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  1. For general info, a Baby Ruth does not have corn in it. It has peanuts.
  2. Should be an interesting year. Starting with Texas and ending with Navy an UcF. The last 2 are home games. Go Bulls!!!!!
  3. I don't see how they will keep a 6-foot rule with Texas Stadium seating. That place is packed like the Swamp.
  4. I can't help but remember those two guys riding up on a granny tricycle and one climbs up on that statue. That explains it all. Likewise, the guy who was only trying to kiss his pet rattlesnake. As the sign says,"Welcome to Florida."
  5. Just wondering, if you wear a mask do you have to wear a collar?
  6. Waiting till after the first of the year to keep from moving money around and killing this years taxings.
  7. There are places in Florida were you can buy beer early Sunday morning. Near the docks where fisherman are sailing out early. The state had to make this exemption because Florida is famous for its great sport fishing. Didn't want to loose those tourist bucks.
  8. Being in a bad marriage is like loosing a figure-8 race.
  9. I'm so tired of all the garbage....I'm almost ready to stop buying season tickets. Maybe we should all chip in to rent a banner plane to fly around the stadium towing a "Fire Strong" sign. I bet that would get some action started in the front office.
  10. I am waiting for the War Flamingo bobble-head in Hot Pink!
  11. Sure beats hearing about Mickey on the other channel.
  12. The game being played tonight over in Mickey Land'(Gator vs Miami ) had a starting temperature of 91 degrees with a heat index of 100 degrees. So if the same holds true this Friday...we will see a lot of wet tired Badgers before the first quarter is over. Less hope that with proper rotation the defense outlast the overly heated Badgers. They may not have full use of their RB because of this.
  13. Should be interesting seeing how long the lines are with people having to deal with these new ticket problems.
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