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  1. 1) USF2) 36 - 35 (trailing by 8 we make up the 2pt debacle from last week)3) Ford4) L. Williams5) 465 (150 rushing; 315 passing) (J.McPoof 110 yards, 2 INTs, 1 fumble; Fortin 205 yards 3 TDs and is the starter moving forward)-wishful thinking
  2. This will benefit USF for getting recruits who are also considering other AAC teams outside of Central FL Univ. In some cases might be more beneficial with recruits considering out of state schools in the P5 to consider USF more now. Won't have anything to do with boosters paying players, but players who think they are the creme of the crop can now accept apparel/gaming endorsements.
  3. I am led to believe that adidas is being bias with their "G5" affiliates and investing more into the "P5" schools based on all the retweets regarding the Prime Kit. Still frustrating to see that we get the 2015 designs while newly added schools like GT gets the latest and greatest.
  4. looks very generic. probably just made green polos and slapped the logo on it to get some merchandise pushed out. no way that ithis what they are bringing. OR could be just left over merchandise from a decade ago since that is the last time cotton polos were considered relevant.
  5. Guess with all the USF UA fire sales that it will be the end of UA here. Just uprising due to UA wont have a presence in FL anymore if this is in fact true. UF/FsU/C= Nike & FiU/ FaU/UM = Adidas At least it's not Russell...
  6. Per USFColin of the TDS he mentioned during his farewell column that "To not have to cache everything I say. Like how Under Armour is out and Adidas is in next year. I’m like 98+% sure it’s true, but before, I had to be responsible about this. Now I can just say “I’m like really sure, but it’s also not totally done yet.” There, I said it. Hooray!" I hope this isn't true. Not a fan at all of Adidas and their apparel https://www.thedailystampede.com/2017/11/27/16702504/thanks-yall-collin-sherwin-no-talent-hack-congrats-usf-athletics-hes-out-of-your-hair
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