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  1. Probably will be going back to his alma mater, Western Kentucky
  2. since they won it and beat one 7-1 team by 16 and the other by 24, probably a good hypothesis.
  3. except that running back that had 200 yards against us and that fullback that our dbs were running away from after he kept pancaking them.
  4. Big difference was that Houston was without Greg Ward in that game. Maybe Walker will get hurt in the bye week.
  5. You probably have already ... PSU 31, Maryland 30 Maryland 35, USF 17
  6. Good video. http://www.rantsports.com/ncaa-football/2015/11/13/temple-football-likely-to-clinch-aac-east-title-at-south-florida-with-favorable-matchups/
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