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Orlando School Spring Game

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Monkey see monkey do... I guess little brother feels that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


UCF football coaches spike competition for spring game with a player draft

Every Tuesday and Thursday, most of the UCF football coaches get together for some pretty intense pick-up  basketball games. And there's a subtle competition among the staff for who is staying in the best shape, with most working out on the track or running the stadium steps when they're not at practice or in meetings. 

So it only made sense that head coach Scott Frost would add another competitive layer to the Knights' Black and Gold game Saturday. He split the team into two squads, with both coordinators leading a team. On Monday, the coaches held a player draft to assemble their groups for the spring game.

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters will coach the gold team, while defensive coordinator Erik Chinander will coach black team.

"We got probably the most competitive staff I've been a part of. Whether you're playing basketball at noon or going to workout and run stadiums, there's always a winner and a loser," Walters said. "There's always competition involved so there's gonna be something at stake. I'm not sure what the odds are right now, but in terms of the favorite I heard the gold team was a three-and-a-half point favorite."

Chinander added with a chuckle, "That's alright. I've been an underdog my whole life, might as well not start [changing that now.]"

Players weren't at the draft, of course. But senior quarterback Justin Holman said the draft element made practice just that much more competitive leading up to the spring game Saturday.

"It's fun for the guys," Holman said with a smile. "I can see it out there on the field now and guys are in a group message texting about it. It's a big thing between us and it's a different way of doing things from how we usually did it."

Holman added, "[Practice] was definitely more fun because everybody wants to be a first-round draft pick."

The spring game, coined UCFastival, format will consist of two halves of a running clock. All punts will be fair catches and there will be no kickoff returns. The game starts at 7 p.m

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2 minutes ago, usfbullrider said:

Fastival sounds terrible.  Who are we to throw stones?


Purple homecoming shirts

Blue mechanics shirts with name embossed

Jerseys with no name embossed

Jersey with failed "The Team" embossed

South Florida nails it again with another misspelled trophy

Apparently South Florida needs to work on getting some English classes instituted at the university, mainly in the football front offices.

Last week they presented the Bulls’ 2012 Special Teams Player of the Year Award to senior punter Justin Brockhaus-Kann. Or did they?

The word “offense” was not only misspelled on the trophy, but so was Brockhaus-Kann’s name. Simply put, the award makers butchered “offense” into “offensice” and Brockhaus-Kann’s name into Brouckhaus Kahn.

But Brockhaus-Kann needs to worry no more, because USF tight end Evan Landi received his award this week and, to no one’s shock, it contained a misspelled word.

Landi was presented with the Lee Roy Selmon Award, which is given annually to the player with “the greatest courage perseverance and determination in pursuit of team goals.”

Take a look at the picture below and you’ll notice “perseverance” is spelt “perserverance.”


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LOL, not sure why this is turning into a rehash of all the poor USF marketing efforts of the last several years.  We've certainly improved our game there of late. 

UCFastival - WTF, that's the worst attempt of a play on words that I've ever seen.  That's god-awful.  I hope they go 0-12 again this year.  

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2 minutes ago, GaUSFBull said:


UCFastival - WTF, that's the worst attempt of a play on words that I've ever seen.  That's god-awful.  I hope they go 0-12 again this year.  

Idk... that might be hard to do with how FAST they'll be playing.

It seems their whole hype train this year hinges on the "playing fast" mentality. Heck their catch phrase is #UCFast.  I'm a believer of the whole you better learn fundamentals and the game before you try to play fast, or you'll most likely suck. Here's to hoping they go 0-12 again.

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