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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. I didn’t know it was ever on a burner to begin with much less a forward facing one... From page 1, also my immediate thought when I saw the title.
  2. answered prayers, he should be smiling--could have gone so much worse... Happy to hear "full recovery", speedy return Mike!
  3. Not a fan of the latex-looking dishwashing gloves, but hey if it helps to grip the ball, etc, I'll end up loving them. Rest of the uni looks pretty tight to me, but I'm eager to see if they issue any special-use versions.
  4. We had and will have more long debates on this topic, by that calculation all the years the program has been in existence has been a failure, even the years they beat FSU, Auburn, UM, Clemson, WVU, ND etc... I want a Conference championship like everyone else and we are overdue but not a certain failure, However definitely the main goal going into the season. It's always the goal of any season to take home the CC. But second to that is to win the high profile games so our brand still grows. Die-hards can't fill stands...crowds follow winners.
  5. Reason numba 4.. Graduate School choice. Who knows, but grad school could easily be a motivator if she's more serious about psych.
  6. Maturity far beyond his years, love the realistic attitude--not too positive, not negative, not in a tremendous hurry, and CLEARLY trying to learn all about the technical side of the injury and recovery. That's cool. Whatever happens, I think he'll be fine if he can keep the bigger life picture in front of him. I hope to see him on Sundays, I'll root for him.
  7. Wow, the cliff was steep between last year and this one.
  8. I didn't even know Wilcox was considering leaving for his final year of eligibility. I hope we can get to the point where our better players don't even think about bailing--Strong has more work to do. Glad to hear BB is playing well to start--I hope he can keep the head game together and set the talent free. He really seems to have a high ceiling...if he wants to.
  9. Not really caring about the Lightning org's motivation, just care that they're interested in helping us do what it takes to reach the next level. I agree with a prior poster that advice from the group that has helped elevate the Lightning's status so high is something USF can't ignore, and I'd love to see us invest in their top 3 ideas, to start. It doesn't initially have to be all or nothing--handle it in phases and see how it works out. As to the "why" OP, that vid's a good summary. We do this to build the program and garner interest from fans & recruits. If we did nothing post-season, we definitely finish losers. Now they have a little momentum and a resume builder, and if they win, even more so.
  10. One of the scrappiest players I've seen with a USF jersey. Does not give up, I'm proud for him.
  11. Has to be this. Don't see him being a 50/50-ball possession guy.
  12. i recognize. couldn't have had a lousier showing than antigua tho, no? Thankfully we'll never know. It's not a test worth performing.
  13. finishing top 3 wouldn't have even been in the conversation at the start of the season*. These guys are fighters, proud fan. * i-told-ya-so types notwithstanding...
  14. Good story. She sounds like a pretty strong scorer, hope she gets even better here!
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