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  1. Of course. But the firing of Heath seemed strange at the time and I disagreed with it then. So it is not hindsight in my case, or the case of many others.
  2. http://deadspin.com/big-fat-goalkeeper-faces-gambling-probe-for-eating-pie-1792577837
  3. When I saw the headline I thought we were losing another basketball player. He made quite the impact.
  4. Sorry, fell asleep last night before answering. Vince Neil Aerosmith and Motley Crue were working together on a project. They were hanging out in a bar that evening and one of the Aerosmith guys sees Vince Neil and his long blonde hair from behind and says, "That dude looks like a lady". The rest, as they say, is history.
  5. Who was the dude that looked like a lady, inspiring the song? No cheating!
  6. As long as no one talks about the Coach Strong's mast, we'll be ok.
  7. Well played.
  8. Raymond James is a Lamborhini compared to The Wok.
  9. We did have an opening or two, now a couple more spots to fill. Losing Bell is a big hit to recruiting the Miami area.
  10. Because when you get paid that kind of money to represent the university, part of the contract explicitly and implicitly implies that you will act like a mature person and not embarrass the university. Anyone getting paid that kind of money should know better. And Garcia is presumably older and wiser, but Taggart has a lot more experience with the press than Garcia. I seriously doubt there are multiple members of the press waiting to talk to Garcia after every practice.
  11. Agreed. But, quite frankly, I expect more from a guy getting paid millions per year than I do from a guy getting $60k/year.
  12. These latest comments from xcwt lack class. I guess it is the era we are in right now.
  13. Thank you for the clarity. On the plus side, Shaun King just tweeted this. Maybe all is not yet lost.