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  1. P6

    Not much of a chance for the AAC or G5. After an AAC team goes 13-0 and does not get in then the odds seem about right. Where is the access outside of the P5? Brett McMurphy‏Verified account @Brett_McMurphy 9m9 minutes ago M Next year’s @CFBPlayoff title odds via @LVSuperBook: Bama 5/2 Clem 6/1 UGA, OhSt 8/1 Mich 10/1 PSU 12/1 OU 18/1 Aub, Miami, MichSt, Tex, Wis 25/1 LSU, Wash 30/1 FSU, ND, Stan, USC, VT, WVU 40/1 A&M 50/1 UF, Ore, TCU 60/1 Ariz, Boise, KSU Mizzou, NCSt, OkSt, UCLA, Utah, Wake 100/1
  2. This is one of the best article Bianchi has written and you could substitute USF / UCF if you look at the big picture. This G5 / P5 separation sucks and it needs to change or its going to ruin college football. USF not being ranked in the College Football Playoff poll is directly related to this article. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/open-mike/os-sp-ucf-college-football-ranking-mike-bianchi-1109-story.html College Football Playoff Committee, why don’t they just change their name to the College Football Playoff Cartel for the Privileged and Powerful? At least then determined and diligent men like UCF coach Scott Frost and his unbeaten Knights would understand that this unfair and inequitable system is not designed for teams like them. They could then come to grips with the fact that there is no room at the inn, no seat on the bus, no opportunity for them to reach the pinnacle of their sport because they are not a member of the Power 5 conferences’ privileged class. The Knights, even though they are one of the most dominant teams in the nation, are shamefully ranked No. 18 in the latest College Football Playoff ranking – the same as they were ranked last week despite the fact that several teams ahead of them lost and UCF won a tough road game against a good SMU team. UCF athletics director Danny White told us a few days ago that his team’s ranking is an insult to what the Knights have accomplished this season. “Look at the games we’ve won and how we’ve looked as we’ve won them,” White said. “To have multiple two-loss teams ranked ahead of us is disrespectful to us and our conference.” What’s even more disrespectful is CFB Playoff Committee Chairman Kirby Hocutt taking us for a bunch of fools when he claims UCF’s “strength of schedule” is the reason for their low ranking. Except UCF’s strength of schedule is almost exactly the same as fellow unbeaten Wisconsin, which is ranked No. 8 in the poll. That’s right, UCF is the highest-scoring team in the nation and has essentially played the same schedule as Wisconsin — and beaten its opponents more decisively than Wisconsin — and yet UCF is ranked 10 spots below the Badgers. Why? Power 5 politics and privilege, that’s why. College football continues to run the most archaic, asinine, exclusionary system in all of sports. Because the Badgers were lucky enough to be around a century ago when the major conferences were formed, they will get to chance to play for a national championship if they go unbeaten whereas UCF won’t. Good grief, can you imagine if the rest of American society was as antiquated and discriminatory as college football? … Sorry, ladies, you don’t get the same rights as men because you weren’t allowed to vote 100 years ago. It’s an absolute joke that there are eight — EIGHT! — two-loss Power Five teams ranked ahead of UCF. How is that the two-loss Virginia Tech Hokies — beaten by double digits in the only two games they’ve played against ranked opponents — can be ranked ahead of UCF? Puh-leeze! The Knights are not only unbeaten, but they destroyed the only ranked team on their schedule (Memphis) 40-13. Let’s face it, for schools like UCF, the relatively new College Football Playoff system is really no different than the old BCS (Bogus Cartel System). It’s simply the same old song with different voices singing it. Today, it’s current AD White talking about being disrespected. A decade ago, it was former UCF AD Steve Orsini. “Every sport in the NCAA except football is built on the idea of inclusion,” Orsini told me a dozen years ago. “Football has been exclusionary. I think all anybody wants here is a fair shot.” But that’s not the way college football works. As crooked and corrupt as college basketball is, at least it’s a sport that doesn’t discriminate. If college basketball were like college football, Villanovawould have never upset Georgetown for the national title because the Wildcats would have never been allowed in the tournament. They would have been relegated to playing Gonzaga in the first round of the CBI. Sadly, Cinderella continues to be black-balled by college football. She’s back at home washing the dishes, scrubbing the floors and turning down the beds so her Power 5 stepsisters can get ready for their private and privileged postseason ball.
  3. USF lands ahead of many Power 5 schools and tops in AAC.... http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/best-in-college-sports-florida-state-edges-rival-florida-for-tight-win-in-2016-17/
  4. USF vs. UCF Revenues

    In 2015 "other" for UCF revenue was $3M and 2016 it jumped to $12M. Not sure why it would increase that much in one year - we need Joey to investigate this one.
  5. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gators/florida-gators-are-top-10-in-revenue-ucf-makes-way-more-than-usf/2329564 How does UCF make $12M more than USF? UCF make $10M more in "other" - what is that? http://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/
  6. Another validation that the AAC should be a "Power" conference (Power 6). 2017 NFL draft picks by conference Conference Picks Picks per school SEC 53 3.79 ACC 43 3.07 Pac-12 36 3 Big Ten 35 2.5 AAC 15 1.25 Big 12 14 1.4 http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/4/29/15489050/nfl-draft-2017-picks-results-college-conference-sec-acc-pac-12-big-ten-big-12
  7. American > Big 12

    The American is within a couple of points of passing the Big 12 conference in RPI ranking. Compared to the G5 the American is closer to a Power 5 conference (bigger index gap). Maybe next week we pass them.
  8. What's this about? Troy Baxter?

    I would not be surprised if Murry Bartow ends up coaching the team this season as it may be part of Harlan's plan. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=211126892
  9. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Please send this link to the Big 12. This makes the case for the USF - UCF expansion: http://www.livability.com/topics/housing-and-real-estate/this-is-where-us-residents-are-moving-in-2016
  10. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Best options in order: 1. Expand by 4 teams: Cincinnati, Houston, USF, UCF 2. They do not expand and keep AAC intact 3. Expand by 2 and they take Cincinnati and BYU (AAC only loses 1) Worst options: 1. Expand by 4: Cincinnati, Houston, UConn, UCF 2. Expand by 2: Houston, UCF 3. Expand by 2: Cincinnati, UCF Hold your breath until October.
  11. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Hopefully this is a major factor in expansion candidates as adding USF and UCF would dramatically change this: Population base[edit] Like the Southwest Conference, the Big 12 footprint has a small population base. It has the smallest population base by far of the Power Five conferences. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia and Iowa have a combined population of 37.8 million. As of 2013, out of the 115.6 million TV households nationwide there are only 13,427,130 TV households in those states (11.6%)[31][32] The Big 12's share of the nation's TVs is a fraction of that reached by the rest of the Power Five. This likely works against the conference in TV negotiations, but the conference negotiated tier 1 and 2 TV contracts with total payouts similar to those of the other Power Five conferences.[33] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_12_Conference
  12. USF student residential "Village"

    http://tbo.com/news/politics/usf-oks-housing-project-for-2165-students-at-andros-site-20150604/ TAMPA — The University of South Florida is moving ahead with plans for the largest student-housing construction project in school history, razing the well-worn Andros dormitories for a mixed-use residential complex featuring a health and wellness center, outdoor pool and deck, dining center and small-shop retail space. University trustees on Thursday voted to enter into an agreement with Capstone Development Partners and Harrison Street Real Estate Capital to build a $134 million, live-work-play project that will provide 2,165 beds in three buildings on the site of the 50-year-old dorms. The new complex will dwarf the largest existing dorm, the 1,050-student Juniper-Poplar complex. The project “will create a new atmosphere on campus, with the recreation facility, shops and swimming pool,†said USF president Judy Genshaft. “It’s going to liven up the atmosphere on campus.â€
  13. Auburn Tailgating

    I'm taking my family (wife and 3 boys) to the USF - AU game and wanted to know where the USF fans will be tailgating. Does anyone have any suggestions on which parking area we should look for when we arrive (coming from Atlanta)? The game day experience should be incredible and I want to get some tailgating in before the game. Go Bulls!!!