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  1. It's another building year. Getting 4-stars is a good direction though, especially if some of them have already played together like these guys did at the prep school. Looking forward to seeing a little progress this year, then significant progress in 2019.
  2. The op said she averaged 10.7 rebounds per game. If that's not crashing the boards then I don't know what is. BB's point was that was in Euro junior league which doesn't always translate, but hopefully the above picture says it all and she's physical like a beast!
  3. Just please, please let the small flash at the end of last season be an indicator that we'll be on the rise...
  4. you still rockin the ol' furniture TV/boat anchor? Dang I don't miss those days...at all.
  5. raptorcj

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    Stark contrast to her predecessor, too. I hardly ever heard Betty Castor outside of commencements or planned interviews. First time I saw her in person was when she handed me the fake diploma on stage. Judy seems to be everywhere, and far more connected in Tampa. Just my perception.
  6. raptorcj

    Our Shirt 2018

    Nope, I get it and I get your connection to it--I like the process and USF waiving royalties, cool. It's not personal, it just reminds me of my elementary school shirts and I don't like the thought of USF being poked for it when our students deck out in them. It could be better, that is all.
  7. raptorcj

    BJ Daniels

    At least he's back in green 🤘
  8. raptorcj

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    She's always campaigning for USF. Give me a president that energetically goes to bat and loves the school like she does--minor mistakes and all. Her pros/cons balance is not even close, she's been a win for the school since she took office.
  9. raptorcj

    Our Shirt 2018

    I wouldn't crap on it (fine for a student shirt), but I do think maybe the winning entry should go through the "bay made" media/graphics artists before it hits the street. Even if that would add another 3-5 bucks to the product, I think the masses would be more likely to buy & wear them to games. The pocket thing is an odd convention...
  10. raptorcj

    No More “Lobsta” during FB Media Day :(

    Agree with Rizman, didn't like the holdover from BE days. Time to move on with the new identity, so Dallas as good as any and establishes us even more in the southwest.
  11. Good for him? I mean, he's been running for a while now, so personally I'm happy if he gets to keep on going in the NFL and bank that retirement $$
  12. raptorcj

    USF vs UF Continues

    I just hope they don't back out of the Tampa date. Sure, we'd get paid something if they do, but that's not why we scheduled them.
  13. raptorcj

    Deatrick in the Desert

    He's got the talent, as long as he can get the NFL, he'll be ok.
  14. raptorcj

    BJ Daniels still has it at QB

    Still wowing audiences, definitely one of our more gifted athletes. Glad to see him still having fun out there!
  15. raptorcj

    Marlon Mack on the mend

    He's already proven to them he has that game-changing talent, even with a torn labrum! He should easily get lots of playing time this season. Looking forward to it!