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  1. Special Teams

    To quote CJL--"Punt team!"
  2. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Thanks everyone for the responses... I try not to see everything through green and gold goggles and try to stay grounded. As a previous poster put it, in true USF fashion our biggest opponent/risk will probably be the one we don't expect. That was the impetus of the thread. I wanted to gauge where everyone else is on the issue. I'm confident but cautious going forward, as the team should be. A big target on our backs and if anyone wants to take us down, it's UCF!
  3. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Unfortunately this is very much true.
  4. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    If I had to pick one, I think it'd be Houston.
  5. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Not saying their heads aren't straight right now... I guess I should say they need to "keep" their heads straight. The games against Bayshore High School and the appartment complex need not be repeated.
  6. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    I would agree with the above post re: Houston and mouse college... but also hope that the team gets their heads straight and plays one game at a time. The biggest opponent we face is the one we underestimate.
  7. So I know I'll get flamed for this... but come on, we're Bulls fans. What will be the one or two disappointing loss(es) this season. If you don't want to call them, give me a "most likely" loss. I'm hoping for none, of course, but I'm trying to stay grounded.
  8. Our fans leave when it's a blowout? And that's bad? Can we ban attendance threads?
  9. Today felt...

    Felt like the first three games two years ago.
  10. In my defense I was a couple beverages deep...both at the games and during said quiz.
  11. Is Stony Brook a golf course, apartment complex, or ???
  12. AAC Week 1

    Navy isn't messing.
  13. AAC Week 1

    Pulling away for real.