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  1. That limited mobility was clear there, glad for the escape but.... Nevermind, did not escape the second time
  2. I'd take that and a Publix sub, let's see if we adjust
  3. I still think we can't afford to keep him. This team needs an enema. Everyone thinks we should have gone for that...
  4. Jet sweep sighting, I miss this being a regular play
  5. I've switched to whiskey and it does not make this any better.
  6. Just so long as we don't give him a 2-year extension for making it to a bowl game. CCS lost me last year, and I hate this brand of football and everything about watching this team, but I also agree that he will be with us for 1-2 more years until his system collapses on its own with his players... or he succeeds and eventually goes elsewhere Either way, I'm not exactly thrilled with what I'm watching
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