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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Joey Freshwater has too much baggage for Ole Miss right now.
  2. Never Again

    Good article. I find it funny that the players are complaining about their former coach. The guy they committed four/five years of their life to and should have known what type of coach he was.
  3. CWS

    Also took UF 60 years to win 5 bowl games, 85 years to win a conference title, and 90 years to win a NC in football.
  4. CWS

    On a side note, it only took UF 105 years to win a NC in baseball. USF has been playing for 51 years. We have 54 years to match them. Let's do it. Go Bulls!
  5. CWS

    What year did you graduate from Florida? What era of football did you witness first hand?
  6. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Great news. Go Bulls!
  7. http://www.usfsp.edu/brewing-arts/ Has anyone else seen this? Time to get that degree in the Brewing Arts.
  8. UCF Game 1

    tie game
  9. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Spano went to USF
  10. plan on getting there early to do a little tailgate so that should help.
  11. Where is the best place to park tonight with graduation going on?
  12. if all true, kick his ass out of school.
  13. New Developement at USF???

    i assume that will clear some space in the Selmon facility for other sports?