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  1. I agree academics achievements take time and research, and athletic achievements can be made in less than 10 years.
  2. Judy put her money in academics and neglected athletics for years. Academics matter more at universities, but athletics bring media exposure and potential extra revenue when ran effectively. Now we have to build the athletic program from the ground.
  3. Lets hope we have someone special. He has yet to ever coach a game.
  4. We have nothing to solidify he is the real deal and I want him to take us higher than CJL. I just do not understand all these fans saying he is the best ever! WE can only hope and father time will tell. He has a lot of wins and sellout crowds against top 25 programs to pass the Jimfather.
  5. When CJS hits 100 wins and knocks off multiple top 25 teams in front of sellout or near sellout crowds he can be called the greatest. He has yet to coach a game. He is recruiting but we need to see his results. I hope he can top the CJL era but he has a long road ahead of winning to put himself into that conversation. You know who else could talk a big game and recruit? Butch Jones. Lets hope CJS is closer to CJL than Butch.
  6. Keep bringing the QBS, WR, OL, DL, LB, and now get us some RB depth!
  7. Well people thought we were going undefeated and getting a natty with Strong. The only natty we got was natty light to wash away our sorrows.
  8. Get better man than you can coach the young guns to pass it more effectively.
  9. I mean better WR's will make an impact, but we need to block to see the play develop.
  10. We need depth when one gets hurt for a few plays, series, or more than a game. You can never have enough good lineman on either side.
  11. Good for him. Can he influence any recruits that we can put oline in the nfl?
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