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  1. Coach Booth has his own offensive system. They did not just pick up Kinnans.
  2. I am excited. Just the feeling seems different this year and I am looking forward to watching the team play. I do not think we will win every game but I do think the moxi will be back.
  3. They could have had a Dorsett/Earl Campbell backfield. The Bucs traded their 78(?) 1st overall pick to Houston, who drafted Earl Campbell, and the Bucs took Doug Williams.
  4. Two thoughts that I found interesting: 1) USF medical expenses were ~$1M - UCF was ~$333k. Honestly not meant as a dig regarding past incidents just the discrepancy is huge. 2) USF major donors have been donating to improve athletic facilities that may not be included in the donor category here. All the new athletic improvements may not be technically recognized in this fund. That could skew the comparison.
  5. He has apparently earned his HS equivalency on twitter compared to my Pre-K.
  6. What does this even mean Triple B (for us non twitter types)?
  7. Don't forget the growing trend to "blue-shirt" players now as well. Likely invented at New Mexico State and being heavily used at Tennessee in this recruiting cycle (last I looked they had something like 34 commitments). My laymen term description of a blue-shirt is a player who is verbally promised a scholarship by the coaching staff but in writing they are offered a preferred walkon role. Shortly after they arrive on campus they get place on scholarship. Due to the way this works they count towards the following years class not the incoming class. The following is a link to a little
  8. I would presume, dangerous word, there was a buyout clause in the contract. The best possible outcome would be to utilize that buyout, if it does exist, and not be on the hook for his outrageous salary and bonuses for the next year and a half. Remember ontop of his salary we will now need to place the new ADs salary; essentially by keeping him on payroll we may limit the pool of candidates that we can afford.
  9. Honest questions as I do not know the answer; how good is he? Remember he was not a scholarship quarterback at Bama, he walked on to the program and paid his own way. He did have some offers but I do not think he was "highly recruited".
  10. I must be missing something (likely quite obvious but its the end of the day), how do we get to the 28 with 13 more? Would we still not be limited to the 10 more for 25 as 25 is the maximum per class?
  11. Side note that is incredibly impressive list of early enrollees from Miami Central Telly's old program. I would have to think it speaks volumes about Telly keeping his young men on track to achieve early successes. I may be assuming incorrectly who is the motivating factor behind their early graduations but my guess is I am not. Cook / Yearby / Darling / Nichols / Smith are all early enrollees from Miami Central. Not sure if there is more or not but those are the ones I have heard. Very impressive.
  12. Imo any player good enougn to be a 4 year starter at miami central is good enough for me!
  13. Walters is an under appreciated back imo. Would love to get him. That said the difference with Trevon and other Manatee kids is that Trevon is not from here. He is from Alabama I believe and moved here something like two years ago or so. State and time frame may vary with how strong that memory is as a disclaimer. Point being he does not to my knowledge have the usual family ties to the area that can be a help.
  14. I think part of the issue with the other JUCO OL we are in on is that we are finding out they are not EE's anymore. They are either spring enrollees or summer if my understanding is correct. That makes a big difference in being able to gel with the current OL, learn the system, and get good time in the weight room.
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