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  1. tie game
  2. Spano went to USF
  3. plan on getting there early to do a little tailgate so that should help.
  4. Where is the best place to park tonight with graduation going on?
  5. if all true, kick his ass out of school.
  6. i assume that will clear some space in the Selmon facility for other sports?
  7. Football

    Would have liked to have seen another LB. We only got 1, correct?
  8. Football

    What is going on?
  9. Football

    the best part is the post announcement dance party in the back
  10. Football

    Did Shaun King steal one?
  11. signed with Southern Illinois
  12. Severine = baby mama
  13. Does this open a spot for TJ Weist? Has he landed anywhere yet?