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  1. Just something to think about. Also did not realize the plan is for artificial turf.
  2. Caption This

    "I can't believe Nebraska sucks so bad....."
  3. If You Are a Betting Man

    Also Tulane is undefeated at home, 3-0 beating opponents by a score of 126 -56. USF has only played 2 road games this year @San Jose and @East Carolina. Both games highlighted USF's slow offensive start but demonstrated their ability to win decisively beating each opponent by 20 and 30 respectively.
  4. If You Are a Betting Man

    What makes this game unique is this QB can run. Tulane is going to try and run the ball down our throats and play keep away. This game will not be easy.
  5. How about Jimmy Buffett - Margaritaville or Escape - The Pina Colada Song?
  6. 6 Wins = Bowl Eligilble

    I know that is not the goal for the year but it is worth remembering from 2011 -2014 USF could not eek out 6 wins in those years.
  7. I think it is time to sit Flowers. I do not believe Cincinnati can come back to win this gam.e
  8. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    USC may go down today to the hands of Utah.
  9. I just want a jet sweep or two from the offense.
  10. The defense is killing it. The defense backs have to be jealous of Sanchez with his two pick sixes.
  11. What an amazing night of football?! Syracuse beats Clemson then Cal destroys Washington St. I hope USF fairs well against Cincy tonight.
  12. Post bye week ALERT! --Cincy!

    USF needs to do what it does best on offense. Run the ball. That should keep the Cincy offense on ice and wear down the defense. Defensively if last year's defense got to the QB then this year's defense should do the same. I think USF scores 30 plus but does not cover the spread.
  13. Quiz: Interesting NCAA records and sundry

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 33/100 My Time 181 seconds