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  1. God, can we mercifully kill this thread? Burn it with fire or at least have Brad lock it.
  2. I have aspirations of retiring by the time I’m 40.. probably not happening. Cronk isn’t an nfl running back. Toying with leaving early was silly and if he ‘shut it down’, he’s getting some horrible advice.
  3. Agreed from above; cronk has looked super slow. Even last year didn’t blow me away. Take away UMASS and it was rather pedestrian.
  4. Per McCloud, the team found out who was starting 2 hrs before kickoff. Stand by my original flabbergasted comment...
  5. Joey’s contact didn’t know... assuming he has a contact on the team, but you are right. This reason for secrecy gives me pause though; the status quo needs to change.
  6. Appreciate all Blake has done, but this is reason 412 why it better be Jordan starting.
  7. This is inexcusable; understand not making it public, but I think the team would prepare differently based on who is in playing.
  8. McCloud tweeted out ‘thank you god”.. hope that’s a sign.
  9. Pre-portal, schools couldn’t contact players until they were released. As mentioned above, there was always ‘informal contact’ even before the player was released.
  10. I truly love the look on Charlie’s face. Skip had the same look of, “I really don’t know wtf I’m doing”. I put ice skates on and get the same look...
  11. Bummer of a game bc the D is playing their hearts out. Both TD drives had personal fouls.
  12. BC the Mon-Fri peeps are the professionals who really know what’s going on.
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