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  1. Could Be a Good Thing

    Not sure why, but I feel pretty good about this alliance. Hopefully ups the level of officiating, but again just not sure. Maybe the closer we are to the ACC, the more 1 and 1's we can get.
  2. Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    I get your point, I really do but it's not unprecedented for revenue generation. See the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado. GO BULLS!
  3. Ouch. Fun season. Time to move on to baseball. BEAT ARMY!
  4. Now we’re on ESPN2 tv in Tampa. Hope it’s not whip around.
  5. and it's listed on watchESPN as ESPN3. I've got the streaming in standby mode. So Miami does trump our Bulls for tv even though we're ranked higher. GO BULLS! GO QUINNIPiAC WHATEVER YOU ARE!
  6. ESPN2 on tv showed FSU game in Tampa and now they are showing Miami game. Is Miami trumping USF as the local team for the Florida feed? That totally sucks.
  7. USF Brand and Image Problem

    If we knew 40 years ago what we know now, the name should have been changed to Tampa Bay University. GO TBU Bulls!
  8. USF Brand and Image Problem

    Watching Lightning game and noticed on the dasherboards that the USF in block letters has been changed to the iconic U font. Changes are happening. GO BULLS!
  9. If we could make the **** free throws, we'd be in this. Not enough time now.
  10. WBB AAC tourny

    So the War on I-4 becomes the Jive on I-395? GO BULLS!
  11. Sun Dome Naming Rights Coming Soon

    This. Like the name but nothing tied to Noles please. Really hoping for iconic, non-embarrassing name like Publix, Outback, normal bank name, etc. GO BULLS! Edit: Though I'm sure the U had something to say about the stadium just being called Hard Rock and not Seminole Hard Rock.
  12. Won't happen, but if we get the auto bid, would we have the worst record ever for a team in the tournament?
  13. My sentiments exactly. I'm wore out on this issue.
  14. USF 2018 Football Schedule

    Of the 5 home Saturday games, here's to hoping 1 is at noon, 1at 3:30 and 3 at night. Schedule looks good. An evening GT crowd will be much, much larger than a noon GT crowd. GO BULLS!
  15. If there was no Bucs, Rays, Lightning, Beaches or Busch Gardens. then we’d be the only game in a college town and we would probably draw good crowds even in down years just like every other college town in the country. We have the same issues as a Miami. Check out their crowds in down years. GO BULLS!