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  1. USF Bulls Football

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Yeah, running this offense w Kean is the problem. Read option w Q=bueno. Running the same offense w B.B.=no bueno.
  2. I’d love to have Temple’s staff; less talent, but the creativity is so impressive
  3. Haha.. both? Can we do both? We could def use both...
  4. BC we gave up on the season and are trying to secure the first overall pick... duh
  5. USF Bulls Football

    Blake Throwing at Today’s Practice

    Yeah, just to clear the air, BB running that many times a game is insanity.. dude is such a huge target. He should have about 3 designed runs a game and maybe a couple scrambles. Literally hold my breath every time he keeps it on the option.
  6. USF Bulls Football

    Attendance Article, Matt Baker

    Cool story
  7. USF Bulls Football

    Attendance Article, Matt Baker

    Yeah not cool.. not a big fan of his work, but I’m not hoping he or anybody else loses their job...
  8. USF Bulls Football

    MBB vs Alabama A&M in Game Discussion

    The tone of the article made me think we had lost by 17. It’s basketball, there are going to be runs and lead changes. I’ll say this... the last few bulls teams win this game by about 5; nice to have solid coaching and talent again.
  9. “This one’s on is coaches.. we didn’t get the team ready to play today”.. rinse and effing repeat since week 2....
  10. USF Bulls Football

    MVS Putting Pack Ahead

    Ford is a great back and will be super productive; I think the kid is a baller. I also think you are entitled to your own opinion... it’s just wrong. Edit- sry, that was for Cali
  11. USF Bulls Football

    MVS Putting Pack Ahead

    If Ford gets 30 carries a game, he may end up dead... Ford is great, but don’t put him in the same sentence as Mack.
  12. USF Bulls Football

    CFP Has Got to Go

    UCF winning 20 in a row and beating Auburn last year means jack. Their D has taken a significant step back. Same thing w us winning 10 last year.. impressive, but just about all of those playmakers are gone.
  13. USF Bulls Football

    CFP Has Got to Go

    So much of it is ‘who have you beaten’.. None of the top G5’s have a super impressive pelt to their name this season.
  14. USF Bulls Football

    Slow-up on the CCS hate

    Concur that next year could be very special.