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  1. Illegal equipment and illegal forward propulsion, we certainly find a way
  2. This is the thing I miss most, wouldn’t have blinked an eye at these idiots back in the day
  3. Wow…I couldn’t stomach UCF moving on, think I’ll officially be done with USF if this goes down. The mismanagement over such a long period of time is mind blowing. Having the president resign unexpectedly right before conference realignment is so USF. Can’t take anymore pain, and on game day too
  4. 3 McCloud fumbles is the game. Also, the punt with ~8 minutes left
  5. Chuck trying to take this one to the locker room, save those timeouts baby
  6. We are 127/130 in total penalties, 127/130 in penalty yards per game, 128/130 in total penalty yards per the NCAA stats
  7. Penalties absolutely out of control. Came into the game 124/130 in team penalties, going to drop after this one
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