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  1. Y'all are too impatient. I get that it's tough being both passionate and patient, but that is where strong programs are built. Let Taggert continue to bring in "his" players and develop them. Otherwise we are going to be on an endless circle of the ****** coaching carousel.
  2. I think Brent Calloway used stolen credit cards in a vending machine..yes, vending machine. Don't know if he was involved in the actual robbery. Obviously a huge mistake, but could be worthy of a second chance.
  3. Whew, makes more sense. I was thinking Wells and that they gave him OC in name even though Taggert is calling the plays.
  4. Apparently our new OC is interviewing for the same position at AFA. Per GA tweet.
  5. Per McMurphy tweet. Not official, sources told ESPN
  6. I figured DC at USF is a quicker move to a good HC job than LBs at Ark...... Guess I was wrong.
  7. His inability to give up on a play was his best friend and his worst enemy. I dont know thay we would have been in better shape with an unspectacular but consistent QB or not, but I will always appreciate his effort and heart.
  8. Ray Woodie was the HC at Palmetto when I went to school there. At the time, we were pretty terrible. He got us respectable, then had the opportunity at WKU. Wish him the best of luck in getting job.
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