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  1. raptorcj

    Good News for T Horne

    Just hope the kid gets back to full speed again. Hate seeing any big-talent player get knocked out early in their career.
  2. raptorcj

    Happy Players from Last Night

    Winning (especially a big game) is a drug, and it's fun to see them get high on it. What a different team, love it!
  3. Man I can't even feel comfortable making fun of them anymore after two very enviable seasons, the last one with a new coach. Don't get me wrong--I will, but I won't feel comfortable...
  4. Loving this team's heart. I hope they stay gritty down the conference stretch. It's a long road...Go Bulls!
  5. Right or wrong, my logic is get the IPF first to attract & motivate the players in hopes they'll build more camaraderie, practice more, play better, get more W's, and attract more fans...then go build the OCS and amp up the environment.
  6. raptorcj

    Holgorsen To Houston

    A rival. I feel "win" anytime they take the loss.
  7. I could erase a load of problems I caused if I was 15 again...but I probably would have created even more to take their place lol
  8. Believe I was first. The rest are copy cats. Well-worn insertion long before this thread was born. ...but it's possible CR introduced it way back then, too, before I was born...
  9. Only if they got formally caught--so...qualified "yes". CCS seems more proactive.
  10. raptorcj

    Merry Christmas Eve

    Merry Christmas from Orlando!
  11. For absolutely no reason at all, continuing with the whole bus thing for CCS... Season 1 (drivers: Q. Flowers, A. Sanchez): Season 2 (was there a driver?):
  12. raptorcj

    Final End of Season Record

    No idea what we'll put on the field next year aside from a few good RBs & WRs. It smells like the potential for a losing season, so this is where CCS needs to work some magic.
  13. Don't really care about where we sit in relation to the horrors of other schools. I just care that this was our view at 7-0, and it was a lot like our mid+late 2000s teams. Do not enjoy the ride...