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  1. One of the scrappiest players I've seen with a USF jersey. Does not give up, I'm proud for him.
  2. Has to be this. Don't see him being a 50/50-ball possession guy.
  3. i recognize. couldn't have had a lousier showing than antigua tho, no? Thankfully we'll never know. It's not a test worth performing.
  4. finishing top 3 wouldn't have even been in the conversation at the start of the season*. These guys are fighters, proud fan. * i-told-ya-so types notwithstanding...
  5. Good story. She sounds like a pretty strong scorer, hope she gets even better here!
  6. ...and tear each other apart in the process too. We're sooo good at bringing these things to a personal level. Mad skills.
  7. Man, the vast improvement over last year (and the 2 years before that) is gift enough for me, but would love to see them scrap their way into NIT. Gregory looks to be a keeper for USF.
  8. What the heck is all this logical talk? Clearly Battle & McCloud had great talent coming out of HS, and they'd be a better fit for USF's offense!!! /sarcasm. I hope BB has a breakout year with the new offense. I share concerns about the O line, hope the coaching change there makes a big difference.
  9. So...I'm looking at the jersey colors and thinking, "why is he playing for the west?" Great pick!
  10. Just hope the kid gets back to full speed again. Hate seeing any big-talent player get knocked out early in their career.
  11. Winning (especially a big game) is a drug, and it's fun to see them get high on it. What a different team, love it!
  12. Man I can't even feel comfortable making fun of them anymore after two very enviable seasons, the last one with a new coach. Don't get me wrong--I will, but I won't feel comfortable...
  13. Loving this team's heart. I hope they stay gritty down the conference stretch. It's a long road...Go Bulls!
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