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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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    ... but this one's a little tougher having met Charlie (charsibb) for the first time last December, and then had a blast watching our latest defense of that Vulcan trophy with him. Charlie PM'd me in July that he was going in for surgery on a huge tumor in the groin area and wasn't sure he was coming out then. He was setting me up at that time for notifying the board and the spreading of a portion of his ashes in the Bull fountain on campus. He came thru but was pretty certain he wouldn't see Christmas. Got the call last Thursday from him saying his vital organs were shutting down and he probably wouldn't make it thru the weekend. He sounded awesome (said it was the Percocet) and we had a great 20 minute conversation .... but it was also one of the most surreal, most uplifting and most depressing conversations that I've ever had, triggering a flood of emotions when I hung up. His nephew's email arrived this afternoon.
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    Matt Baker asked CCS if he believed USF should be ranked and this is how Charlie responded to Baker!
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    Hey guys, just wanted to introduce the Bull family to the newest Grothe. With moms gymnastics background and mine in football, she'll be hitting golf balls 300 yards before we know it.
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    I took the time to cut out all the fat and leave just the plays for your viewing pleasure.
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    Can't make this stuff up. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a son named Duke at the end of September... This is yesterday's ultrasound picture. I've bled green and gold (and awesomeness) for a long time now, and it's nice to see the apple isn't going to fall too far from the tree.
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    I'm very nervous about them voiding our wins and titles.
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    This could have been avoided if CWT had brought the bus with him to Oregon.
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    Haha, one of my favorite games every year. Especially in '07
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    The sky isn't falling. This team we have is the best in years. It's set up to contend for the conference championship, A SCHOOL FIRST. The team will rebound just like FSU did, so chillax. It's a pothole but the bus is still rumbling.
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    If you don't wear green to this game, you support ISIS and UCF. #GoBulls
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    My daughter throws up the bulls horns yesterday at her graduation from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Bradenton. She starts at USF in the fall in the Honors College as a Provost Scholar. So proud of her, AND her SAT/ACT scores offset the entire football signing class this year.
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    I just want to take a moment to acknowledge Mr. Quinton Flowers. I was on the Tulsa side of the field with my wife and 7 year old son. We walked down to field level after the game to take in the final moments of the last home game this season and celebrate the Seniors. The players all funneled down to the band/student section. They all shook hands and hugged one another after the game. It was really nice to watch...all of a sudden #74 (Ruff) comes over and acknowledges the few of us standing there, shakes our hands and genuinely thanks us for the support. What a nice, classy young man. As time passed it seemed clear to my wife, my son and me that we were on “the wrong side of the field”. After the players slapped hands with the student section, they walked down behind the Bulls bench shook hands with the fans and made their way to the locker room. All of a sudden, Quinton walks over to our side of the field with his beautiful baby girl in his arms...and shakes hands with the 5-6 of us that were on the opposite sidelines. He went out of his way to do it. My 7 year old son had tears in his eyes, he shook hands with Quinton Flowers. I told him “Son, that is the greatest QB in Bulls history. But more important than that, what a great man. After all that he has been through. He’s humble and appreciative of where he is” He took the time to acknowledge a tiny group of people that were well away from the rest of the pack. I wish him the best of luck for the next 2 games and for the rest of his life. After all he’s been through he deserves a great life. Sent from my iPhone
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    I don't have it and haven't read it but I'll summarize it for you: "USF is this season's G5 team that we have chosen to write an article about so that all the schools in the G5 can read it and feel that they too can hold out hope for an "opportunity" to be talked about as having a "chance" to play for a NC and feel thankful for this crumb that we have so graciously afforded them even though they don't actually stand a chance at the Playoff but this is just enough attention to prevent them from doing anything drastic so that there is no uproar to shake up the unfair system that we have put into place which allows our network and a select Group of "Blue-Blood" institutions to earn ungodly amounts of money off of the backs of unpaid college athletes."
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    Reality Check #1 Im sorry, but we got spanked by FSU. But you know who else got spanked by at least 20 points this year and lived: 1. FSU suffered the worst oss in school history and got beat by 43 pts…they lived 2. #8 Michigan state loss by 24 pts…they lived 3. #12 Gerogigia lost by 29 points…they lived 4. #17 Arkansas lost by 19 pts…they lived So what the ***** makes you think USF is too good to get a beat down if these RANKED teams got beat down? Get the **** over it. I say that is the most light hearted way #2 The defense can play better and will play better. So leave Woodie alone and let him finish out the year. Tom Allen defense didn’t exactly shut teams down last year and had the nerve to leave us after 1 year at USF. Woodie is coming in and starting over, he needs to have a learning curve just like Allen had. 1. NIU scored 28 against #22 SDSU, and only 17 against us 2. Syracuse score 27 against UL and only 20 against us 3. Townson had a 1000 yard rusher and a pass rusher both who are gettig considered for the NFL 4. Woodie can’t go out and make tackles for these guys. It’s oviously we still have a need at defense since nobody is stepping up, or let’s be patient and our Defensive Savior Tramal Ivy save us. 5. Our last defensive coordinator wasn’t exaxctly shutting teams out either. Err’body except for FAMU rushed for over 100 yards against us. We just need to keep recruiting until we have te dominating defensive playrs. #3. The only chance we had to beat FSU was if they beat Louiville and slept on us, but after getting spanked by Louisville, the football gods decided we was getting our ass whooped long b4 the game started. That game was probalbt ranked in the top 5 as the most motivation FSU ever came into a game. Dalvin Cook also had to prove that he was still a first round draft pick. #4 Taggart is the best coach for our team. He’s from the area, the players love him and we are having the most success that this team has ever had. #5 Quinton Flowers is going to be our starter for this year and next year. After him, we have Kean and if we haven’t already made it to the promise land, Kean should get us there. Our future is looking **** good. #6 There is wanting better for your team and there is having a false sense of entitlement. Just be patient and let the season play out. Why is everybody so quick to call for somebody to get fired? Imagine if your job had that attitude and was ready to fire you the minute something didn’t go right? Let the season play out is all I say.
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    If you're no longer a fan you can stay, but Stop your whining Don't insult others that are fans Have something intelligent to add Thank you. Management
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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes it is me. I didn't post yet because I wanted to read all of the threads. Few questions to answer: *No, I am not upset/mad people copy the move. Frankly, I find it funny and I think it's great. I just want fans to enjoy their time at the game. *I'm sorry to those who find it annoying, again, I want everyone to enjoy their time at games. We are undefeated and I just want to bring awareness to usf football and fill the seats! *I started this around this time last year. Flowers was called an offensive wizard. We were something on 4th down. Like 4th and 3 and I just randomly did this hand motion (totally not sober, obviously). They made the 1st down and I was caught on camera. It stuck and The rest is history. *I do have a usf hat, and another one is being made with a matching cape. I won't post the 2nd hat or cape so I can unveil it at the home game. Again, I just want awareness and fun brought to usf games. It's a great time to be a bull. I want our stadium filled! Feel free to follow my page too! Go Bulls!
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    Kudos to those that made the trip. A lot of the south carolina supporters told me they were amazed at how loud we had been the whole game. Very good showing by the USF faithful today.
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    We had a loud obnoxious one in our section. After about three quarters, a USF fan turned to him and said "you are the reason everybody hates UCF."
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    My lady and kids surprised me with trip to Cinncy for the game and my birthday!!! The only Big East stadium i hadnt been to, so excited and stoked to cheer our Bulls on to victory at Nippert!!!
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    My son, Kane Luke. Born 1/25/17. He's ready for football season to begin. In the middle pic, I had just told him the season doesn't start for another 7 months.
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    No need to take a shot at MG. He led us to many great wins and his contributions were endless, which is more than you're 33 posts on this message board.
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    Can we just get though Syracuse first before we call it it a big season
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    Sorry, couldn't help myself....
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    Apparently you missed the WVU game in 2007. Was about 20,000 fans louder than the Tin Can.
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    Thanks for all the kind words. I recently underwent hip replacement surgery and am now rehabilitating at home . As a result, we will be watching the FB game tomorrow on TV. Both of us have some other health issues we are dealing with.
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    Hi everyone it's been an exciting weekend for me with our Bulls getting a new coach and my wife and I having our second child. We welcomed future Bull Isla Elise this last Saturday at 11:38 am.
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    Ha that's really Matt Grothe? Matt if you're reading this I just want you to know I hated your guts for many years. It seemed like you were at USF for GD ever.
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    Got the paper this morning and lo and behold splashed all over the front page is the headline Well Cooked. Huge photo of Dalvin Cook running over the Gators, a game by the way that had no national significance what so ever. On top is a summary of rivalry week with blurbs about the Ohio State/Michigan game and the Iron Bowl, which also had no significance, and last time I checked this is Florida not Alabama. Way down at the bottom is the Toad's article on Taggart possibly leaving for another gig. Seriously TBT, USF just beat their instate rival and finished 10-2 with the best record in program history and the best you can do is put the game coverage on page 7C. So much for being the home town paper. You guys suck and I hope your paper goes down in flames. If it wasn't for my wife, this subscription would have been cancelled long ago. End rant/
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    No, we screwed ourselfs by not beating Temple.
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    I'll say it again, 30 points is enough to beat temple. While not their best night at all, QF and the offense did their job and put up solid points. The run defense could not have stopped an old lady on a walker trying to escape the nursing home. THAT is why we lost.
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    His numbers say otherwise. He has willed this team to victory plenty of times. Some of y'all Crack me up with how quick y'all are to heap coals on QF when we lose. He didn't get the punt blocked. He didn't let the other team score 30+ points. He led all of the under 2 min touchdown drives. He threw catchable balls with the exception of like 2 skip passes. He didn't throw any interceptions and he created plays with his legs... what more was he supposed to do?
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    Definitely wishing you guys luck against FSU and the rest of the season. I would love nothing more to see two top ranked AAC teams go at it in the championship game.
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    Hi Mrs. Knight. Thanks for joining in. We're sorry for being mean to your son.
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    I think "war flamingo" is among the most idiotic ideas anyone in our fan base has ever come up with. It ranks just minimally worse than the new academic logo. But that isn't what is important. It is important that the fan supporting that idea Long after that beaten horse died was waving hot pink items seemingly to distract our kicker for the extra point. WTF
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    Don't know if this was posted yet, but pretty funny.
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    Put Martin Fennelly back under the rock.
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    Good game guys, it went WAY different than I exspected with the high score and crazy special teams. I think y’all actually have a chance to win out, Houston and UCF will be y’all big test imo. Wish y’all the best! I’ll think about coming on next year to talk some trash lol. USF definitely gained more respect from me.
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    For all of those happy for ucf need to wake up. Ucf is a disease for us. There is NO good reason to root for them in any capacity, EVER. The reasons I have heard to root for them are short cited at best: 1. It improves the conference perception - No, not in any meaningful way. It only separates ucf from usf in perception. Not ESPN, Fox, or any other network is going to pay the AAC big dollars because the AAC beats a top 10 team in a bowl game most years. Plus, why do we care so much about conference perception when EVERY team in the conference is actively hoping to get out? 2. Them being good helps us when we beat them in the regular season - No, it does not. No G5 team will ever make the top 4; thus, us beating a top 10 ucf team vs beating a winless ucf team is the same. So, root for winless ucf seasons every year. 3. If expansion happens, we are a package deal - This is a ridiculous mental gamble. There is absolutely no guarantee that IF expansion occurs that USF and ucf will go together. The BE is gone and we have been in the AAC together for five years now. In those five years, ucf has won three conference championships and two BCS/NY6 bowl games against top 10 teams. That is a ridiculous record and I hate that so many fans hitch our wagons to them. I don't pretend to know all of the ins and outs of expansion, but looking at results alone, they appear to be a more attractive product and cover the same Florida area that we do. The time is now, if we can not step it up the next few years, they will pass us in every measurable that matters. In short, stop all the ucf love, it only hurts us, wake up!
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    You played a hell of a game as did many of your brothers. You left it all out on the field. We appreciate you all! Keep your head up and finish strong for each other.
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    All summer and preseason we questioned the offensive line and that would be our weakest link. Well out running game got better and Flowers barely got sacked. I wanted 2 give this man at least 1 post 4 the season. I hope he and King stays. Weist would be nice, but Hiller should be a priority.
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    Step 1... I'll aledge that Judy slapped me... Step 2, fire Judy... Step 3... Bring Jim home. (sarcasm font)
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    Grothe is more knowledgable abut the game that anyone on this board and led the greatest season in USF football history, so his opinion carries some weight. Just because you don't like the message doesn't mean he's wrong.
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    I can stomach people saying we have no chance, I get the reason why they would say it. However, it makes you look like an idiot when you say UCF is legit but we're not.
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    I finally had enough this morning. I was driving in listening to 620 WDAE and Ronnie and T-Cras. They started talking about the USF "typo" and how it shows how unprepared USF is for the Big 12 and is indicative of why they aren't considered a front runner for Big 12 expansion. I was able to get through and immediately held them and Joey Knight to task. I got a little harsh and called Fennely and Knight clowns (but it felt so good to do so) and I called out Joey Knight for choosing to tweet the photo of the DRAFT version of the document rather than the finished product. I also called him out for not touting all of the positives that USF listed in their Big 12 package and instead finding the one negative that he could harp on. I think I caught the hosts completely by surprise that they were pretty much speechless. I concluded by asking them to ask Joey Knight about his choice to post the draft rather than the final version. After they hung up they said that I should take that up with Knight and the TBT myself....that would work out really well. We have all seen what a smug, defensive ass Knight can be on Twitter. It did lead me to the conclusion that we have a duty as USF fans to help drive and steer (see what I did there) the conversation on local talk media. If we call in and keep it positive about USF it will force the hosts to talk about it more and become more educated.
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    Call it bush league, unsportsmanlike, rude, whatever you like, this is a multimillion dollar industry where you're constantly competing against others for resources in players, advertising dollars, sponsorship money, and more. If we have a national forum to completely crush a competitor who essentially shares the same market as us, then we should. For any team in Florida, especially, there is no reason not to absolutely dominate them if given a chance to do so without hurting ourselves. I'm not saying starters need to stay in if we're up by a significant amount, but there's nothing wrong with throwing the ball up by 30 in this circumstance. It's a chance for reserve players to get game experience with these types of plays, and it establishes dominance within the eyes of future recruits, fellow commissioners, bowl representatives, fans, donors, and many more. If we're to stop legitimately playing up by 30, then you should just enact a mercy rule and call the game. If we're up by 30, UCF will still be playing, and therefore so should we. This isn't a hug factory. No one needs participation medals. These are young men larger than the majority of us with aspirations to play in a multi-billion dollar industry. Let them experience success and defeat and see if this is for them or not. There's nothing wrong with winning and it's a poor lesson to teach that winning by a large margin through legitimate channels and playing by the rules is a bad thing. Try that ish in the real world and see what happens. I say crush them by 70 if the third string is able to do so.
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    I guess I grew up believing that the university you went to was the school you supported for life. Believe it or not I feel that USF saved my ass from a lifetime of mediocrity. I failed in my initial attempt at college out in Cali, I failed at trying to find a career in the military, I failed trying to find a career in sales after the military but USF still gave me a chance. As soon as I stepped onto campus things changed for me. I went from just wanting to be content to wanting to be successful. I spent from 94-01 @ USF, I recieved three degrees from USF, I met my wife at USF, I got my first real job using knowledge i had gained at USF, I got to go to Europe, found my love for bourbon and now i have 2 kids, one in college, a houseful of pets and a nice house in a nice neighborhood, all because of the opportunity USF gave me. I used to have season tixs to the Lightning and the Rays but one day i realized that i was dumping money down a black hole to line the pockets of millionaires and billionaires. My wife and I decided to stop spending money on professional sports teams that dont give a hoot about me or my family and spend the money at the University that gave us so much. We now have season tickets to Football, basketball and baseball. We go to soccer games and volleyball games. We've been to some tennis and golf events as well. This is what I decided to do with my resources. This is where I want my energy and love going. Yeah it sucks sitting in the Florida heat at noon in September but I'd rather sit at noon in September every Saturday from now into eternity than stop supporting the school that gave me so much. I used to think that the majority of folks that support USF feel the same way as I do but the older I get the less idealistic I have become. I see the lack of commitment at arguably the most popular sporting events for USF, I couldnt possible imagine commitment for a baseball or volleyball game and it makes me sad how jaded of a society we have become. It's "Give me a perfect environment with a championship team right now or I'm not coming." rather than "Win or Lose, GO BULLS!" Sad.
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