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  1. Who see's a promising future for this young man out of Atlanta, Georgia? Watch out Blake...https://247sports.com/Player/Jahquez-Evans-46054023/
  2. Its going to backfire sooooo bad I feel bad lol
  3. And we wouldn't be having this conversation. It is sad we couldn't handle a little cold weather at Rutgers
  4. Mostly because our program derailed when Jim Leavitt was asked to step down and honestly we haven't really got the same hype. Fans stopped supporting and losses filled the right column under Skipper and even Taggart in his first year.
  5. I think we tend to do that because the c is a major recruit contender in our great football state of Florida. and the C cant say they were number 2 in the country nor can any other power 5 school. the only reason we did that is because we played and beat the big boys. Our program has been respected since then, but.... its about consistently beating these top programs.
  6. Hopefully not an FCS team. Lets go big or go home, UCF already showed us it wont matter if you dont go big!
  7. The only reason its an advantage is because we have the oppertunity to beat them and get a name for our program. UCF on the other hand can hardly schedule a game with them.
  8. This is why USF should remain in the Raymond James Stadium. Teams see the benefit of coming to Tampa and playing in the Ray J. Its an advantage, and when we get in the Power 5, watch out its gonna get loud in there like 07
  9. I wonder if Horne can be red-shirted since he was injured on his second third game, that would suck if he missed his 11 full games in his career.
  10. Can't wait to see USF Terrence Horne Jr. Returning Kick Offs next year, Wmissed him badly in our final stretches. probably would have pulled 1 or 2 of those losses into wins all on his own like he did to Georgia Tech lol
  11. Someone dislikes the flamingo lol Bowl Game everyone should get a flamingo
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