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  1. Pretty strange in that MM's highlight film was also 5:41 seconds long, both were published on august 31. Maybe he owes you the apology.
  2. Be nice if you gave Manuri the credit for his compilation
  3. this is not an OCS thread. Tashon had a pretty tight game, too. Lets call him a winner. all in all, players in the box were pretty unspectacular, maybe still learning the 3-4
  4. I actually thought about that but forgot to put it in. agree wholeheartedly.
  5. Winners Kloss- those kickoffs were sick Byrd- All the reports were true. He is the real deal Mack- no comment needed Dunk-ST were. Played strong corner despite the scheme. Adams- emerging as real threat. LOSERS Taggs- Mack saved his ass Cooper- wtf was that cover scheme? No adjustment to the screens? White- is a mon-fri QB. can't handle games under the lights Davis- anybody home? Who else?
  6. No it's what the priest does when he's hearing confession
  7. That kid could run through a rabbit hole and come out shaking off rabbits
  8. Wanky needs to play. Anyone who said I was nuts for suggesting that he should, can bite this. . Screw MW and SB.
  9. Yeah, no shirt. I am so sick of Boosters and Season ticket holders who whine and cry and then don't show up for the most important game we have had in forever. Granted I don't mean all of them. But the students showe3d you guys their arse tonight. Get off your couch.
  10. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> We need a ruling.
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