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  1. The Wizard has serious competition

    I missed it as well. Between plays. The crowd got really loud all the sudden. I turned to my buddy and he said "did you see the rack on on the Jumbotron?" ****. Better luck next time. Sorry wizard, she's got you beat. I think this would be a wonderful tradition for USF football. if anything, it may be the solution to our attendance problem.
  2. What they don't know about USF football

    DJ can win the whole game with one hand tied behind his back, but he chooses to play with the restrictions of a mere mortal just so he can be sportsmanlike.
  3. Here We Go

    This is the biggest game ever for this program. Auburn, FSU, WVU, ND, etc were huge, but they were all just games where we were the cupcake and not expected to win. Huge fun! Huge wins. I get it, but this time is our chance to take care of business when we have a legitimate right to be there. Let's freaking do this. Go Bulls!
  4. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Friggin gators. Hate them.
  5. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Yeah! Works now!
  6. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Thank you. I got a preview then had to log in with my ISP. Apparently I can't watch this without paying. Sucks. Please provide updates! Thanks! Go Bulls!
  7. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Is this supposed to be at 6pm? Nothing on SEC network. Checked I heart radio Bulls station and it is not on. Do I have the wrong time? Date?
  8. Senior Day Attendance

    100% true. No matter what, we are not playing for a national championship, and either are any of the teams on our schedule. To the casual fan, this is JV. It sucks. This group of seniors deserved a better showing. Glad I got in early to give them all a standing ovation. Go Bulls!
  9. DJ thread for Tulsa

    Since it is the last home game, and in honor of senior night, DJ will play all 11 positions on both offense and defense by himself tonight. Tulsa coaches are working hard to figure out schemes to cover him.
  10. Senior Day Attendance

    it's sad if folks don't come out to give these seniors a good showing.

  12. Senior Day Attendance

    Last (regular season) home game and senior night. Me + 2 + my tailgate crew will be there. Go Bulls!
  13. UCF will beat USF by +21

    You can't look at an interstate rivalry game with any kind of logic. You have to throw past performances out the window. This game is all about heart.