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  1. TheGreatOutlaw

    We’re a Hockey School

    You can watch the championship today at 5:30. As a current beer league hockey player and USF Go Bulls!
  2. TheGreatOutlaw

    We’re a Hockey School

  3. He is a WR. We need LB,DL, OL, and DB recruits and depth in that order in my opinion. I thought our WR and RB depth and players were our only strength to be honest.
  4. Hopefully we get some coaching upgrades and can fill some holes on the dline and oline.
  5. TheGreatOutlaw

    Brett Kean found a new home

    Thanks for your time here Brett. Sorry it didn't work out for you and the bulls. Hope you get a chance to shine BK.
  6. TheGreatOutlaw

    Best current QB for CKB's offense?

    I think the job is BB's job to lose. He has some legs and the best arm. I think he will get hurt at some point based off of last year. I hope BB stays healthy and builds off of last year. If the offensive line is not addressed he will be taking some hits again. Battles and McCloud will become the starter at some point during the year is my final prediction.
  7. TheGreatOutlaw

    Football can sign up to 10 players in Feb

    Strong could almost be redemmeed if that happens.
  8. I hope KB is half as good as advertised. That alone will be a huge improvement. He has "total control" so there will be no excuses. Maybe he is auditioning for one of the power five jobs while being our OC. Could he be the second coming of JPP?
  9. TheGreatOutlaw


    I hope he comes back. Ford is small right now to get more than 15 touches a game for a full season. I hope Cronk comes and earns number spot and use Ford as a change of pace/scat back. I hope we can get more running backs involved in the passing game in screens and FORD would flourish under that role.
  10. TheGreatOutlaw

    Welcome G8RLegist

    Are you a UF Transfer like Cronk?
  11. Her last achievement was that awful logo. She made huge strides in academics, but left the FOOTBALL program out to die.
  12. Many fans only attend when the product on the field is good and winning. Many fans also attend games that have a good opponent. We do not have a lot diehard or dedicated fans compared to more established university brands.