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  1. Well at least we can have some beers on 9/5 to celebrate the normal college football season opener!
  2. Lets hope this is all over with sooner than later and we can finally build a solid football program again.
  3. That all depends how much money it generates. I am sure gambling and TV ratings will increase.
  4. At this point anything is possible? Hypothetical question, two teams a scheduled to play and one team doesn't have enough players due to positive c19 test. Do they forfeit?
  5. Hopefully we bring back the strong defensive line and DB play we were known for during our best football.
  6. I don't it can be worse than last years, so at bare minimum we hopefully we improvement.
  7. If MK gets hired as commissioner of the ACC, we can hope he pulls every string he has and invites Usf into the ACC. He would repay the favor of making him look so good to the ACC to be considered a commissioner. That is the dream I have every night. App. St wouldn't be a bad invite, but not sure how it elevates the conference.
  8. The program looked lifeless under strong during the 6 game losing streak. That carried over to a lifeless team. Strong is gone and was a putrid coach for us. He maybe worse than Skip, the case can be made for either as terrible coaches.
  9. What makes him a great candidate for the job? I think he has did okay here, but not firing strong earlier was a huge mistake. He seems to be better at fund raising and making public appearances than Harlan was. I think he is an above average AD and would make him an commissioner. He supposedly has contacts and that is the main reason he is being propped up. I would love to get out of g5 status and was hoping he would use those contacts to help us. Keeping Strong was the wrong message and It tainted my views of him.
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