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  1. Giving up my tickets after year one of CWT was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I wasn't stuck wasting a Saturday at the stadium watching USF...I can sit on my couch and drink cheap beer and watch USF until its unwatchable then move on to better games.
  2. Blackwell is a coach at UF...Why would he even be on here?
  3. I think they tempered everyones expectations with a Louisville Slugger to the back of the cranium on Saturday. If they pull the same crap against UConn this week, a two win season would be a reach.
  4. How do you expect any of the five that he has used in 15 games to get any consistency? Pick one and stick with that one. If it is White, then it is white. Live and die with him. If it's Bench, let him get all of the reps with the 1's all week in practice and let him play the entire game. And if Flowers was the answer on Saturday, he should have been in there from game one. Or at least from the 2nd play of game two. There is zero consensus as to what the eff is going on over there. Nobody has any idea of what to do, or where to go from here.
  5. I think he's getting the Matt Floyd treatment. Banished for life. Or until he transfers somewhere else. There will never be any consistency at the QB position If Taggart throws three QB's in the three games. At this point, through 15 games, it seems like he's just throwing poop against the wall to see what sticks.
  6. @dansidwell Sometimes inapropriate, but always on point.
  7. I felt that way after 2011....Then I was a dummy and got my hopes up for 2012.
  8. Does anyone else look back at the class that is graduating and wonder what if: -Evan Landi stuck at one position, instead of playing QB, WR and TE? He was a hell of an athlete and I fell like his talents were wasted learning new positions yearly. -Lindsey Lamar started more often than just a handful of times? He was the most explosive player on the field... -Maikon Bonani getting hurt at work and missing a year....If he would have had been able to play without interruption, he would be maybe the best kicker in USF history. I don't want to say that this group was a disappointment, but I
  9. Good to know. Not sure how necessary they really are here in FL though, unless I'm not understanding the true purpose of an indoor facility. Seems like they'd be great for bad weather but it's not like we're getting 4ft of snow any time soon? It's almost a necessity here with the amount of practices that are delayed, shortened or canceled because of the daily afternoon storms...
  10. Apparently Butch is going to FIU...!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/sfl-butch-davis-emerges-as-frontrunner-for-fiu-coaching-job-20121205,0,6294257.story
  11. Holy ****. I agree with you.... But, I do feel like there are more people in play than just these two. Woolard has never been one to announce anything before it happens, so letting the cat out of the bag about these two possible candidates might just be the admins blowing smoke up everyones arse. At this point, there are more people who I'd not like to hear mentioned - Jim Tressel, Tommy Bowden, Mario Christobal, Plant HS HC Robert Weiner.... Nutt, Taggert, Butch Davis, Chad Morris are names that I'd like to hear. Mostly, because they all recruit like mofos and with all of the talent
  12. I agree with him that the program isn't what it was when Holtz got here, but it just takes the right guy to change it in a hurry. Louisville was sittin' pretty when Petrino bailed and looked like a hella pile of doodoo after being Kragthorpe'd, but when Charlie Strong came in he turned it around pretty quickly and they're in a BCS bowl in his 3rd year...
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