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  1. Well it didn't look terrible in the first half, but the second half was all about strength & short memory in adversity--we had neither.
  2. On the UCF comparison, we'll see how it goes. Huepel went with what worked under Frost's system, and it's kept them undefeated and looking pretty solid. Strong didn't really do the same, but with QF he was able to pull out a great season. On or off the field, Milton is their leader, so we'll see how they do without him when he grad's.
  3. I'm still not on the "fire Strong" bandwagon. I'm a little embarrassed tonight, since I think we were out-coached in the 2nd half--they figured it out, we didn't. That makes me very skeptical of our chances on black friday--not holding my breath. I think we could have had just about any coach in here last year and won. This year, Strong is having to build the team. Though I'm down about how things are going with this staff, I'm not ready to give up yet. He needs to get the players aligned, and they're clearly not yet.
  4. raptorcj

    USF MBB Undefeated

    Unbelievable. Faith rising.
  5. raptorcj

    Calling All Orlando Bulls

    I entertained a showing with my Bulls apparel, but you have to get there EARLY (like, pre-dawn) to have a shot at being on TV. It's bad enough driving on the campus, but to stay there for many hours...nah I'll just mow my lawn instead. ^ I'm with ya, GJ. I swap out my old Texas plate when I drive/park on campus for other events. Not worth the chance.
  6. raptorcj

    More Excuses

    Wait, he thinks UCF is our rival!?
  7. raptorcj

    Cronkrite all around back?

    What is an all-around back, and does Gilbert approve of them? To Gilbert all-around back means that a rb takes the hand off on one side of the backfield steps to the other side of the backfield then performs the ritual hb dive. You may be right, it probably means all-around between the hashes. I kid, but it's just frustrating to see these guys only resort to lateral movement as an adjustment
  8. raptorcj

    Cronkrite all around back?

    How would we even know if Cronk's an all-around back? We screen about as much as we jet sweep or throw to the RB in the flat, so the chances of him getting multiple looks in those situations is pretty laughable.
  9. raptorcj

    WBB and MBB in good hands

    EVERY dynasty has ended. As long as Auriemma is there and recruiting, the dynasty will perpetuate. Other schools should get together and offer him a lucrative early-retirement.
  10. USF (I dreamed a dream) 32-30 Cronkrite McCants 408
  11. Too bad it didn't inspire them enough. I was hopeful up until that 3rd Q.
  12. This just reminds me of the mid-2000's teams that started pretty strong and then slid on the way to a bowl. But one year is not a pattern, I'm definitely willing to stick with Strong.
  13. raptorcj

    Simulating Cincinnati vs. USF

    Simulations are great fun and a helpful learning tool, but are only as good as their input. The only known input for USF would put win scenarios in the 3-sigma range. I hope a newly-energized team shows up.
  14. raptorcj

    Potential QB Transfer

    Well...don't know the kid but worst case is he's mediocre and takes up a schollie.