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    Postgame Comments??

    The "You" in this quote is ambiguous. I believe "You" is Sterling Gilbert. Once I inserted Sterlin's name it made sense.
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    Our QB is not a good QB

    I think Barnett's talent is being lost in this offense. I am amazing by the number of times they had him keep the ball on the read option. He should only run when plays break down or on unique play calls.
  3. Strong has mentioned multiple times that Cronkrite is an all around back. If so why does he only have 5 catches on the year and why has Ford been getting the nod over Cronkrite? Good coaches find ways to get their best players the ball.
  4. This football season has all the intricacies of a Harvard Business Review Case Study Let me layout a few key points. 1. UCF is winning 2. USF football's season is in a death spiral, that brings back the memories of the Leavitt days with fear of going back to the Holtz error. (Error is not a typo for era). 3. More money is needed for an indoor practice facility and you are in the midst of soliciting donations 4. A new president will be named by Spring of 2019. So it is important to make sure as an AD all your ducks are in a row 5. With money needed for an indoor practice facility, is the really money available to part ways with a high profile bargain priced head coach 6. Reallignment is coming and USF football was a dumpster fire at the time. That sure can't happen again. 7. Finally got more butts in seats this year and maintaining momentum in a metro city is tough. Ask the University of Miami. 8. All the other sports teams are on the uptick. But the cash cow is sucking wind at the moment 9. Did I mention UCF is winning If you were AD MK what would you do? #WWMKD
  5. In 2014 TCU head coach Gary Paterson, who is known as a defensive-minded coach, accepted the change to the game and the need to match up better with other Big 12 teams hired Sonny Cumbie. In 2014 the team when 12-1 compared to a 4-6 record the prior year. Sonny Cumbie implemented a spread air raid system. I am not advocating one system over the other but it is worth stating that the modern era of football requires the need for more wide open aggressive offenses. Heck, even Nick Saban opened up the Alabama offense. So its either there is a lack of talent at USF or there is a bad fit with this style of offense. Also, only a hand full of coaches found success with the veer and shoot. In my opinion only one has been successful who's last name is not Briles and that is Dino Babers. https://www.footballstudyhall.com/2018/6/29/17518110/what-will-2018-hold-for-the-veer-and-shoot-houston-tulsa-usf-briles-montgomery-gilbert-babers
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    Fire Gregory Now!

    I thought this was a throw back thread about firing Greg Gregory https://gousfbulls.com/staff.aspx?staff=124
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    Petrino is out ...

    I think Geoff Collins gets the Maryland job.
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    What should AD MK do?

    How about Dan Werner and move Shaun King back to QB coach. Hire a new RB coach and possibly a OL coach.
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    What should AD MK do?

    After his second season, Willie Taggart changed his offensive scheme to the GCO Let's hope Strong picks up from lessons learned. I agree there is an under utilization of talent and creativity in this offensive scheme.
  10. Fair point but will we have leadership? Apparently that is the key ingredient. Also the ability to execute he plays.
  11. Fantastic. There are people who have no idea who is Evan Kraky
  12. I expect loses for the rest of the season. This game, Cincinnati, proved the staff has no ambitions to be creative on offense to help a struggling defense. If they don't care why should I care?
  13. Be specific there are portions of the offensive staff that need to go. In year 2 Willie Targart had enough wisdom to adjust his desired offense to create Gulf Coast Offense which was successful. I hope Strong does the same. This offense is not working. I can give a pass on the defense since it is so young. But offense there is no excuse it's not execution it's just a bad fit.
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    Veer and Shoot Offense

    This offense does not put athletes in space. It's the halfback dive the streak down the side line and a hitch. I think that's everything. I want an OC with a playbook next year please.
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    Some Good USF Football News

    I was hoping the purpose of this thread was to discuss that Sterlin Gilbert has installed some new plays that complimented the skill level of the players on the team.
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    Young team

    What is a shocking is the movement of personnel so late in the season? Particularly Reaves to LB seems like the right move. But why so late considering there was little to no depth at LB at the start of the season.
  17. The defensive line just got shored up with Boyce finally playing. The LB play as expected prior to the season is a major problem. Just think a converted Safety was a starting LB. The depth a LB is thin since they had no other choice than to cover Reaves to a MLB. The DBs are young and are being out played. The is no level of coaching to make up for experience. Offensively there is something missing. I think it is creativity. Team's have now stacked the box and allowed the 5 yard hitch on the opposite side of the field.
  18. Before all, you crazy USF Bulls football fanatics jump off the deep end and start asking for coaches to be fired keep in mind this is a rather young team. Of the 108 players on the roster, 48 are either true or redshirt-freshmen. Of that group of 48, 17 are getting playing time. 23 of the 108 are sophomores and 10 are getting playing time. The remaining 37 players are juniors and seniors and 13 of 20 and 13 of 17 respectively are getting playing time. So a touch over half of the players on the field during the game are getting, "Live Action" playing time in the words of Turtle Man. Comparatively speaking the 2014 class that brought in Mack, Flowers, Johnson, etc saw a four-game improvement between 2014 and 2015 and we all know where things went from there. Understanding this team is playing a "weak" schedule if they are in a position to win the ACC East title during Black Friday will be a tremendous accomplishment.
  19. Rod Woodson is another example of a corner turned safety. With that said I believe the reason why they kept Thomas on the field is because of his experience. I assume they knew the risk but hoped for better results. They eventually benched him and put in Roberts I believe who is a freshman.
  20. I was sleep deprived after travelling to Houston and going out with the kid for Halloween. I was out of my mind writing this post.
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    Injuries for Tulane game

    It's worth questioning why so many players have been injured this year. In my years I have never seen so many injuries.
  22. How many times can you turn the ball over 3 times, miss a FG inside 40 yards, allow the opponent to rush for over 300 yards and end up with a win? Also.. During the game last night the a announcers kept stating how many freshmen UConn was playing this year. USF is playing quite a few true and redshirt freshmen and USF is 7-0.
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    Bowl projections after week 7

    So instead of going to Birmingham. Birmingham would come to Tampa. Hmm for some reason that does not seem like a good idea.
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    Houston 2018

    Looking for a hotel in downtown Houston. Any recommendations?