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  1. He struggles to put in the ball under the rim.
  2. 11-1 Changing coaches is always a problematic issue for teams. New playbook, etc
  3. Uber has a minimum charge for rides. Staying at Moxy hotel in Quarter area.
  4. Nothing will be announced except the schedule.
  5. Aug 26th @San Jose State Sept 2nd Stony Brook Sept 9th @UCONN Sept 16th Illinois September 21st Temple (Thursday Night Game) Sept 30th @ECU Oct 14th - Massachusetts Oct 21st @ Tulane Oct 28th Cincy Nov 4th Houston Nov 18th Tulsa Nov 21st @UCF (Friday)
  6. http://theamerican.org/news/2017/2/8/FB_0208175948.aspx
  7. Tulane will be booked out once that date is announced.
  8. Nothing just marketing trying to make a buzz during off season.
  9. Well, I liked aspects for the 4 2 5 defense but it had problems against the run. Based on what I read, the 3 3 5 is about speed and stunts. This might help us this year against teams using the spread.
  10. Nice air conditioning.