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  1. raptorcj

    Games to Watch Week 4

    I'll probably watch 10 mins of that game tonight. If it's anything less than a mercy killing, I'll be surprised...and delighted.
  2. raptorcj

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    It's okay to be confident in the team, but really there's NO game that's a gimme and I'm pretty sure our coaches will have them preparing the same way.
  3. It's not like they're an A&M or something. They have a pretty respectable program and definitely a respectable team. Their fans can suck it for the most part, but you can't take away what they've been able to do with their team (the things WE want to do). If you can't stand the idea of them being our rival, would you rather FAU/FIU? Doubt that even makes ESPN3, but UCF/USF gets national attention now.
  4. Agreed. But a solid, smart football player with outstanding running skills and speed? Yeah, I'd give that guy a shot.
  5. It's worse. I'd love to spoil an otherwise good season for them.
  6. Of course, but same argument could be said for most all the top USF QBs including BB (who has even more talent at WR IMO). I just don't recall as many knocks on them as I do for Q, yet he had huge passing games. No doubt BB is a purer passer and may eclipse Q if defenses don't work to shut him down, I'm just observing that Quinton isn't at the bottom of any USF passing stat sheet. Definitely, but the key here is that he made very many of those passes, with few INTs.
  7. So ironic that QF holds 3 of the top 5. I thought he couldn't pass well?
  8. Hey, you were in Chicago after all, he just might have been a local that forgot about being polite, but I hate that crap too. I'd have probably stopped right there and gone to introduce myself, just so I didn't get into it with a fellow Bull--even though that's NOT what I'd really want to do. Think we had a drive a few years back to be "respectaBULL". Maybe we just need more direct campaigns, "Don't be a doche, Bulls".
  9. SoS probably, but I don't think they'll hold #2 for that very reason.
  10. raptorcj

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    Always thought Sam was solid, too, but as far as the leaders for USF, he's #10. There's NFL names below, but the numbers say Auggie was our #1.
  11. raptorcj

    Nico Sawtelle Revisited

    People said that (ad nauseam) about Auggie, too...the leading tackler of all-time. That position is more about decision-making and being in the right place than it is about speed & athleticism IMO, even though we'd love to see a guy who has high marks in all areas. If the coaches think he's the best guy to be there, I'll go with it.
  12. raptorcj


    I'll take it 100% with all the flaws because when the adversity hit (and stuck), our guys didn't keep their heads down too long. A come-from-behind win like that (or GT) speaks to the team's heart and the coaches' adjustments--I'll take that any day over a win where the other guys are the ones surging in the 4th Q, we have no answers, so we turtle up & manage to run out the clock.