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  1. Loved it... and they're not letting it slide.
  2. Just thought it was kind of funny to hear the announcers talk about how they interviewed Willie and about how he was so committed to the area and that "Bulls fans, he'll be there for a while." Followed shortly after that was a halftime segment about Strong being fired from Texas and how the announcers felt bad for him and how he'd left a solid foundation for the next coach. Who would've guessed at that moment that we'd be where we are now. Funny how things work out (to be continued)....
  3. UCF making headway in the Bay is the only thing that bothers me about the class. Decent for what CCS had to contend with.
  4. Slow news day
  5. Vote for the hot dog environment reference. Stay classy, Tucson.
  6. Aim higher, Tiger
  7. With the push for OCS, this is definitely a good time to negotiate lease terms (getting a cut of the $$ from concessions, etc).
  8. Ruff ruff
  9. I was there... but still a lurker at that time...
  10. I'm just happy they referred to us as USF and didn't have to explain where we are located.
  11. You said "OCS" which basically now makes this an OCS thread.
  12. What happened with CJ? Too lazy to look through all the pages.