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  1. Didn’t want to be the first, but totally agree. JK got scooped, and the gents from TDS were reporting it was the full amount.
  2. Ditto.. answers a lot of questions; I had some concern we may try to go cheap with this hire.
  3. Nah- there is a reference to the 3.18 being paid out in equal installments through Dec 2021. bit.ly/35gqp2U
  4. Being reported we paid just north of $3 million; was expecting closer to $5 based off of previous reporting.
  5. Right??! I mean, I for one am pissed that they couldn’t get Saban, or even Mullen...
  6. Y’all realize that if I brought up a candidate with Larry’s resume (just that this candidate never coached/played at usf), you would laugh? If it is an offensive-minded coach who calls the plays, maybe he can be your O-Coord. Head coach??! gtfo
  7. And that could totally be the case.. weird there hasn’t been a “he’s my guy” release, though.
  8. It takes nothing for the AD to come out and say we had a string of bad luck/injuries/yada yada and Strong is my guy. The longer this goes, the more I think they may legit be looking at how to take the next step post-strong.
  9. Honest question, is this our worse o line? At least in recent memory.
  10. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing immediately. Don’t want to watch this team stuck in neutral or reverse for 2 more years
  11. 3rd and 3- run it twice? Nope... let’s let our inaccurate qb chuck it.
  12. FWIW, thought I read something to the effect of it being tied around 32-32. Surmising, but sounds like our 1s hung w/ their 1s.
  13. 1) Does TBP have bylaws in regards to ban/temp suspensions and 2) do they apply to people who won’t stop talking about the portal? Random question..
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