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  1. Football Complex (IPF) News

    I tried to read an IPF thread and a scheduling thread broke out.
  2. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    Watch the best sport. Soccer.
  3. Football Complex (IPF) News

    You really think that, after winning their SEC division and then winning the SEC championship game Georgia would be left out of the playoffs? Maybe, if they lost to USF. USF would not bring them money, exposure, nor are they ever going to be missing Strength of Schedule. The risk of a loss far, far outweighs the very minimal gain from a victory.
  4. Football Complex (IPF) News

    And your point would be? They HAVE to play conference games against Vandy. They don't HAVE to play USF, they can play FIU instead. If you were Georgia, would you play USF out of conference, or FIU? I'm playing FIU 10 out of 10 times in that scenario. Why risk a loss to USF when it is much less likely you lose to FIU, and a win against USF does nothing to help your chances if you don't win the games you HAVE to win (in conference). Nothing to gain, everything to lose.
  5. Football Complex (IPF) News

    We need to play them to help our SOS to make our case for the...playoffs.
  6. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Hopefully it isn't the way all P5 teams think or we never get a game against one. The problem is that the P5 teams that think they have a chance at a NC are the ones we really need to play, and there is much more for them to lose than to win. So, again, why play us when you don't need to?
  7. Football Complex (IPF) News

    1. If we beat Rutgers it won't help us anymore than if we beat Memphis. No much "win" in beating a P5 bottom feeder. 2. If Purdue wins the B10 and win out their OOC against FIU they are still in. Lose to us and they are out no matter if they win the B10. Really, those teams have even less to gain and even more to lose.
  8. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Nope. Any member of the P5 can be in the national championship picture by winning in their conference. They would be beyond stupid to risk playing an OOC game that could screw that up.
  9. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Same problem. If we went to Florida or Georgia or where ever, we could win even in their house. They could schedule Tulane instead, or FAU. Why schedule us when their stadium will be full either way? Lots of upside for us, zero upside for them. They don't need to beef up their SOS.
  10. IPF Update

    And how strong.
  11. USF new requirements

    Those are guidelines, not hard requirements. Exceptions are made all the time for all kinds of reasons, someone that did an extraordinary amount of volunteering, someone that is a great candidate for a particular school though they don't meet the exact grade requirements. Athletes fall into a separate bucket. They have an above average ability to succeed because of all the resources athletics department makes available to them.
  12. How was that not intentional grounding? He dropped straight back, didn't he?
  13. What an incredibly boring game thus far.
  14. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    "Disrespectful". There you go again.
  15. Why Charlie Strong is Still Coaching at USF

    I'm not insulted because I understand that their job isn't to work for the USF Marketing Department. Also, I'm not whiny.