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  1. USF Football Pregame Stampede

    I don't like change in my old age so this is great news. GO BULLS!
  2. USF Banners at Ray Jay

    I like the seat wraps in the north corners. Any additional green would be a welcome sight. What about a green bulls flag on the pirate ship or cover the skull and crossbones on the front of the ship with a snarling Bull?
  3. 2017 Tulane game

    These free tours (just tip the guide) are great. http://www.freetoursbyfoot.com/new-orleans-tours/walking-tours/ GO BULLS!
  4. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    This big time. They traded us for FIU so they now have 12 games. When it was all sorted out we should have just changed their game to October 7th but we thought the extra bye week would be to our advantage. I would say a game against UMass would be a great extra practice.
  5. Illinois Attendance

    Silent until now but it's going to be awful and we'll take a huge hit from how the east side looks on tv. Watch the Illinois replay and change all of the orange shirts to empty red seats. This is gonna be a BIG ouch.
  6. Scheduling a 12 game for 2017

    I get that we want the bye week, but why are we not just playing UMass at home on October 7th instead of them playing FIU on another date? Then our full original schedule would be intact. I think all schools in states touching the Gulf and those south of DC touching the Atlantic should schedule their first game in week 0 along with the Hawaii schools' exemption. That way we would all have 2 bye weeks to work with in the event of weather issues.
  7. Let's go AAC!

    Let's say we win out and SDSU wins out, both conference champs. Might the powers that be pit us against each other in the Cotton Bowl? Are 2 G5 teams out of 12 way too much to ask for the big boys?
  8. #12 #14 and #18

    CFN predicts #19 AP and #18 Coaches with Memphis #25 in both. You guys are way smarter than me if that's how they turn out.
  9. Oops! AAC scheduling mistake

    In another thread... The American website also lists their own conference championship game on Sunday, December 3rd. I guess the AAC can't get the quality interns that other conferences have to make sure the website is accurate.
  10. Let's go AAC!

    I was kind of thinking that we may drop to 23 or 24 in the coaches poll with Memphis jumping to 22 or 23. I hope not, but we'll see.
  11. Let's go AAC!

    Memphis was getting votes in the coaches poll and could jump us this week. They were not getting votes in the AP poll but could enter the poll at #25.
  12. Let's go AAC!

    That's our conference! All championship games have to be completed by that Saturday. http://www.fbschedules.com/college-football-conference-championship-games/
  13. Let's go AAC!

    Definitely Saturday the 2nd.
  14. Let's go AAC!

    This is heading in the right direction. Not sure I can bear to watch Tulane though.