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  1. This. He should have been in position to stop that run, but he wasn't... and he's slow.
  2. I think most people who post on this board knew that the Bulls had an ugly loss in them. They don't do well when they get punched in the mouth. I see one win down the stretch.
  3. Not even close. Even if the Bulls escape with a win tonight, Navy is going to steamroll Usf's soft D line.
  4. Student section was full and it was loud. They showed up a little late, but they did show up. If you were not at the game, you have no business saying the students didn't show up. None.
  5. I don't care. I'll be there.. That's all that matters!
  6. Defensive line not getting the pressure as much this year. Eric Lee was a big part of that last year.
  7. Tampa sports media covers the pros, primarily. After that, UF, FSU, and Miami get the coverage for college football in the Tampa Bay area for the most part. That leaves USF way down on the totem pole. It is what it is. I have had season tickets for over 14 years and I will continue to enjoy my weekends with the Bulls.. if the local media can't catch on... so be it.
  8. Yeah, he's a little *****. The way he cried after his player was ejected for targeting shows his character.
  9. I wonder if the Defense changed up its game plan after all of those bombs in the first quarter.. It seemed like coverage was tight at first, but after the Orange put up a couple of quick Td's with long passes, the Bulls went into more of keep everything in front of them to prevent the deep ball approach.
  10. Eh, with the way the Louisville put up points on them.. I knew the Bulls weren't out of it. The 2 quick TD's in the 2nd quarter made me think USF has got this one in the bag. Remember, the Cuse rallied in the 2nd quarter of the Louisville game before the Cardinals turned around and beat them down in the 2nd half.
  11. I will be in Lot 6 on Saturday with a cold beer and grilling some brats. Doesn't get any better than that!
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