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  1. Who is this Bye that you speak of, what channel will The Bye be on and should we fire CCS because of this Bye? You don't know Bye? That's sometimes our toughest adversary! Unfortunately never televised though...
  2. Is that like the AAC version of the national award?
  3. I really wish you had ended your reply before that last sentence. Comparing any coach to CJL is getting really tired for me. It was a different time, different players, different situation-- it is simply history. And don't get me started talking about the reasons they canned Leavitt or even the comparisons of his conference results. Please. I'm begging you. Yeah definitely a polarizing topic. Sorry for the inadvertent click bait, but CJL was brought into it a few posts earlier. The Jim is awesome, but even back to what some consider our golden years, we had significant problem areas that he was unable to cover.
  4. wow -- you are a diehard supporter then. I guess we might as well support the guy seeing as he isn't going anywhere soon because his contract has us shackled to him apparently. I'm not a fan of his methods or whatever he calls it. I wish I could stop worrying about him finding a new way to send this team in the wrong direction. I don't care how the sausage is being made at this point-- I would simply like to see us winning and competing at a higher level. If we keep McCloud in there-- that might solve many of the problems. There are just a lot of problem areas that concern me. Trust me, I'm well aware I'm in the minority and it may well not work out with CCS, but I like that he's not just sitting back and hoping everything works out like he planned before the season started. He's making & allowing changes to figure out what works with our kids, and we pulled away. One FCS game is not enough to predict conference play, though, so we'll see if the strategy pans out and we can play around those problem areas. That's something not even the great CJL was able to do, and he was sacked for it (IMO).
  5. Since we face bye this week, I'm going to take it easy and dispassionately watch the rest of the CFB world find ways to melt, and hope my Bulls are working to plug holes. 55 points & 7 turnovers was nice to see, even if against FCS competition. We needed that. bad.
  6. Funny you should mention that guy...CJL is the epitome of working with what you have vs forcing a scheme that doesn't fit your skill set. Expecting your players to be something they're not = L. Working with them to maximize the existing skills leads to wins. I'm not sure Gilbert ever got that, but I'm glad CWT eventually did. For me, jury's still out on Strong but I like where it's going.
  7. Although there's more potential after game 3 IMO, I don't feel any more sure that we could achieve that record. Looking forward to seeing if it clicks with SMU.
  8. Best Pro Style QB to ever come out of USF, it's a shame CWT couldn't coach him up. It's a shame he didn't fit our style of play--I liked the kid a lot but there was never much of a pocket for him to work with and the kid couldn't run well. I know you're partially kidding/baiting but CWT would have had to coach up everyone else to support his abilities, there wasn't much he could do to change MW's skill set.
  9. I think he'll be staring at 4th Q reps, if any right now. ^little Nat grew into such a beauty after that movie!
  10. If he can keep that level of play, this is the first award of many.
  11. Been a while since I had a reason to watch MNF. The Jets pants probably turned Brown when they heard DJ would play...;)
  12. not to mention about a 2 hour flight from the game...okay so you're talking about something else...
  13. no argument with a knock on the O line. That's something they'll definitely have to plan around, but I think we have a mobile enough QB and KB is capable of options (as opposed to SG) if/until that unit pulls it together. Honestly feel we're in a better situation than last year--then I'll say it's still all hope til it's real...or not.
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