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  1. Ahh yes, the typical CJL season. End of the season crash and burn after finally getting ranked after week 8 or so. Fire all your assistants or they "take a job that is _______ for them and their family . Same thing happens the next year with different assistants. Charlie, Gilbert and Maddox have been together about 5 years now, maybe they are sticking together until a P5 comes calling.
  2. Seems like they would be using Ford on screens and match ups against LBs. Also I wonder if they will use him in punt and KO returns. It would be nice to have a return guy that was as explosive as J.R. Reed.
  3. Florida UCF: Every Power Five program in Florida will raise their collective eyebrows here -- especially Miami, which won 10 games and made an appearance in the ACC Championship game -- but the Knights are no joke. Just ask Auburn. Since there are no head-to-head games to reference, arguing over which teams UCF would beat is pointless. So let's concentrate instead on what the Knights have going for them: a 13-game winning streak, one of the most efficient and dangerous quarterbacks in the country in McKenzie Milton, speed to burn across the field and a team that already knows how to win. M
  4. EXACTLY, blow up the mother tuckin name and start over. Its a confusing name, should have been done a long time ago. How about Tampa Bay State University and be done with it. Tampa Bay needs to be branded to differentiate it. Unless one of the 7 local Billionaires wants to put their name on it. http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/forbes-tampa-bay-home-to-seven-billionaires/2317261
  5. Well UCONN's chance to get into a better conference just went up in flames UCONN Hoops Under Investigation
  6. Are Reece Davis and every other member of ESPINS college crew required to say P5 in every discussion whenever possible? It looks very rehearsed, comes off so naturally, like there are 400 trillion miles between the G5 galaxy (which will take a space probe 1M years to get to) and the P5 which is a more tangible, organized place where oxygen is plentiful. Is there a scorecard they have to turn in after ever show and if they don't say it ten times they get whipped like Hulk Hogan's girlfriend after he goes on a roid rage?
  7. Depends on how they structure it. If they go to a more explainable model it might be conference champs of P5 + 2 at large + highest ranked G5; it would help AAC. Cards would still be stacked against G5 since they would play #1 seed every year. But the March Madness model works really well and is inclusive of big and small programs. Playoffs are regional (to help with attendance) until the Final 4 at one location. Nobody worries about matchups, ratings or attendance because of the 'Cinderella' story that can and does emerge almost ever year. Why not in College FB? But the TV Execs and Jim Delan
  8. Agreed. Strong was in the same position at UofL and did a great job recruiting and coaching at the right time to get them the last spot in the ACC. Alot needs to happen for another P5 spot to open. But the main reason Strong/UofL were able to move up to a P5 coaching job/P5 conference was Teddy Bridgewater. Will Oladokun, Kean, Battle or McCloud be Strong's next Teddy Bear? I hope so but if we don't find a QB neither Strong or USF has a chance of going to the next level. I'm surprised Arkansas took Morris over Strong but my sense is folks think Strong is 1. a great recruiter 2. has underachie
  9. QF #10 RB in 2018 Draft So who takes him? I'm sticking with my Patriots prediction but lawd knows the Bucs, Browns, 49ers needs some playmakers.
  10. If USF had hired Joe Kinnan (an offensive minded coach) who won multiple state championships and Manatee HS , one with Willie , with his simple, uptempo offense that got fast players in space instead of Leavitt (Kinaan was in the mix but had never coached in college) USF would have gone straight to the top and probably been in the ACC right now since this was before conference realignment started. There would be a statue of him on campus and we would have an OCS. Leavitt could have hired or consulted with Kinaan as well but failed to. Hindsight is 20/20 but what a huge whiff by the USF admini
  11. His biggest championship win was beating St. Thomas Aquinas for the state football championship when we was QB and Manatee HS. Didn't Stanford win PAC 12 when he was an assistant?
  12. Willie is like the tech bubble companies; no profits, loose tons of money, but based on future results valued at $Billions. So a stock price of $100, that worked out well.
  13. Yea, we shouldn't be P5. USF should be getting paid by P5 to develop coaches, call it what it is.
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