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  1. raptorcj

    Deatrick in the Desert

    He's got the talent, as long as he can get the NFL, he'll be ok.
  2. raptorcj

    BJ Daniels still has it at QB

    Still wowing audiences, definitely one of our more gifted athletes. Glad to see him still having fun out there!
  3. raptorcj

    Marlon Mack on the mend

    He's already proven to them he has that game-changing talent, even with a torn labrum! He should easily get lots of playing time this season. Looking forward to it!
  4. raptorcj

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    Yay, we're back to being underestimated.
  5. raptorcj

    NFL Draft

    Just feels bad to see other weaker NCAA QBs get drafted to be a QB, but Q as an offensive weapon is the way to go...and make him double as 3rd string QB. Glad to see him get an NFL paycheck though. As a kid with a strong mind and freak athleticism, you never know what he might work into.
  6. Agree. He's the kind of kid I'm proud to say is a Bull. Hard worker on and off the field.
  7. If he's looking for surf to please the Mrs, maybe should do what Milton should have done--play for Hawaii.
  8. We've got a receiving corps that's hopefully all it's hyped up to be, so this just tells me we're not hoping for the best, we're looking to make it that way. Much as I want to see Chris O rise up and light it up, I want to see that friggin AAC championship more.
  9. I thought it needed a "bull pen" near the visitors section with one big, mean, nasty bull in there to unsettle the fans from time to time...
  10. raptorcj

    TE Kano Dillon Signs with Oregon

    Something happened to diminish his utility--don't know if that's it or not, probably as good a guess as any.
  11. raptorcj

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Probably thinking something like "ooohhhh, THAT's why we don't have as many donors as UCLA." ...please refrain from taking this seriously...if you're able...:)
  12. raptorcj

    ESPN Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

    So we account for 1/100th of the best. We count!
  13. raptorcj

    And Adams makes it 3

    Oohhhhhhh, baseball. For a minute there, I thought RA's recent retirement was rescinded. Gotta read those tags.
  14. raptorcj

    TE Kano Dillon Signs with Oregon

    Yeah I thought that a little strange too but maybe he talked to CJL at the same time? Good for him I guess, but a new offense with a new HC--you'd think deja vu would have made that a hard pass...
  15. Your trap didn't stay zipped long...;)