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  1. Anyone that has lasted this long is not a bandwagon fan...
  2. I agree with this. Yesterday I said I wasn’t angry, just apathetic.... this buyout made me angry. CCS was sold as a bargain, not one I really bought into, but this contract is criminal and anything but a deal. It did not protect the school from coaching performance or failure considering his track record. And it’s hidden, sneaky hidden in the foundation, that alone should have raised some eyebrows. I don’t see anyone in the seats next year if he stays, I don’t see many in the seats this year regardless. It harms the school brand to put this level of suck on TV, and a coordinator change is not going to do it. Program-killing is right.
  3. Ouch, that’s depressing as hell. Must be nice to Peter Principle and get $5m out of it. Why do our old ADs keep making these crap contracts? Someone needs to do a TCO based on revenue and repetitional loss with this guy at the helm. Don’t know that you can creative maths that much cash, but you can sure try.
  4. is it bad of me i almost wish we did not make these garbage time TDs? I feel bad, but don't.
  5. At least in the Skippy days I retained a sense of anger that he was cratering the program. My apathy is bad. It's so bad I don't regret missing the GT game, it was my best shot in the last 20 years to see them in person. I had that on the calendar for for a long time. When it came around I was like ... meh. I miss having at least some some competitive excitement, close games, disappointment ... something. My kids won't even stay in the room anymore. "What's the point, USF will lose. " I hate what CCS has done to this team and how I feel about USF football, but its not worth my time or mental headspace.
  6. And at this point how much worse could it get? Promote one of them to interim coach and see what happens. I wonder the earliest a coach was fired in a season.
  7. When I went to USF, we did not have a football team. Not sure we have a team now. This is just a bunch of individuals getting murdered on the field
  8. I've kinda stayed away in the preseason, but I watched this whole game. What a mess. I was planning to see my first game in person next week, but I'm having second thoughts now.
  9. That limited mobility was clear there, glad for the escape but.... Nevermind, did not escape the second time
  10. I'd take that and a Publix sub, let's see if we adjust
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