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  1. Yes, but they do that because the stadium is bouncy to begin with, because it was built like crap. I've been in high school stadiums all over the state, and probably 75 percent of them are better quality.
  2. There were quotes in the article stating the administration could not understand how they could build the stadium so inexpensively. Now they know.
  3. Flowers passing

    Apple? Who uses the inferior Apple products???
  4. Flowers passing

    So, he only throws deep balls? Because his completion percentage overall would certainly agree with me.
  5. Flowers passing

    Well played, sir. (I need a clap emoji)
  6. Flowers passing

    We have watched four years of Q's throws being inaccurate. So either no one has recruited WRs that can run a route in four years, or at least some of it is due to the fact that Q can't throw.
  7. Smelling Salts Abuse?

    I was at a Major League Soccer game this year. I sit right behind the goal. Right before kickoff the opposing goalkeeper comes over and grabs something and holds it up to his nose, breathing deeply. As he threw it away, I realized it was smelling salts. First time I can remember seeing smelling salts in some 30 years, since they would give it to boxers and football players that had be knocked senseless. I did not realize this usage is apparently spreading all across sports. What was old is new again, and probably not healthy. Weird.
  8. Stop bringing up legit facts. This is TBP, not a place for logical conversation.
  9. Good point. Out of curiosity, how many D1 teams have you coached?
  10. I'm sure it someone will figure it out. But why turn down what you can do now for what you might be able to do later? Besides, some of those teams are no better than the four we are talking about.
  11. I meant other than expansion.
  12. Negotiations will likely start next year. Can you explain how else you improve the conference in the next six months?
  13. Those four teams are not bad teams.
  14. Live Stream Here: http://gousfbulls.com/showcase/embed.aspx?Live=35&autoplay=true
  15. USF Football Center... It's real!

    I dunno. I think that would be a very small percentage. It isn't that easy to "accidentally" downvote something.