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  1. UCF Game 1

    Cincy wins 8-6 after 10 innings!
  2. UCF Game 1

    Double down the LF line. Cincy up 7-5 top 10th with 2 outs.
  3. Where Are You Sitting?

    Got my tickets this morning! Super fast turn around on my order. Athletics must have over-nighted them just in time for the game. Section 17 Row 18 Seat 10!
  4. Made it! In the Gainsville Regional with FAMU UF and FAU
  5. USF Softball

    Northwestern is in the same boat as us nationally this year. That game was going to go either way but I was giving us the slight edge. To see us lose to them in that fashion was very disappointing. Kansas is a mediocre team. Nothing special coming out of their team. We should have been able to take care of them rather quickly. I was expecting a score of 4-0 or 3-1 for this game. Ken is running a top-tier program and we have the talent to compete with practically any team in the country (except for a few power houses). I am sure he was miffed because he almost got run-ruled at home twice on the same day. Looking at the schedule the only team that should give us any difficulty before conference play is Baylor. They are more than likely going to be a top ten team when we play them so hopefully we get our act together because that game should help us out in the rankings should we win. I expect us to be on a 11-0 or 10-1 streak heading into conference play this year.
  6. USF Softball

    Bulls are playing game two today against Maine. Currently tied at 2 in the bottom of the second. Here is the live stats page:
  7. Bulls vs. Gators Tonight

    USF won game two 9-0 by a run rule grand slam. The Bulls play Wisconsin tonight at 6pm.
  8. Bulls vs. Gators Tonight

    For those curious, bulls vision live stats are down. I found the Gators radio feed, while the commentary will be terrible at least it is an opportunity to hear our bulls!
  9. Bulls vs. Gators Tonight

    Ta'cois Williams hits a bomb over the CF wall in her first collegiate at-bat! Bulls are up 1-0 after the first inning!
  10. Bulls vs. Gators Tonight

    Glad to hear it is SRO tonight. The Softball team should have a packed house most nights this year. Any updates would be great appreciated through out the night!
  11. Another Bull in the SuperBowl.

    He mainly played special teams tonight. I saw him multiple times on the kick-off unit. On the Percy Harvin return for a TD to start the 2nd half, you can see he over-run Percy and miss the tackle.
  12. Softball, Men's Soccer, Volleyball would be my top 3. I feel that softball has a chance to win the conference title this season!
  13. USF #25 in the NFCA Preseason softball poll

    We are very lucky with this softball team and where we are located. Every year we get a heavy slate of games at home/clearwater. Before we even get into the conference tournament. We play 39 games at home and 8 games in Clearwater, compared to 10 road games! I highly recommend going out and supporting one of the most consistent and top teams at USF!
  14. Not listening via radio, but from ESPN it states the game is at 65-62 MSU with about 3 minutes left.