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  1. To have back to back 10 win seasons will be a great accomplishment. Considering it will be done with two head coaches.
  2. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    Anyone saying the Charlie Strong or Gilbert should be fired is crazy. Overall this team is better than it was last year. I know most wanted an undefeated season by beating teams by multiple touchdowns and scoring 70pts a game but that isn't realistic. Assuming CCS stays next year's team will win 8 to 9 games considering a new QB and younger defense
  3. Not going to beat UCF in a shootout. Need to run the ball and play tighter defense
  4. I guarantee a USF victory over rusted ucf!

    There is nothing complex about this game. If USF can effectively control the game by running the ball then they win. If UCF can effectively pass the ball against USFs secondary and LBs the UCF wins. The outstanding question will be special teams.
  5. This is the biggest game because it is winner takes all. There was still an outside chance to win the division last year after the game with Temple. This year with the winner taking the division and it being a rivalry game makes the game even more intriguing. Most importantly it is the biggest game to this senior class.
  6. I believe that CCS and Sterlin G. were protecting Quentin Flowers from himself. Flowers was pressing so bad tonight. He missed easy passes and obviously made one horrible decision with the interception I am not sure what the coaching staff can do to settle him down.
  7. I wished played better tonight. Not the best showing on the national stage on senior night
  8. Bulls 38 - 17 Johnson (his best game of the year) MVS 517
  9. I am nervous that Temple beats UCF. I would love for them to be undefeated when USF rolls into town.
  10. Boise State ahead of us now

    Boise needs to lose to Fresno State and USF needs to just keep winning.
  11. CCS and Coaching Openings

    I believe due to his contract CCS will stay atleast one more year. Remember Texas is still paying the majority of his salary around $4.5M. (This is no different than Skip Holtz going to LA Tech after USF)
  12. Targeting on Vincent Jackson

    IMO it appears to be more of a collision rather than targeting. What happened was similar to a defending basketball player unknowingly running into a screen. Considering the first pass was a backwards pass it is quite possible that Sherriffs was going to go out for a pass. Unfortunately or fortunately VJ Jr was appropriately covering the QB on the play. I hope his suspension is over turned.
  13. Now what do we say to bash Jones?

    He neutralized all his positives with underhanded compliments. It will be tough for USF to get to the FSU and UF of the world. But running a clean program, getting an OCS, playing the best schedule possible and competing is all a fan can hope for.
  14. I think we lose tomorrow but...

    Dear The Great 8, What is this? Someone escort him to the pit of misery. Anne Wilkes is awaiting your arrival.