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  1. I was a sophmore in high school. Not sure I even knew USF existed as a school.
  2. Between Coach Strong and Brian Jean-Mary I feel confident that the defense will improve. Last year the team was just very young. In my opinion the biggest thing that Steve Ellis brings to the table is his recruiting area;s Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee. Also with the potential addition of Paul Spicer I think from a staff perspective they will be solid.
  3. He did not mention Julian Riley https://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=2455
  4. Ean Randolph transferred from NAIA Webber International University and did pretty well for himself at USF. He also had an NFL tryout but never made the team.
  5. The offense is very similar to most spread offenses and should suit USF better than the previous offense. He probably won't be the best at recruiting Florida but he would be able to open doors to player from other states; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.
  6. bring back Rod Smith https://fightingillini.com/coaches.aspx?rc=935 Between Rod and Shaun I believe they will be able to get the offense rolling
  7. This makes me think that USF should stay away from anyone associated with Lou Holtz and hire coaches from the bay area.
  8. I think Cronk can successful. He is an all around back but the offense makes him one dimensional. What makes Johnny good is he is hard to see and hard to tackle. Duran is just fast. If this offense requires the Alabama offensive line, track speed RBs, Randy Moss like WRs and Steve Young like QBs, then I am not sure this is the right offense for USF. I like USF and I am partly delusional about it but I feel fairly comfortable those types of players are not walking through the door. If Appalachian State can run an offense that can put points on the board against Penn State, i think USF can find enough athletes to so. There have been two Bay Made coaches that found success at USF when there wasn't much to speak of
  9. Charlie Strong during the preseason and maybe once during the season said that USF could play with most Power 5 schools. Tonight he said the football team does not size up when compared to UCF and that the coaches are going recruiting on Monday to get the size and speed needed. Odd thing is the smallest guy Johnny Ford did well tonight. I think it would have been a nice touch to mention the seniors during the press conference. I may have missed it but he gave more kudos to UCF and largely criticized his players during the conference. As the leader of the football team which is on a five game losing streak and just lost to it's rival with a backup QB; he rarely used the pronoun "I". I am struggling how to read that but it appears that he is distancing himself from the results. I know it goes both ways, winning and losing. But when you are the leader and things aren't going too well stating to say, "I will do xyz to make things better" and being empathetic would go a long way.
  10. Anything else is better than watching USF go down like this. It took years to build up a football team that won less than a handful of games a few years ago. This team is not playing inspired football. It seems as though they are playing with their arms and legs restrained.
  11. Did Oladokun get injured? Are there plays more suitable for Kean? What USF is doing on offense is not working.
  12. As a USF Alumni it is tough to see the QB go down like that. It happened twice at USF Grothe than Daniels. I wish Milton the best.
  13. So we go for it two times on 4th down and don't take any shots with 21 seconds left in the half. If there was that much unpredictabilty in the offense this would be a different game. I am not advocating for CCS to be fired.
  14. There is precedence for Strong hiring a positions coach to a coordinator position. Strong elevated Brian Jean-Mary from linebackers coach at Texas to defensive coordinator at USF. I see no reason why Strong could not provide the same opportunity to Shaun King. Shaun would bring an interesting mix of offenses. Keep in mind he ran Rich Rodriguez's offense when he was at Tulane. Mix that in with his experience with the Gulf Coast Offense and any learnings from his playing days in the NFL and the AFL, I believe there would be enough to create an offense that can score points.
  15. I think 1 800 Got Junk might be cheaper. Or Just a Home Depot Contractor's bag
  16. Take a deeper look at Gilbert's background. He went from a high school OC to an FCS OC at Eastern Illinois under Dino Babers. Dino Babers worked as a positions coach for Art Briles and had an extensive background coaching on the offensive side of the ball. Sterlin was not calling the plays: it's no different than what Willie Taggart does. So Sterlin being the spark for Eastern Illinois is questionable at best. Then Sterlin goes to Bowling Green, same arrangement as Eastern Illinois with Babers as the HC. Sterlin's next stop is Tulsa with recently hired Phillip Montgomery. Montgomery was the OC for Baylor working directly with Art Briles. Next stop for Sterlin was Texas followed by USF. In my opinion he was originally given the position to support recruiting and since that time it has been a friendly hire since with the majority of the offensive play calling direction coming from the head coach. At Texas and at USF he has shown a lack of progression. Keep in mind the 2 point conversion at UCF last year was a Taggert play that Flowers and Johnson decided. If I am Strong get ready to turn the page. Note:At best former Art Briles assistants as HCs have a touch over 50% winning percentage. The offense truly takes a mobile QB that can really throw the ball.
  17. whether USF wins or loses there is a discount at Wendy's Not sure how it works but I heard the commercial on gousfbulls.com
  18. This is going to be a good team to watch this year. So far it seems the formula for a good USF basketball team is a player named Collins and a coach from the Izzo tree.
  19. The "You" in this quote is ambiguous. I believe "You" is Sterling Gilbert. Once I inserted Sterlin's name it made sense.
  20. I think Barnett's talent is being lost in this offense. I am amazing by the number of times they had him keep the ball on the read option. He should only run when plays break down or on unique play calls.
  21. Strong has mentioned multiple times that Cronkrite is an all around back. If so why does he only have 5 catches on the year and why has Ford been getting the nod over Cronkrite? Good coaches find ways to get their best players the ball.
  22. In 2014 TCU head coach Gary Paterson, who is known as a defensive-minded coach, accepted the change to the game and the need to match up better with other Big 12 teams hired Sonny Cumbie. In 2014 the team when 12-1 compared to a 4-6 record the prior year. Sonny Cumbie implemented a spread air raid system. I am not advocating one system over the other but it is worth stating that the modern era of football requires the need for more wide open aggressive offenses. Heck, even Nick Saban opened up the Alabama offense. So its either there is a lack of talent at USF or there is a bad fit with this style of offense. Also, only a hand full of coaches found success with the veer and shoot. In my opinion only one has been successful who's last name is not Briles and that is Dino Babers. https://www.footballstudyhall.com/2018/6/29/17518110/what-will-2018-hold-for-the-veer-and-shoot-houston-tulsa-usf-briles-montgomery-gilbert-babers
  23. I thought this was a throw back thread about firing Greg Gregory https://gousfbulls.com/staff.aspx?staff=124
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