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  1. Johaan

    Charlie Strong contract

    Just so long as we don't give him a 2-year extension for making it to a bowl game. CCS lost me last year, and I hate this brand of football and everything about watching this team, but I also agree that he will be with us for 1-2 more years until his system collapses on its own with his players... or he succeeds and eventually goes elsewhere Either way, I'm not exactly thrilled with what I'm watching
  2. Funny not funny, I was having flashbacks to MBB 1992 when we lost to Tulane... I recall thinking who is this school and how did they beat us? Yeah, it sucked then too.
  3. This is a good take. They look uninspired, team should not be getting worse as time goes on...
  4. Worst first half I can recall in ages... we made Tulane look like champs
  5. I'm OK with where we are at the moment, see how we adjust and play in the second
  6. Seems like a good crowd to be crapping the bed in front of too.
  7. Total garbage call... gives them too many shots at score
  8. Eating clock. Good chance they go into half with lead
  9. Another round. This is worse than streaming. And followup testosterone with Dr. Ruth? Erk
  10. That was a difficult game to get through. Still, they did not fold. Team has guts