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Local Media Support

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I may be missing something since I'm not local, but why doesn't the Tampa media push USF the way that Orlando does for UCF?  Don't they get that USF to the Big 12 is good for business (media and region)?  Am I missing something?  When I was local Greg always had great coverage.  I see some now, but not on same level.   Can we get some hometown support?

Just one example



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Just now, El_Toro_86 said:

You would think they would support this move.  Wouldn't they rather cover a USF - Oklahoma game than a USF - Tulane game?

I'm paraphrasing, but someone else on a very similar thread to this said that Orlando is a one-sport town - outside of basketball season there's not much for them to talk about.  

Not so much in Tampa.  We certainly have no columnists that love us enough to pimp us the way Beyonce pimps UCF. 

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One thing to mention. Beat writers want the team or school they cover to be relevant, that means more people reading their work (and sometimes a more fun work atmosphere). It is the editors who decide who much space to dedicate to each story/team and funds to allocate to each. For example, the Times has 2 Bucs writers and 1 USF writer. Is it fair, probably, there is more local Bucs interest than Bulls interest. The funds come into play to see things like where each paper will send a beat writer. Do they travel to conference media day, road games, basketball road games. 

At the end of the day, the media will cover what the market cares about. If you want more Bulls coverage, then ask for it (not on here but to the media outlets). 

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33 minutes ago, GaUSFBull said:

Also, Greg was a beat writer for us.  Beyonce is a columnist.  Big difference.  He's paid for opinions and inflammatory columns.  Greg and JK are not.  

Yeah, but Fennely is also a columnist.  USF brings every thing to the table that UCF does.  Every point that was made by Bianchi about UCF could have been made by Fennely in an article about USF, but he hasn't.  I wonder why.

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