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  1. LeftCoastBull

    Girls of Georgia Tech

    This will be a tall task. I used to have a picture I'd shame my cousin with, it was a google search for "girls within 50 miles of Georgia Tech" with zero results. An old classic.
  2. Hope he finally got his drivers license so he can make it to the games.
  3. My thoughts exactly, but I'm always skeptical. If it in any way improved our metrics I fully believe there is no way they'd let it happen. Will be interesting to see what the school puts out publicly.
  4. If you leave it up to the judges this is what you get. Couldn't get it done on the field, disappointing year.
  5. Too many quirky things not going our way the first half (including officiating and the announcers). Has to settle at some point and show up on the scoreboard.
  6. LeftCoastBull

    CBS Sports Network

    @beastiebull what are you having trouble with? You need to subscribe to YouTubeTV and it is fairly simple from there.
  7. LeftCoastBull


    I have a bad case of the heeby jeebies, but the boys will take care of business tonight no doubt.
  8. I saw he's listed as questionable on the injury report, hope he plays
  9. It's...it's....beautiful.
  10. LeftCoastBull

    Rushed the Field

    Mixed feelings.. happy for them, but coming from the 2007ish crowd, like acting like we've been there before.
  11. Think we have two 1000 yard rushers this season!