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  1. CJS was behind the curve right from go. He was too busy preparing to lose to LSU, so he couldn't get much of a headstart on recruiting. But it's his first year, we'll see how it shakes out but hopefully he'll work the trails and have us moving up. We'll also see how he develops the players we got, we need that skill here the most IMO.
  2. black & gold shorts, Mike? Hmmm, good fight though.
  3. Same here, glad for him to come back "home".
  4. As long as the guy can evaluate and tweak his style & strategy to fit the players' skill sets, he'll have a legit shot here. The minute he starts trying to pound circles into squares because he has "a great offensive mind", I'll start moving down the spectrum towards another lost cause. Sounds like he knows how to evaluate talent and maybe even find hidden gems--I certainly hope so for our sake.
  5. Funny thread. Hypothetically I wouldn't really be opposed to him returning. But if he did entertain it, like @GaUSFBull said, we should have a whopper buyout clause.
  6. You quoted several of the reasons why it was a very cringe-worthy game...and was fulfilled, I couldn't watch any more after we were down by 3 scores.
  7. I'm just cringing for tomorrow...and I'm not talking about the lines at Best Buy lol.
  8. I guarantee if my team at work started delivering shoddy products on a regular basis, I'd be moved quickly to a "special assignment" and eventually quietly moved out. Maybe what we need to do is try moving CCS to a special recruiting assignment for a couple of games and see if the team responds any better with one of the coordinators playing the interim role. Just a thought. I really like Charlie as a guy and as a mentor, just like I did with Willie, but something's just not right with this team--they're way too up & down in performance. Wish I knew the answer.
  9. Kinda puts everything in perspective. So glad you've made it through some of the rough stuff, bud, hope the journey to go is a lot easier. Prayers still going.
  10. So I don't necessarily disagree with your opinion that neither BB nor MW would play a regular season snap, though I'd say Blake still has as much a shot as MW. But your original offering that "He is not good enough to play at any level and that has been proven in his time here" was why I responded. "At any level" is too absolute. The fact that MW got the draft, plays as an NFL practice squad QB, and has taken snaps in pre-season games with the highest-level players is enough to say he played professionally beyond CFB. There's also other professional leagues in and out of the US that many USF players have gone on to play in, so I still say he's not done.
  11. Still uncertain...the twitter posts are just the wish list.
  12. Blake isn't done. We've had this discussion before...
  13. I think he's traveled in the past. Their budget probably allows 1-2 away games for the Bulls plus any bowl games. Just my guess.
  14. and last year, though it became pretty clear later in the season. I much prefer the stuff I'm seeing this year over last.
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