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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. I'd love to get an ACC team.... UM, Duke or Wake, over any SBC/cUSA team. Yes,, even after the last 5 losses. We need to know what we are capable of, and I'd like to see how we come back after 3-4 weeks to get healthy and practice. We have back to back bowl wins against the P5. Gotta try for 3. Better to lose to a 'quality' opponent that beat an 'inferior' team we will get no credit for beating...
  2. What kills me is how we started out not half bad.... the win over GT showed some guts. I have never seen a team utterly implode during a season like this... You are supposed to get BETTER each game, not worse...
  3. any way to get more posts per page? I watch the game for a few min and there are 4 new pages...
  4. Sorry my mistake... YES Eleven sports is on Fubo... and I see game listed for Sat!! Sweet!
  5. I dontsee Eleven Sports.... but again I am getting the 'Texas' set of Fubo channels. My son used my login 4 hours away and he saw different NFL games/local channels than I did... Obviously some things like CNN and ESPN are on wherever you are... Thx! Might PM you on gameday.
  6. Well... I am in Texas. I got Fubo as NESN says they are on Fubo. Turns out, Fobo access to NESN is only in the New England area... I guess on a tablet it has your location and scopes the Fubo content accordingly. I looked at the NESN app (NESN GO)... but appears you cant buy access... only access it if you have cable account on a provider that actually carries NESN. Any last ditch ideas? Or am I missing anything?
  7. I got FuBo for the Illinois game... worked well until they cut it off early in the 4th quarter. I see NESN website says they are on FuBo... dont see NESN on the FUBO channel guide?
  8. Same thing here... at about 3hrs in fubo kicked us out and game disappeared from menu. 5 min later game back on menu but appears to be a replay of the first 3 hrs. simply amazing....
  9. I looked at it in google play, all the user reviews said it was terrible...
  10. I have the BTN, but only their 'main' channel that has the Michi SMU game. K rock had it right, FuBo TV has it and it's working great. Go Bulls!
  11. Great thread I appreciate the help.... On cable I see the Michigan/SMU game... assuming that's the 'main' B10 network game. I am not sure I will be able to watch... I looked at the B102Go app. They stream all the B10 content and I see the USF game, but you can't 'buy' access, has to be via your cable provider. FoxSportsGo says they have B10 content, but I only see Michigan/SMU, not the USF/Ill game. FuBo.tv also claims to have B10 content, but you can't see a schedule without registering, and I don't want to hand over the cc number until I'm sure... Anyone know if FuBo will really have the USF game?
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