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  1. Clearly the quote was from UCF coach, who is just trying to get his program back on track. Coach Strong will stay focused and we have a good shot at a title this year.
  2. Who cares. He is toast.
  3. $246 a night. Not great. I turned in some points to offset some of the expense.
  4. What a first class idiot. Bye bye. Enjoy jail.
  5. Tampa Times is a bunch of UoF suck ups and sycophants
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/m/95652472-75c8-3079-93af-c1f47988e334/east-carolina-lands-grad.html Nice addition for ECU, makes beating them just ta little bit more difficult.
  7. Pretty much means he will smoke people in a race.
  8. Did mine.
  9. I agree. Why is she passing judgement before the facts are heard and he has representation. OMG, this is my problem with Judges
  10. bye bye Mr. Jackson.
  11. Welcome Mr. Woods
  12. Dumb https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls
  13. Texas does not care and they own the Big 12 all the way down the drain.
  14. If he saves as much as possible.