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  1. Back when this program started I was one of those loud and proud fans Cheering like crazy, standing and yelling but that was 20 years ago and I got old. Don't like it when people in front of me stand the whole game cause I just can not do it anymore. I still stand and cheer and yell but not as much as I used to. Age will catch up with you. Just a little respect goes a long way so when you have an old guy behind you think about not standing the whole freaken game......just sayen.
  2. dabull80

    Blake Barnett

    Looks to me he is our starting QB this season and the Bulls have won all three games so far. GO BULLS !!
  3. dabull80

    Coach Strong's Future at USF

    We shall see.
  4. Here is the link https://www.packers.com/news/marquez-valdes-scantling-rises-to-the-occasion-against-titans?campaign=sf195281870_FB_C-Content-GB_CT-Locker Room Report-GB_SP-Microsoft-GB_sf195281870&sf195281870=1
  5. I wonder if McCants has NFL skills at WR ? Maybe TE.
  6. Geeez....my orientation was here is your schedule...go find your class room.
  7. https://www.packers.com/news/versatility-a-nice-bonus-for-valdes-scantling?campaign=sf193665186_FB_C-Content-GB_CT-Player Feature-GB_sf193665186&sf193665186=1
  8. dabull80

    More on Blake Barnett

    Now that was funny
  9. Well I got nothing to say but another pre-season prediction.
  10. It feels good to hear a coach at USF talk about post season play and not break out laughing.
  11. dabull80

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Very cool...get some cash in the door. I was hoping for Fireball........THE FIREBALL DOME....sounds ominous. (SP?)
  12. Memphis vs UCF as game of the year ??? I am thinking not.
  13. dabull80

    The Poor vs The Rich

    Any where...any time.....bring it !
  14. dabull80

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    Really ? Winning the games that didn't matter ? How little you know about CJL and the history of Usf football. All I will say is if you weren't at the West Virgina game then you don't know the thrill.