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  1. TheGreatOutlaw

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    I was being sarcastic. We went into a nail biter with the self declared National CHAMPS in their stadium. What does that say about our program?
  2. TheGreatOutlaw

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Well UCF must be the national champions because they were 13-0. That will add some fuel to the flames. This year is the our year for the AAC.
  3. I am calling this between five and ten times every game minimum. Maybe we a the transfer QB Barnett to do his best Tebow power dive up the middle.
  4. What about the Transfer QB? I think he wins the job.
  5. TheGreatOutlaw

    BJ Daniels

    Auburn was a huge win. How could I forget!?
  6. TheGreatOutlaw

    BJ Daniels

    I never watched him play because I did not attend until 2007.
  7. TheGreatOutlaw

    USF vs UF Continues

    I think it benefits both parties to be honest in terms of strength of scheduling, bragging rights, and recruiting.
  8. TheGreatOutlaw

    Vinik Affect?

    Someone needs Vinik to get involved in the OCS. He has transformed the LIGHTNING into the pinnacle of what a sports franchise should be.
  9. TheGreatOutlaw

    Comparing the 2016 and 2017 offenses

    QF is gone. Gilbert and CS will have to make adjustments. WE have a massive transfer QB incoming who I hope is the start. Now where is the best tail gate to kick this season off. I bought season tickets finally.
  10. TheGreatOutlaw

    BJ Daniels

    BJ was great, but Grothe is my favorite. He is a local Polk County boy and he has our biggest win to date against WV. Personally I think the order terms of best players for USF at qb are 1) QF 2) BJ 3)MG . Now who has the biggest wins in school history. 1) MG WV 2) BJ FSU 3) Bobby Eveld/BJ Miami 4) BJ NIU 5) MG, QF, BJ all beat UCF 6) QF TT 7) QF SC My memory may be a foggy but I believe that is all correct.
  11. ACC for the WIN! GO BULLS! We sneaked in unnoticed. I still remember the WV win at home just like it was yesterday. There is nothing like being in that student section and watching the crowd explode!
  12. TheGreatOutlaw

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    I have never been to an away game as a fan compared to a student. Does the university offer discounts on hotels or travel packages? I want to go to Illinois but I don't want to spend a lot of money. I am on a limited budget to work with. I would say around $400 tops.
  13. TheGreatOutlaw

    College Football News has USF Going 9-3

    Charlie was able to adjust and feel out P6 football. Our defense steps up and our offense adds a new play called the HB TOSS.
  14. TheGreatOutlaw

    USF 2018 Football Schedule

    New season ticket holder. I have been to about two games a year since I graduated in 09 where I used to attend every game. Where is the best tailgate with those around 30?
  15. TheGreatOutlaw

    USF 2018 Football Schedule

    Winter is coming! Are we ready? I am ... not sure about our offense though. I am 99% certain hb dive will be the most called play this year on offense.