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  1. I will take a prostyle offense with spread packages over the HB DIVE offense any day.... just saying. Can we atleast be happy that we have an OC in KB that wants us to get the ball in the playmakers' hands? Barnett has one year so if he develops great and if we win the conference and one of the back ups steal the job that is great as well. I am not worried about BB developing into a pro qb. I am worried about the Bulls scoring points, winning games, and bringing back the swagger that USF Football once had.
  2. The energy and excitement doesn't compare when we beat WVU on a Friday Night and the excitement from the community besides USF as well. We were on ESPN nonstop for about a week .
  3. I made a small contribution. I hope we win our first conference championship this year in football. I am starting this season off with optimism.
  4. Can Vinnik fund us an OCS? We can named it after him. He is a billionaire and turned the Lightning back to greatness.
  5. You can watch the championship today at 5:30. As a current beer league hockey player and USF Go Bulls!
  6. He is a WR. We need LB,DL, OL, and DB recruits and depth in that order in my opinion. I thought our WR and RB depth and players were our only strength to be honest.
  7. Hopefully we get some coaching upgrades and can fill some holes on the dline and oline.
  8. Thanks for your time here Brett. Sorry it didn't work out for you and the bulls. Hope you get a chance to shine BK.
  9. I think the job is BB's job to lose. He has some legs and the best arm. I think he will get hurt at some point based off of last year. I hope BB stays healthy and builds off of last year. If the offensive line is not addressed he will be taking some hits again. Battles and McCloud will become the starter at some point during the year is my final prediction.
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