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  1. Women vs. UCF

    Heading out now to the women's game against UCF. If you can't make it, it's on ESPNU at noon. GO BULLS!
  2. Okay so stats say that 3,609 total tickets were sold/distributed. Not too shabby. I couldn't go to the game. Interested to know if you think that many people showed up and what was the good guys vs. bad guys mix? GO BULLS!
  3. Ummmm. If sellout is defined as the first level, half of the second level scattered around and no one in the third level, it might be close.
  4. Makes you wonder how many “Official” sponsors we have. Garage door company would not have even been my last guess.
  5. 1800 pages and counting!
  6. USF WBB @ Temple 1/10/18

    Announcers were questioning why “those USF fans” would make the trip from Florida when it’s freezing cold. Go Fireballs! Go Bulls!
  7. Illinois game 2018

    Will definitely be there if the game is at Soldier Field. Wasn't there talk on here a while ago that game might be moved to campus? It's still listed as such on their official site. GO BULLS! http://www.fightingillini.com/sports/2015/6/24/football_futureschedules.aspx
  8. USF WBB @ Temple 1/10/18

    Never mind, it's tomorrow. Old age.
  9. USF WBB @ Temple 1/10/18

    Game is supposed to be on ESPN3 but I don't see it in the "live now" listings.
  10. CBSSN all queued up for the slaughter. In the meantime GO JAGUARS!
  11. Our success is because we search elsewhere. 8 of 12 players are not from the US.
  12. The women were moving the ball well and getting open. They simply could not buy a basket last night. Yes, more blocks and disruption than usual, but they had many, many clear shots. Not sure if it was nerves, adrenaline or intimidation but when our 3 leading scorers go 4 for 40 from the filed, yikes.
  13. No season ticket holders sold their tickets. Problem is half of our season tickets are bought by UConn fans so they have great seats for this one game. The club seats are 90% USF fans. The rest of the dome is 75% UConn.
  14. Kind of looks here like there are a bunch of people just standing up in those areas behind the tables...