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  1. I like the pink birds.....but I don't care what they bring in...as long as they come to the game.
  2. Looks like the Bucs may have found a new kicker.....LOL
  3. libby_arts

    CCS After Game Press Conference

    Necked Clown Dance.....that will get their attention!
  4. libby_arts

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    For those who think there is no chance....ODU beat Va Tech earlier this year......Ohio just got schooled last weekend.....there is always a chance in college ball. It's why I love watching the Bulls.....they can always pull a rabbit out of the hat.....
  5. libby_arts

    "No Access" to Club

    Great to see you around...taking care of everyone John. You are the best! Thank you.
  6. Hot Dang......only a buck....once I win Mega Millions I can flood the place with those pink beauties!
  7. That is why you should always check the expiration date on the box....before you eat one.
  8. libby_arts

    "No Access" to Club

    They check my ticket every time i go into the club house. Sometimes they check it to go to your seat.
  9. libby_arts

    "No Access" to Club

    It seems to me the stadium is trying to save money any way it can...by locking the door....they don't have to have someone there to check tickets. Just like the new smoking policy change was not about smoke. Club access smoking areas were outside the building behind a glass wall and glass door. They only wanted to cut staff so they didn't have to pay someone to empty the ashtrays and they don't have to have a working tv out their now.
  10. I hear FSU might need some new coaching talent. Just saying.
  11. libby_arts

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    Looks like #19 is going down...28 to 7 with 5 mins left in the third quarter. Colorado's offensive front line.....makes ours look fantastic.
  12. libby_arts

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    #2,6,7,8, 15,16,21, and maybe #19 later tonight. Lots of room to move up with this many ranked teams loosing.
  13. What a win......now if i can figure out how to breath again.....I"ll be okay.
  14. We may be able to pick up a coach from FSU on the cheap.......and fire Dilbert!