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  1. He might have had a chance to save his job if not for the suspension of Coach O just a few days ago. CWT giving the adversity speech early and often.
  2. More like 17% tops https://www.quora.com/What-percentage-of-people-in-the-US-have-a-DUI-DWI-conviction EDIT: Yes, I see now this has already been posted.
  3. Lady GaGa is as gimmicky as it gets. Do you know why? She tried being "non-gimmicky" and was getting nowhere despite being more talented than most of her fellow artists. So she purposely did the gimmicks to get noticed, and it worked. Now that she has her name out there her work is becoming less poppish and even more impressive.
  4. Devo Actually, Lady Gaga. Incredibly talented, great music. Ignore some of the pop stuff and she has some serious talent. But the reality is that every artist that has made it has a gimmick. You really think those multi-platinum country artists are really down home people that just hang around the truck in real faded jeans and drink beer?
  5. I'm still kind of amazed that we replaced Keifer with a coach that beat us the last couple of years. Seemed an impossible task to replace Coach K. Who knows if this will turn out well, but it's hard to imagine it won't.
  6. Most Willie's eventually get a Woodie.
  7. Hopefully his football pep talks are better.
  8. It's not what you say, it's how you say it and who you say it to.
  9. You are allowed to disagree, even if you are wrong. It is still a free country, I think.
  10. Half right. Size of class is definitely a factor in most ranking systems. Number of people paying the ranking service for insider access is a much bigger driver. It's all about the $$$. I could take over as head coach at Bama, recruit a bunch of one stars and they would magically become a Top 10 recruiting class. It's really useless to look at ratings.
  11. He saved a relationship with a key donor after Taggart said something stupid. Taggart is obviously no worse off for it.
  12. What Trom said.
  13. That is the fuel that keeps TBP humming!