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  1. I agree with you. The sad thing is we will never know the actual number. Now the world is seeing China can't be trusted and government leaders are calling them out. The time is to start increasing our production and manufacturing jobs in the US. We need to stop depending on China.
  2. After seeing our QB depth last year, any quarterback that has started and did decent on a college football team should be welcomed with open arms. Also he gets one more free year of college out of it. I still think it is the kid out of NC job to lose.
  3. Hopefully in a next few weeks the medical community finds a viable treatment and eventually a vaccine.
  4. You could have voted for Bernie in a rigged 2016 democratic primary.
  5. I tend to be conservative on most issues and don't believe in taking away anyone's First Amendment Rights. Totally socialism will never work, but neither will pure capitalism. I mean in the US we have a lot of social services that people don't consider socialistic but it is. I am taking my check and paying off my car. I am sure they will get it back in the form of tax increases over the next few years to recover from the virus no matter who wins the 2020 election. The real issue is that the saying is have enough cash to live off and pay your bills for 3-6 months, but many major corporations cant seem to do the same. In the end, no matter which political party or candidate you support we are all Americans and we will get through this. When the government hands out things, it will always come back to collect it in a form of tax at some point.
  6. I think covid19 has been here longer than we know. My dad got really sick in December and tested negative for all flus. He works directly with Japanese hydraulic mechanics and engineers visiting the komastu equipment centers.
  7. Fighting is how the players police themselves when refs can't . fighting should never leave the game.
  8. Is it too soon to make a national championship banner?
  9. If we get to 6 wins I would be thrilled. The talent and player developed went down under strong.
  10. If only our disgruntled and overrated coaches of the last few years would have transferred out.
  11. BYE BYE BYE! I hope everything works out and it is actually family related. I hope you enjoyed your first semester for free and finished it.
  12. No,but they didn't get him involved in the passing attack and he regressed. He was primarily a blocking TE last year. He didn't get any better at catching the ball or running routes under KB. This hurts his chance of getting drafted. I mean it is not all on KB because the QB carousel were all bad. The coaching and lack of talent did not do him any favors for draft status. Hopefully he can get on a team and develop into a role player or starter eventually.
  13. The scouts probably told him the same thing last year is why he came back to get better .The problem is under CCS and KB he got worse.
  14. He is actually intelligent and caters to the crowd. The might be a redneck is an act just like Larry the Cable guy or The DONALD.
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