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  1. I am changing my prediction after some research. 1) South Florida2) 44-35 we miss an extra point3) Jordan Cronkrite 100 yards Taylor 270 yards and three TDS4) Ford 150 receiving 5) 518 total yards yards BB starts off with 400 yards 4 tds and 1 pick. Cronkite gets two rushing TDS
  2. I like Sawtelle and Macon starting. Macon brings the size and speed to drop the thunder. Sawtelle brings the veteran presence.
  3. He actually has passing routes and options this year. Hopefully he won't have to make as many plays with his legs.
  4. When we start beating their traditional teams like FSU,Miami, and UF we will gain more traction with the younger adults. I grew up a Miami fan and became a USF fan when I went there. Winning will draw in more fans from the TAMPA AREA and bandwagon fans.
  5. Better than I expected to be honest. He started strong, but his play fell off with the team.
  6. I don't care about this . I want us to finally deliver on the scoreboard. Our lines on both sides of the ball look stronger, and the offense looks better. The bulls need to play better defense and tackle better. Both sides need to play more disciplined. We had a lot of penalties, and that seems to be the CCS special everywhere he has been as the HC.
  7. I honestly never cared what they do or not do. They always lived to tell us because they caught up to us finally and that is their crowning jewel.
  8. Lets be fair though. IF RJ stadium was their size it would be sold out often as well.
  9. I once saw him at Publix buying a sub and chicken wings.
  10. He has some big games scheduled for us in the future with Miami,UF,Alabama, and Texas to name a few. I like where he is taking the program, and seems to be trying his best to get us to a p5 conference.
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