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  1. Taggart has a crap show on his hands.
  2. Watched, and our ladies did not show up.
  3. I guess he drove the bus off the road. (I am sure someone already said this)
  4. Just goes to show you that every team can have its off week or off game or even off year. I was at that game FSU offensive line could not stop our defense. How many turnovers did they have like 4.
  5. Thank you Brad for doing these contests. I appreciate it.
  6. 1. Happy it's Trump or wanted Clinton? 45 Peaceful transitions of Power - What an amazing country 2. January 20, 2017 or February 1, 2017 ? January 20th 3. Will Football win AAC Title in 2017? DaBulls 4. Your activity during the football off season? Getting back in shape 5. Favorite Rock Bands? Clapton, Red Hot, more
  7. I have some stickers that are stars, I should pass them out.
  8. http://www.ncaa.com/news/soccer-men/article/2016-11-29/di-soccer-mac-hermann-trophy-semifinalists-named Florida Gulf Coast had a finalist for the Herman Award for the best player in Men's college soccer. So, if Coach Butehorn could get Albert Ruiz to come to FGCU, I think he will work out just fine at USF.
  9. ️Patrick joyner Jr Joey Knight Retweeted ️Patrick joyner Jr. ‏@JoynerPatrick 4h4 hours ago Extremely blessed to receive my 6th offer from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA #Blessed #USF #GoBulls
  10. Ok, why not send him on an express train to hell. We are the toughest place to coach for College B-Ball.
  11. Why would he want to leave Alabama?
  12. Like his twitter page, made skills.