at home. This was a team on the bubble 2 weeks ago. I'm thrilled about going to Tally, and I have my room booked.
  8. They're going to get one of those two, not both.
  9. Think about what Houston needed to do, both Oklahoma AND Louisville on the OOC schedule, to even be considered for the playoff.
  10. USF night at Amalie

    If it makes you feel any better, Titus O' Neill's humanitarianism is literally the only thing keeping him on WWE's roster right now.
  11. WBB Needs

    Agreed on both counts. She has done an amazing job turning UCF into a very, very good program that's going to make a deep run in the WNIT this year.
  12. WBB Semi final

    Interesting note here... Stanford is right now projected to be a 2-3 seed, and just like Louisville in 2015, they can't host. There's definitely an OUTSIDE chance (~1%) of hosting the first 2 games of the NCAA tournament, but I doubt they'd ship Stanford across the country.
  13. Beat Temple: 7 seed and Temple drops to 8 Beat UConn: Automatic Bye to the Sweet 16.
  14. A loss would have put them squarely on the bubble and watching mid-major tournaments like a hawk. A win puts us squarely in the tourney.
  15. USF Closes Regular Season Monday

    Definitely 3: UConn, Temple, and USF. Tulane blew it against UCF, and UCF didn't have the OOC schedule. It's a shame, because they've been stellar this last month.