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  1. Dom Dwyer

    Thanks, there is an energy that is hard to match.
  2. Dom Dwyer

    Yeah, I know. Actually there is a guy in our section that yells the "Oh" really loud at that point in the song. I understand that is a Baltimore Orioles thing. Personally I think the National Anthem is a US thing and we should keep our local team out of it when honoring our country.
  3. Dom Dwyer

    LOL. No doubt if I still lived in the Tampa/St Pete area I would still be a huge Rowdies fan and hate City. But the atmosphere they have created here rivals that early energy of the Rowdies in the 70s, even if back then no one really understood what was happening on the field. Just one quick example. While announcing team lineups, the stadium announcer noticed that the crowd was yelling each players last name as he was announcing it. So he stopped giving the last name, and just pauses so the crowd can make the announcement. There is only one thing that makes me nauseaus and that is the sining of The National Anthem when some of the crowd yells "Knight!". Not only do I hate the Knights, but I think it cheapens the playing of the song. Other than that, it's all good.
  4. Dom Dwyer

    I grew up a Rowdies fan, went to most of the games. I now live in Orlando and I am an Orlando City STH. OCSC is a top notch organization and the energy is incredible. I make no apologies. I would love to see the Rowdies in the MLS and would root for them as a second team. But Orlando City is my #1 team, as much as it irratates Orlando City fans that I hate UCF with a passion. All that said, Dom Dwyer is an amazing story and USF has been a part of that story. Once a Bull, always a Bull!
  5. Dom Dwyer

    That was a record breaking dollar amount for an MLS player, a record achieved by a USF alum. And he is second in goals in the MLS the last four years. Forget Orlando, this is a Bull done good. Give the man props!
  6. Ever-improving, deep passing skills

    I'm not so concerned about the deep passing game as the intermediate game. We know he can hit the deep pass. If he can hit those intermediate passes consistently this year, the offense can be amongst the best in the country.
  7. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Let's not get carried away.
  8. Know your Bulls

    Looking at the answers again, I knew five of the answers so I should have gotten a 50% instead of 30%. Must have clicked the wrong answer a couple of times. I don't feel so bad now looking at the leaderboard. Pretty cool board functionality.
  9. Know your Bulls

    LOL. Obviously I wasn't fully engaged in season one. Lots of life happening that year.
  10. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Scott Frost! Scott Frost!
  11. Never Again

    JK hates USF! How dare he pick USF to win the conference! He must be fired!
  12. Never Again

    Take it up with the Times editors, not JK.
  13. Never Again

    Bianchi writes editorials. It's his job to stir the pot. The other writers have articles on all the state teams. More on the Big 3 of course, but the last couple of years especially with the USF resurgence there have been more USF articles. If the USF athletic department was putting out releases or articles on UCF, I could understand the ire. Getting mad at reporters for doing their job always baffles me. It isn't their job to be cheerleaders for USF.
  14. Never Again

    He was asked by his boss to write an article on UCF and he didn't want to get fired?