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  1. For me this problem goes way deeper than a simple bad season, or a bad coach. I am middle aged with a few degrees from USF. I desperately want some success and recognition for our football program, because (lets face it) that is how the majority of americans see universities. Through the football program. We have been 'bad' at football now for a decade through THREE bad coaching hires. (The obvious exception being the QF couple of years) Yes the university is doing well, with research dollars and academics way up, and a new medical school being built. But few outside of tampa know or care about that... Football cannot be 'down' for a decade. There are huge ramifications for having football be down for such a long period. The fanbase be built up in the BE is destroyed. Students are essentially apathetic about the program. Athletic donations are or will be down compared to other AAC schools. New stadium nowhere in sight. We became a joke by giving extensions to failed coaches, and then firing to pay dual coaches for YEARS. Even the MOSI plan, which seemed exciting a couple of years ago, seems to have evaporated. I was just in Tampa. Seems MOSI already downsized a couple of years ago, the main building is empty, and I'm reading they want to put a movie studio there???? WTF? Every article I found about MOSI downsizing didn't even mention USF football. Now I am supposed to wait it out while we 'rebuild' again?? Strong came in to an 11 win program. There is absolutely NO excuse for the back step we took under Strong. None. Sick of hearing how coaches need to recruit. Get their 'own guys' in... yada yada. UCF never seems to have problems switching coaches and keeping the winning going. Yeah I'll always be a fan... but I'm really sick of watching a totally mismanaged program and team. It's time to get serious about football, or we'll be a bottom feeder in whatever conference we end up... for a very long time. UCF has humiliated us completely. Get some aggressive and energetic winning coordinator from a P5 program, or coach from a G4 program. Not some failed 'big name'. And no, I don't consider Holtz or Tag to have been a G4 winner. My 2 cents.
  2. That's exactly what I am thinking as well. After the first 3 games I thought we were one of the worst teams in FBS. I'm happy we could put the hurt on ECU, and the BYU when was cool… but I will be grieving if we can make a bowl game. Trying to not over estimate our chances here, hoping otherwise but thinking we get wrecked thought last 4.
  3. If we win 2 and go bowling, and one of those wins is beating UCF... is all forgiven regarding CCS? Excited for next season?
  4. I'm not sure if I actually believe it... each game still 'looks' empty... I know, we're spreading them out over a huge stadium area...
  5. Not sure what the point is... USF was in the Big East, and frankly playing in a pro stadium was probably one of the things that made us attractive. Yes, ocs is clearly NOT a requirement... and an NFL stadium can actually be a benefit for 'moving up'. I just wish we got a fair deal from the Bucs... and could fill that lower bowl.
  6. Interesting thread. Someone please explain how UofH and Tulane (of all schools) can build a new OCS whilst in the AAC... and USF can't? Reliant Stadium, where the Texans play, is a few miles from UofH. And (not that it matters), but the color scheme actually works for UofH. Yet they were able to work up funding and get an awesome ocs built. I'm in Texas and I catch a game there every year. I am actually in the crowd that is fine paying in the Bucs stadium... we won't be able to build something nicer, so why not use it? But, since so many seem to think an OCS is almost a requirement for 'moving up', I don't see why we can't do it... I think it all relates to general support for USF. When we were losing, we didn't draw fans. They said that winning would cure it. For the last two seasons we have been winning, and we still draw flies. Why should we build an OCS for THAT kind of fanbase? I think that's our number one problem. Culture.
  7. I'd love to get an ACC team.... UM, Duke or Wake, over any SBC/cUSA team. Yes,, even after the last 5 losses. We need to know what we are capable of, and I'd like to see how we come back after 3-4 weeks to get healthy and practice. We have back to back bowl wins against the P5. Gotta try for 3. Better to lose to a 'quality' opponent that beat an 'inferior' team we will get no credit for beating...
  8. What kills me is how we started out not half bad.... the win over GT showed some guts. I have never seen a team utterly implode during a season like this... You are supposed to get BETTER each game, not worse...
  9. any way to get more posts per page? I watch the game for a few min and there are 4 new pages...
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