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  1. This. Cade refuses to call his own number and run. It didn’t matter if he was sending his RBs into 4-5 white jerseys waiting for them. He would not pull that ball down and go.
  2. I know USF has a large number of alumni (Google shows approx. 290k), but that A LOT of them aren't active or don't donate to the university... I know the percentage of alumni that donate is VERY small. But if USF announces the fund, the location, fancy pictures of the OCS, construction costs, and other metrics and sent emails/mailers/etc. with the details and some donation packages (i.e. tiers or monthly donation levels), I'd like to think they'd do a pretty good job of locking in some significant funds. We can dream.
  3. I would feel comfortable taking USF if they were +21 or more, but I just don't feel too confident in our defense's ability to stop anyone still. I avoided this game like the plague.
  4. UA overpaid for us and many other schools all those years ago when they tried to jump onto the uniform scene. My buddy works at Wilson in Chicago and told me UA is bleeding money which is why they couldn't afford to re-up many of their contracts when they expired. It's well known in his line of business. Hence why we landed with Adidas and received a lesser contract. The fact that we weren't performing well also plays into what Adidas offered.
  5. TBD isn't the issue. I've got tickets for Tulsa that have the game time on them and I still can't add them to my Apple Wallet. It's not my browser because I'm getting different error messages with Chrome and Safari. Parking passes added with no problem.
  6. Is anyone having trouble adding the tickets to their Apple Wallet? Every time I attempt to add them, I get an error message that I can't. The parking passes I could add no problem. It looks like its an error on USF's end.
  7. McCloud is this team's Mike White. Fortin is Steven Bench. Is Marsh Quinton Flowers???
  8. I've had Sling for a few years. I typically run Sling Blue, but during the fall when football starts I add Sling Orange and carry it through the season, then just get rid of it after football is over. I may be switching to Hulu Live though because Sling dropped NFL Network.
  9. I've sat in front of Chad and his family at all of the home FB games for the last few years. It's been awesome talking ball with him during the games and getting such a different perspective on things. Great dude.
  10. The Tampa community also has a sour taste in its mouth after bankrolling most of Ray Jay for the Glazers. Speaking of transportation to and from stadiums, I found it quite awesome when I was in NY a few years back and went to a Mets game. The subway had a stop right at the stadium.
  11. I think baseball is failing here has a lot to do with the location. The Rays have one of the highest TV ratings in the MLB in the Tampa Bay area. However, I think that's due to the division the Rays play in. The Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles, and Blue Jays all have such a deep history and they also have another thing in common all being in the Northeast. Take all the snow birds that retire down in the Tampa Bay area and consider the fact that they are only watching to support their original team and/or can't get to the games due to transportation and I'm thinking that's why the TV ratings are so high. I'm born and raised in Tampa and I'm one of the ones that believes if the stadium were across the bridge in actual Tampa that baseball would work here.
  12. Assistant coach at the University of Toledo per Bay News 9
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