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  1. CCS hates it here

    Nice job Frost or willeywanker or whatever else you want to be called
  2. UCF is going to beat us down

    Bye bye Frost
  3. Cracks are forming...

    I thought the cracks we talking about was in their stadium ...
  4. Cracks are forming...

    I thought the cracks we talking about was in their stadium ...
  5. Cracks are forming...

    Wise move. Now you can return to your Game of Thrones watching.
  6. Most recent bowl projections

    I tell you the AAC bowls suck. Giving FSU a bowl is about money and alumni. They only will make it if they beat the Gators.
  7. Cracks are forming...

    You have not seen all of the plays. We are going to surprise you.
  8. Cracks are forming...

    Wow, I see ambienknights is a fan of Game of Thrones. I bet he does role play competition as well.
  9. This weeks rankings

    Because it is about Money and size of the alumni
  10. UCF will beat USF by +21

    This game comes down to Frost vs. Strong. How well does the team game plan and then adjust.
  11. Cracks are forming...

    We are resting players as well. UConn should have had more points on you, they blew it on several opportunities. Focus on Temple and stop worrying about USF
  12. Cracks are forming...

    They will be beat up that is for sure. Footfetishfan1 should be excited it is at home where 29,000 can come see the game.
  13. Cracks are forming...

    We will see.
  14. Where is the USF Section @ UCF

    Where that girl dances by her self during the last game at UCiF