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  1. USF Multimedia Rights sold... Interesting read.

    Now that would be "Yuuuuuuggggge".
  2. Bowl game watch party

    Anyone in the Palm Beach Area?
  3. OCS!!!

    Valid reason to start the tailgate earlier.
  4. Who is Plies?

    I'm confused...who is Willie Carter?
  5. We are out...

    I'm told Student tickets are out
  6. Okay I have to be the first one to ask...

    As a student whose college experience started with the McNeese State Meltdown, bowling and beating a ranked team were the reasons I rushed. I'm assuming that was common among the student section. I think the pace/action of the game will determine if we rush again. But then again "successful" tailgating and a win might be just enough on it's own.
  7. Apologies

    We made it mid Second Qtr :)
  8. #GAMEDAY!!!!

  9. Apologies

    Unfortunately, the Student Body President and Vice President are fraternity affiliates.
  10. Apologies

    I didn't put the event together, a**hole.
  11. Apologies

    I assume they thought the game would be earlier. Philanthropies are planned months in advance.
  12. Apologies

    I'm actually a Political Science Major
  13. Apologies

    Hard to tell from this side of the screen -_-
  14. Apologies

    The event is to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It has nothing to do with chasing ass. In fact, we (Fraternities) tend to bring sororities girls to home games that wouldn't show up otherwise. My brothers and I are pissed off about the entire situation and are trying to make it to the game by the start of the second half. BUT! Shame on you who are having a hissy fit while one of us chooses to express our disappointment in a scheduling conflict. Celebrate the fact that we actually have our priorities in order by choosing to contribute positively to society rather than add to the garbage reputation of the collegiate Greek community that's developing in the media. I'm still a guy who is passionate about USF football but I understand that having an impact on the lives of others is worth more than indulging in temporary pleasures.