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  1. Of course. Wouldn’t think of showing up any other way.
  2. Bought my ticket for Game 2 in Chicago. Looks like they are playing it at their on-campus gym where they used to hold the women’s games. I’ve been there a few times before and it really is a high school style gym with bleachers and no seats behind the baskets.
  3. Looks like a 4-way tie at 14-9 right now. If UCF wins tomorrow I believe they clinch the top seed. If USF wins, it depends on the results of the UConn and Houston games. At 15-9, if my tie-breakers are correct: USF/UConn/UH: USF USF/UConn: UConn USF/UH: USF If USF/UCF gets rained out or has no decision, UH can be the 1-seed with a win. If they lose then UConn can get it with a win. If both lose, then USF. If all three games get washed out, it should be USF. These are unofficial, based on past years' tiebreaking procedures. Simplified, for USF to be the top seed, I believe we need a win, plus either a loss by UConn or a win by UH (or both).
  4. I believe Houston was already essentially out of the 1-seed after their loss yesterday (would need our game tomorrow to be rained out). A Houston win may actually help us in a three way tie with UCONN as mentioned in the other post.
  5. I believe this is correct. Though I can't find confirmation online, most of the other sports in the AAC use a modified strength of victory tiebreaker if head to head is tied: record against next best team and down the line. If USF-UCONN-Houston finish tied, I believe the head to head is 3-3 for the tied teams. Our 5-1 record versus UCF would then beat the other schools' 1-2 records against UCF.
  6. I'm in the very first shot after the opening graphics. At 1:10, in the bottom right corner of the screen you'll see a guy in horns waving a white flag -- that's me!
  7. Here's what I have with the tie-breakers for the seeding in the women's conference tournament: 1-Connecticut 2-Temple 3-USF 4-UCF 5-Tulane 6-SMU 7-Cincinnati 8-Memphis 9-Tulsa 10-Houston 11-ECU if this is correct, we'll get the winner of the ECU-SMU game in the second round.
  8. Hmm, if it was a straight-up invite to the Big12, why would some "not like it?" And with the cryptic message about P5 in due time, perhaps this isn't immediately about us but rather about Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and OKSt going to the PAC, opening up a potential spot for us, but in a less-desirable Big12? Or maybe the B10 and SEC finally coordinated a raid of UVA, UNC, VT, and NCSt, leading to more realignment chaos. Just guessing, but it certainly got my attention.
  9. Here's what I've got. One of these thirteen teams will play in a New Years Bowl. If Houston or Temple wins the AAC, it will almost certainly be that team since Toledo is ineligible now. If USF wins the AAC, of course that eliminates Houston and Temple. I think our case would be strong. AAC: Houston vs USF/Temple cUSA: Western Kentucky vs SoMiss/LATech MAC: Bowling Green vs Northern Illinois MWC: San Diego St vs Air Force (each team still has a regular season game on Saturday) SunBelt: ArkSt OR AppSt OR GASouthern (two weeks left, no title game)
  10. We might prefer NIU to beat Ohio. The most substantial threat to our chances is Toledo (with all other contenders receiving only a smattering of votes at best, which I believe we would overtake by winning out and beating Houston or Navy). A win by NIU eliminates Toledo from the MAC championship game (NIU plays Tuesday, Toledo plays Friday). I say, bury Toledo, and hope NIU beats BGSU in the MAC title game. Another game of interest today would be WKU-FIU. Root for FIU. The cUSA East winner will be the winner of the WKU-Marshall game next week, but a loss today by WKU would wipe away their votes and any gain they might achieve by beating Marshall, as well as cheapening Marshall's victory should they win.
  11. Here's another way to look at it. If during this upcoming weekend: USF wins + Temple loses: we need USF win OR Temple loss the following week. USF wins + Temple wins: we need USF win AND Temple loss the following week. USF loses + Temple loses: we need USF win AND Temple loss AND Cincy loss the following week. USF loses + Temple wins: we are eliminated and Temple clinches the East.
  12. In the West, Memphis' loss to Houston eliminated them. It will come down to the Houston-Navy game, winner-take-all. Their other remaining game won't factor into determining the Western Division champ. It may matter for ranking and bowl access though.
  13. USF beats Temple, Cincy beats Tulsa. All four teams that were alive last week for the Eastern Division remain so. Our clinching scenarios: 1) Win 2 (UC/UCF) + Temple loses 1 (to Mem or UConn) OR 2) Beat only UC + Temple loses 2 OR 3) Beat only UCF + Temple loses 2 + UC loses to ECU UConn remains alive, but needs 2 wins, 2 USF losses, a loss by Temple to Mem, & a loss by UC to ECU. However, they can't directly hurt us as their only scenarios requires two USF losses and so we'd be out anyway. UC can still hurt us. If they win out, we're eliminated. To clinch, they need 2 wins, 2 losses by Temple, and either USF over UCF or UConn over Houston to force a three or four way tie with Temple at 5-3.
  14. For UC to win the EAST: UC over Tulsa, USF, and ECU; plus Temple loses to USF, Memphis, and UConn; plus either USF over UCF or UConn over Houston. UC cannot beat Temple in a 2-way tie (h2h loss). They need a 3-way or 4-way tie with USF and/or UConn at 5-3. UConn is shortest on tie-breakers. To represent the EAST: UConn beats Houston and Temple; plus Temple loses to USF and Memphis; plus USF loses to UC and UCF; plus UC loses to either Tulsa or ECU. Poor Huskies.
  15. EAST champion scenarios: UCF eliminated ECU eliminated If Temple beats USF, they clinch, and so for the sake of the following discussion we assume USF beats Temple. The easiest path for us would be to beat UC and UCF plus one more Temple loss to either Memphis or UConn. If we beat UC but lose to UCF: UC eliminated. UConn eliminated. We would need Temple to lose to both Memphis and UConn. If we lose to UC but beat UCF: UConn eliminated. We would need Temple to lose to both Memphis and UConn as well as UC to lose to either Tulsa or ECU, because: If USF/Temple/UC all go 5-3, with head-to-head 1-1 splits, the tie-breaker goes to DIVISIONAL record (USF 4-1, UC 4-1, Temple 3-2). Temple eliminated. Then the tie-breaker would go back to head-to-head with UC over USF.
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