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  1. Still available section 131 row c. End seats.
  2. I miss seeing him and Mack thrash other teams defense. Good for him, get paid!
  3. Does planting trees result in wins? If so I will plant one today after work. Enough of the feel good saying and excuses. I want to see improvements in the wins column and not hear about these feel good slogans. Do you know what would feel good to hear about ? A win. He has two recruiting classes and the third isn't looking great.
  4. It is probably a combination of both and lack of developing/recruiting players by both CCS and CJS.
  5. But according to certain podcast our OLINE is our strength....
  6. Welcome back. Scott has been here over a year and half, he has had ample chances to improve this team and build up the players. It is really time for him to get a few wins and stop talking the talk. It is time to PUT UP or SHUT UP with the we are getting better nonsense. Losing to TULSA is never improvement .
  7. He called bad calls one each and the execution was bad. I don't think we really have the talent or coordination to go for fake FGS, but I respected that one. The 4th and 1 after a timeout just to run the same play was terrible. It reminded be against temple last year we keep rolling the QB out to roll left.
  8. I always thought if you were going to run the same play and catch them off guard hurry up and run it before they get set.
  9. We beat UCF and every other below BCW team because we had a great and underappreciated coach.
  10. If only USF would devote the commitment to athletics that the fans have.
  11. Did he mention that he is going to increase tackling drills? Not practicing tackling enough shows ... Do we have a better plan in place to call a time out and run the exact same play?
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