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  1. I agree the coaches need to go. I plan to give the USF Bulls Club an earful when I get my renewal phone call, and I'm going to hold out until I hear what's going to be different next year. I don't know how much CCS's buyout would be, but I think it's possible we've saved a little cash these last two years that could be used for such a situation. This team is Holtzing all over again.
  2. Time for a shakeup in the program. CCS is on the hot seat. We better not renew his contract and then fire him right after. We're having "a Holtz Strong new era"
  3. USFJustin

    USF Brand Survey

    I'll be sending my thought in on this later today. #1 I don't like the Merrill lynch logo with neon coloring
  4. 1. Bulls finally get the win! 2. 38-32 3. Ford 4. McCants 5. 420
  5. Bulls win 30-27... just puttin it out there
  6. 1) USF 2)57-21 3)Cronkrite 4)Salomon 5)535
  7. USFJustin

    New unis

    All I want are the Ws to continue and to watch c. wallow in purgatory for the next few years. I can seriously care less about uniforms if the Ws keep coming.
  9. Gobble gobble on that c. **** commentators.