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  1. USF Bulls Football

    Around The American this weekend

    Lol... poor Tulsa
  2. USF Bulls Football

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    Jesus... 14 pages of this... curious how many schools across the country root for their rival to go undefeated up to rivalry weekend.
  3. USF Bulls Football

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    I want them to go 0-12 every year. And speaking frankly, not really convinced this team runs the table.. we got a turd or two that’ll pop up at some point.
  4. USF Bulls Football

    Who Voted For USF in the AP Polls?

    Looks like upwards of 4/5 teams above us may fall. A&M, Iowa, UK, Oregon, IU? Just normal attrition and we’re ranked in a couple weeks?
  5. USF Bulls Football

    USF Run Defense

    Some bid adjustments by the staff to shut them down after the bizarre start.
  6. USF Bulls Football

    First game I can remember where...

    At least a couple tunnel screens
  7. Thoughts of temple blasting us with the run are running through my head
  8. USF Bulls Football

    Illinois game TV

    I had to turn off my auto tune to HD for frontier.. just an FYI if anybody has issues
  9. USF Bulls Football

    Illinois game TV

    Have frontier, enter 330 and it automatically goes to 585; wtf
  10. 42-14 win no injuries BB tosses 300+ RB _____ goes for 150 on the ground Special teams or defensive td
  11. USF Bulls Football

    Leading Rusher after Illinois ?

    Thinking Bell is held out; expect Cronkite and Sands to get a lot of carries. If I recall, this is a pretty young Illini d-line that was “pushed around by Western Illinois.” I expect Cronk to have a big game. Cronkite will lead after the game, but Bell at the end of the season.
  12. USF Bulls Football


    That’s what she said
  13. USF Bulls Football


    “Single dumbest thing i’ve heard”... welcome to the bullspen ha
  14. USF Bulls Football

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    In summary, the home team wears dark and the away team wears light/white. Both teams must agree prior to allow the home team to where white (ie, USF allowing Pat White/WVU to wear ‘white’ for his last home game’. Let it be known, let it be written.