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  1. nice work NYC Bulls
  2. Best of luck to with the health of his mother.
  3. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    Sorry if this as already been answered, but why didn't USF just reschedule with UMASS if we both share an open date?
  4. Illinois Attendance

    We seem to be in line with our conference mates to the East. It appears they get a stronger student showing, but alumni/other fan base seems similar. Our student base would increase on campus.
  5. Illinois Attendance

    Thursday will be a very sad showing.
  6. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 136 seconds  
  7. Game on!!

    They need to get this out on all media.
  8. Game on!!

    are the high school games cancelled Friday night? if not, then .
  9. Game on!!

  10. USF at UConn Cancelled

    switch games next week. have Illinois play Virginia.
  11. We are 2-0. We are in the top 25. The attendance this past weekend has nothing to do with play on the field. The play on the field could be affected by the poor attendance. There has been plenty of time and off season buzz to get fans in the seats. This fan base is pathetic. What he said was the truth. He was asked about fan backlash on social media and he took a jab back at the same fans. There is nothing wrong with that. The crowd on Saturday was an embarrassment. Good for him to have the guts to call us out on it. For us to make excuses about a little rain and other games on TV and the PLAY IN THE GAME WE ARE TALKING ABOUT is weak. If the stands were packed and people walked out mid game for poor play then an argument could be made, but no one there for the season opener is sad. Players feed off the fans. Our players are starving and we are pointing the finger at everyone else but ourselves.
  12. Attendance?

    Looks like Strong took a stab at our crappy fan base today. Good for him.
  13. Attendance?

    Any thoughts to USF having a UT student ticket program? The reason I ask is that there was a large group of students wondering around Lot 6. Most of them had on green and/or USF gear. I figured they were USF students. I got to talking to one of the guys and he said they all went to UT and liked to come out to tailgates. I asked if they were going into the game, and his response was "I wish, that would be fun, but we can't afford tickets." Anyway, sometimes your fan base isn't all students and alums. Some of the biggest Gator, Nole and Tide fans I know didn't attend the school.
  14. Team entrance

    We will find out tomorrow. Go Bulls!