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  1. Texas will feel sorry for us. We had Charlie, just like they did. Game on.
  2. I remember when I thought a word processor was the greatest thing around.
  3. Gawd ...you just have to love us old people on computers.
  4. I think we have a chance of winning. There is no film for them to study and if we come out swinging it could cause their team to fail. It won't be the first time the Bulls have kicked butt.
  5. I bought my wife a ball gag......she threw it in the trash. So much for a good idea.
  6. Sometimes you get one right down the middle. Boom, you knock it out of the park.
  7. I would send you a pic. But, now she started shaving you wouldn't recognize her.
  8. You must be confused. Alas was not her sister. Her younger sister was Ima. It was her older sister Anita that was the hot looking Blah.
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