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  1. Coach Booth has his own offensive system. They did not just pick up Kinnans.
  2. I am excited. Just the feeling seems different this year and I am looking forward to watching the team play. I do not think we will win every game but I do think the moxi will be back.
  3. They could have had a Dorsett/Earl Campbell backfield. The Bucs traded their 78(?) 1st overall pick to Houston, who drafted Earl Campbell, and the Bucs took Doug Williams.
  4. Two thoughts that I found interesting: 1) USF medical expenses were ~$1M - UCF was ~$333k. Honestly not meant as a dig regarding past incidents just the discrepancy is huge. 2) USF major donors have been donating to improve athletic facilities that may not be included in the donor category here. All the new athletic improvements may not be technically recognized in this fund. That could skew the comparison.
  5. I would presume, dangerous word, there was a buyout clause in the contract. The best possible outcome would be to utilize that buyout, if it does exist, and not be on the hook for his outrageous salary and bonuses for the next year and a half. Remember ontop of his salary we will now need to place the new ADs salary; essentially by keeping him on payroll we may limit the pool of candidates that we can afford.
  6. It is mentioned elsewhere in the thread but one of the hardest parts of the recovery is trusting the knee again at full speed. CB may have had some mental doubts on its stability and the medical staff told the coaches structurally it was ok to play. Coaching wanted CB to push through a mental block, and CB may not have accepted that it could be just that. I certainly do not say the above to cast CB in a bad light but rather to illustrate a potential situation that could have played out. Regardless that is the past and for the future I hope nothing but the best for CB as I thought he had a ton of talent as well. Also if the above was correct I would not think any less of him as many athletes struggle with that side of the injury.
  7. Sometimes my reading comprehension fails me; specifically later in the workday. However, from the list you posted it appears to me that we are still grouped in the MWC/AAC merge East Division, not the B12... ?
  8. Giddins mentioned he was 280 around the start of Vero I believe. Hard to imagine he dropped 27lbs in that time frame. So essentially I would venture to guess these may not be accurate..
  9. Wow Lynch is a monster at 606. Surprised there is no Whitehurst as well; also anyone know how Chandler is recovering?
  10. Close my brighthouse guide has Boone vs Olympia originally aired this weekend.
  11. Ah missed Carpice leaving, good catch. Just shows how empty that cupboard is in terms of bodies.
  12. I believe Eric Mayes did not make it in (though he is said to enroll this coming January), Guito Ervilus was moved to TE, Zach Bullock was moved to LB last year. From my recollection Mike Love, Eric Lee, Daniel Perry, and Edsel Caprice (I believe he was moved back to DE?) are the scholarship DE that are in school now and should be with us again next year.
  13. I would love to see a relagation model in place. To add the model to the reality of the current situation it could be something scaled to football only in a way where the bottom 5 teams in the P5 are relegated to the G5 and the top 5 G5 teams head to the P5. Conference makeup could become a little difficult based on geography; but I am sure with some thought there could be a workable solution.
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