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  1. Going with Flowers but Cedric Hill and Evan Landi are certain honorable mentions. Theo Wilson had the great catch and run when USF beat FSU.
  2. First Loss of 2017 ?

    Any Thursday game is a possibility. Tulsa or Temple.
  3. Tough one Dixon, Williams and Murray were all quality players.
  4. Where are they now

    Marquel Blackwell made a very brief appearance on Second Chance U.
  5. You get to pick one

    National Title Game (for football) Just playing in the game is worth about $36M
  6. If you attended the game between WVU and USF in 2007 you will remember how the stadium was shaking when Ben Moffitt took this INT for a TB. It was an awesome feeling and an awesome game.
  7. Probably took quite a bit for Ryan Bass to say this on the air:
  8. ESPN Layoffs and the AAC

    Assuming Fox has their stuff together they should look at this as an opportunity to get some good talent. Relatively speaking Fox is the next best equipped to compete with ESPN. For some reason they have not been able to put it together.
  9. He may not be a good fit. Not sure how much OCSG plans to run the QB. Sean Allison told the Miami Herald late Tuesday morning, about two hours after the younger Allison met with UM coach Mark Richt to tell him his decision, that his son “is a pocket passer, just like Mark said,’’ but that he believes the Hurricanes are heading to a more dual-threat, running-type quarterback system.
  10. Football schedule announcement at...

    The good thing about this schedule is there are no road games in the northeast during late fall early winter.
  11. Do we still have openings on the Staff?

    This article claims he was the co defensive coordinator at WVU. If it comes down to recruiting then I am okay taking him over Kevin Patrick.
  12. Do we still have openings on the Staff?

    The head coach NC State Doeren was on the hot seat in 2016 and will probably be on the hot seat in 2017. Patrick would have been a good fit for USF but he probably did not want to come back for the third time.
  13. A preview of our new offense... hint, Baylor

    Although the stats don't tell the full story, there does not seem to be a major difference in rushing/passing mix between USF and Texas in 2016. USF's offense was more explosive but that could be a reflection of the difference in competition. USF could afford to pass the ball more especially throwing the ball down the field. Element of the Gulf Coast were derived from Briles Baylor offense so I do not expect a huge shift from the fundamentals. I do believe some of the West Coast elements that supported the run may disappear. Either way I believe this style of offense will play well for Flowers and Kean. Rushing USF 570 for 3,709 6.5/rush 92 tds Texas 597 for 2,871 5.5/rush 74 tds Passing USF 358 for 2,941 8.22/pass 26 tds Texas 402 for 3,024 7.52/pass 21 tds
  14. Asst Coaching changes

    Such a flurry of hires. Was the DL coach hired?