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  1. Capogna's

    This was always a great way to begin an upcoming season. I think I made 9 out of the 11 of them. Thanks to Mutt and everyone who set this up over the years. I won't begin to call it "the end of an era". Just because it's not happening this year doesn't mean it's gone forever. Go Bulls!
  2. Is our 2017 schedule really as bad as it seems?

    Our schedule is very bad. Let's take this opportunity we have to run the table while we have a legitimate shot at it. Running the table and then complaining about getting no respect because of our cake schedule would be a nice problem to have in my opinion.
  3. 2017 Bowl Game Schedule

  4. No more Miami Beach Bowl...

    This is depressing. G5 treated like second class league, mon. P5 is downpressah Babylon wicked-mon.
  5. USF in the Playoff?

    Let's go 13-0 first, and THEN we can be angry about not getting in the playoff.
  6. fCWT can't seem to settle in

    Not sure what to add to this discussion so here goes: oregon = bunch of snowflakes crossfit = cult john klease = sweep the leg, Johnny!
  7. USF Sports National Status

    What is elite status? That is a good question. I think it means sustained elite status for a number of years. Like a legacy over decades. To the point that even when you have a bad year or two and you suck, you are still considered elite because everyone knows you'll be back on top in a matter of time. Football examples: Notre Dame, Texas, Alabama, etc. A good example of this type of 'elite' would also be UConn mens hoops. They aren't that great this year, but everyone still considers them to be an elite basketball program. By this definition, we have not come close yet (we are too young as a University, and our sports programs are even younger). In football, I can see us becoming a program that becomes very relevant every decade or so then goes through another weak cycle (a couple of years without a good QB will kill you). Basketball? I'd just like to go to the dance one more time before I die. But I'd say we are on our way to being closer to elite in soccer, golf, softball even WBB. I am just happy being mentioned when they talk about the top 25 matchups, and I love seeing our logo go by in the background behind the espn guys when we are ranked.
  8. Top 20!!

    Great moment in USF history! Another first for the program. Baby steps.
  9. Ironically this could be the BEST CASE scenario

    Lots of IFs there. We ain't getting in to no CFP. Ask Penn State what you have to do to get in. They are probably wondering what else they could have done besides beat Ohio State AND win the Big 10.
  10. There's this Coach at CU

    Sad that it would/could never happen, but I would 100% be on board with it. I love the idea. And think of the press coverage--any publicity is good publicity.
  11. I grew to like Taggart

    Same with me. At first, I thought he was all about talk and show. Then a couple of things happened. His recruits started showing what they could do, and he became a bit more "flexible" and open about his scheme. I really started liking the guy. I thought he'd be gone after next year (after he won us a conference championship). Never thought a big P5 program would offer him this year.
  12. Wille Taggart to coach Oregon

    Sucks to be in the minors.
  13. Joel Miller's Father Speaks Out on CJL

    ..and she's quite steamy, too!
  14. How do you increase attendance?

    I agree with this big time. I was the one who posted about USF students having no idea that there was a game going on. My example was commuter students who lived in Pinellas county. I also said that they seemed to know about all the other college matchups going on. If these students wanted to know about USF football, they'd know. The information is out there. The communications are there. So, I think you found the root cause of the attendance problem. The question is not about how to get the word out about the upcoming games. The question is how do we make more people care? How do we make more people WANT to know about USF football? Winning is obviously the #1 thing, but in our case it is not enough. We need to somehow get USF games to be the "place to be." And somehow get it to be socially unacceptable to be a student or alumni who doesn't know USF's W/L record or who we have next week.
  15. USF vs. South Carolina

    I'll take it! Wish it could be UGA...but I'll take it if we get USC or even Vandy.