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  1. I used them in the fall when my door broke and needed a replacement. Excellent service and price.
  2. Bingo, it is about MONEY period. See Vanderbilt University
  3. I guess you could say that about Cincinnati and UConn as well from a strong stand-alone product.
  4. Like this is going to have any impact. Let's see what the Magic Eight Ball says....
  5. Bulls end season #21 in AP

    Congratulations Bull. Now, get back to work and get us a conference Championship
  6. A Holtz New Era...

    Still want to know what colors it burned like?
  7. Birmingham bowl plans??

    Yep, next time Professor. Have you finished your PhD yet?
  8. USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Came from a tweet by the Paul Finebaum who covers SEC. I am the one who posted that picture originally, sorry I didn't include the source.
  9. Birmingham bowl plans??

    Charsibb, I was standing right next to you. So funny.
  10. You knew that was going to happen.
  11. How embarrassing that UCF is raising a banner for National Champions
  12. Welcome knightfan_01

  13. ucf National Champs

  14. I just saw a UCF fan dressed as a gay knight with the chain-male in all its glory.
  15. I would like to see UCF lose another bowl. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_UCF_Knights_bowl_games