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  1. Could be that Reaves is a leader on the defense, more vocal, and can call the plays/alignments.
  2. I found it pretty comforting Strong has experience in dealing with this offense in the past. If we could get it done against Navy with Woodie as DC, I’m optimistic we can get it done with a real DC and defensive minded HC.
  3. usfsig

    Georgia Tech Game

    Sorry, just saw this. But glad you were able to get it to work!
  4. usfsig

    Georgia Tech Game

    So I'm not sure if you all are aware, but a buddy just asked me to grab him some tickets for this Saturday's game through my USF Season Ticket account. I of course logged in to oblige and was able to snag him 4 tickets in Section 208 for $20 a piece with a "special group discount." If you know anyone that wants to go, you can't beat the $20 price tag for club access. I'm sure other areas of the stadium may be even cheaper! Lets pack Ray Jay!!!!
  5. usfsig

    Building a Tailgate Trailer

    I've been planning on building one as well, with the intent on having it done for next season. I'd like to have a concession window with an awning on the side, but i'm just not sure how difficult it would be to install or if I should just purchase the trailer with one already. Did you do any research on that by any chance?
  6. Sale was awesome and it was cool to see so many fans on campus on a random Wednesday afternoon. I was expecting things to be a bit more expensive, but forgot that Adidas is coming in soon so they needed to get rid of everything. Polos, 1/4 zips, button downs, etc. at $12, jackets and warmups were about $15, hats/gloves $5. I couldn't believe the deals and probably went a bit overboard lol. Got there about 10 minutes after the sale started and managed to snag a handful of polos and shirts, several hoodies, a helmet, a SoFlo McCants jersey, a pair of SoFlo gloves and a pair of American flag gloves. I plan on framing the gloves with the McCants jersey and with the jersey received through renewing season tix. No need to buy new gear for quite some time unless I get fat and can't fit into it. Works out well given that I'm not a fan of the Adidas gear anyway.
  7. Hate to jump back on topic... but has anyone that renewed online received an email advising they are one of the top 300 accounts? I renewed at 10:04 and haven't heard anything, while a buddy renewed at around 10:40 and received the aforementioned email. P.S.: I know this is moot considering they sent an email saying they were able to get 200 extra jerseys, but just wondering.
  8. Exactly! And I believe they also threatened to sue the Big12 this past summer if they expanded and took 2-4 schools.
  9. I'll be at a wedding for 2 fellow USF alums. This will be the first USF vs. UCF game I've missed in person. I am not happy, especially considering this is the year the game has exploded into all that everyone wanted/thought it could be. With that said, I'll be streaming this one on the phone during the entire wedding. Go Bulls!
  10. This. ESPN can say they didn't have a hand in realignment all they want, but I'll never forget when Boston College's AD let it slip that ESPN told the ACC what to do. I've despised ESPN since. https://www.sbnation.com/ncaa-football/2011/10/9/2479604/gene-defilippo-interview-espn-quote-conference-expansion
  11. usfsig

    Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 86 seconds  
  12. usfsig

    USF Football Pregame Stampede

    This. It made no sense to have everyone leave their tailgates to walk to Tampa Bay Blvd. and stand behind the band and not get to interact with the players/coaches and then turn around and walk all the way back to their tailgates. I attended both and it seemed like the only people watching were the team's families.
  13. usfsig

    Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 9/100 My Time 32 seconds  
  14. This. I could go for a discounted or free conference champ game ticket.
  15. FWIW a very close friend and USF Alum that lives in Chicago is planning on attending Friday's game. His girlfriend's boss is very close with Illinois AD and earlier today told my friends the above statement. It's Tampa or bust.