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  1. Both the SMU and Memphis games have been fun to watch. The talking heads on ESPN said AAC might be in the championship playoff bowls. Then they started talking about how great the Bearcats are going to be this year.
  2. Does that mean we get the national title banner from UcF?
  3. Than you John for always doing those extra things that make you so great at your job.
  4. Congratulations. Welcome to the world of no sleep. But your heart will be forever filled with joy and love.
  5. I always look for them to win. I'm Bulls fan.
  6. Would the winner get the world famous "Covid Trophy"?
  7. Sir, you have clearly not been around one of my world famous boiled cabbage farts. They are truly impressive!
  8. Texas will feel sorry for us. We had Charlie, just like they did. Game on.
  9. I remember when I thought a word processor was the greatest thing around.
  10. Gawd ...you just have to love us old people on computers.
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