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  1. I think we all wanted him to succeed, but he sat us back. Nice guy with a lot of cash, but should have been let go after the collapse last year.
  2. Puc would be so happy he would purge TBP for almost one full day. I would get behind that, but I really don't see CJL being an assistant on the program he built. The only way that happens if he honestly doesn't want the pressure of being the HC anymore which is possible an understandable at his age.
  3. Does anyone else recall CJL blaming the players for being weak, not prepared, and not executing? The players gave everything on the field because he developed them into stronger, more prepared, and better players. Any former players that could provide insight would be great. I know one, but never really asked them directly about their tenure with CJL. I know he always respects and promotes CJL on social media and was part of the best teams we ever fielded.
  4. Leavitt took a program from nothing to the equivalent of a power 5 conference and had a record of 75-44. We had media coverage, swagger, teams did not laugh at usf, and the media mentioned us often.What has CWT, KB, or CCS done to bring that back? Is it better to go 8-5 in the Big East with big wins against teams that won national championships and have pedigree or go 11-2, 7-6, and 4-8 versus teams that have no pedigree or national relevance. I would take the guy that built up players, developed talent, and sold the program an day.
  5. I have donated numerous times, there have been several large donors, and the fans are having donated a lot of what they can afford to donate. At some point the President, Board, and University Leadership need to spend money to finish the IPF to show the fans, athletes, recruits, local community. and other schools we are serious about athletics and want us to support them.
  6. What is it is SP with KB as OC and a DC hire. His won will be Assistance Coach with KB.That would be likely more than KB with SP as OC.
  7. If The ole ball coach Spurrier is hired would he keep KB as his Oc over his son? They got a lot of history...
  8. https://giving.usf.edu/online/gift/f/509011/ https://giving.usf.edu/online/gift/f/509011/
  9. How about he pays CCS buyout and donates 1 million to the IPF and we pay him g5 money like 1.5 million per year? He signs a 7 year deal and if he is fired he gets no buy out. That is the only way I would even consider him. I would rather have CJL any day.
  10. Please give whatever you wish to build the IPF and comment on bringing back Leavitt when they ask why you are donating! https://giving.usf.edu/where/usf-system/athletics/usf-football-center
  11. KB only beat them fully abandoning the pass and basically going all run and utilizing a wild cat hybrid offense. I am not sure knowing that JM could not pass well with the all the deficiencies on offense why KB did not go full rush all the time. He could have utilized the play action to catch the defense off guard when they would stack the box.
  12. The UCF troll has left the building... Thank you for trolling us.
  13. He has $5 million more reasons to not care and enjoy retirement.
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