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  1. Great news but South Florida University?
  2. This. My problem is how we look on tv during these games. I always get texts from family out of state asking "where is everybody?" which is what the national tv audience is thinking. Oh well I'll be there as usual. Go Bulls!
  3. Today from the latest "sources"... https://www.fanragsports.com/news/aac-preparing-wichita-state-join-league-2017-18/
  4. I know we don't want to create the debacle that was the Big East, but I think it would make sense for Wichita to join as non-football and then add Air Force and Army as football only. That would create a higher profile conference with 14 football schools and 12 olympic sports schools. Hopefully, the TV money and revenues would increase given that conference and footprint.
  5. Just watched the presser. Very impressed with CBG, seems to be a class guy. Don't mean to be crass, but anyone else think PJG was not quite on her game? She seemed a bit unsure of herself, just an observation.
  6. Absolutely no way. If we go 13-0, we're headed to the Peach, Cotton or Fiesta. Not sure where the top ranked G5 team is headed this year, but it's not the playoff.
  7. So the game is slated for ESPN2. However, there are 4 other games at the same time listed for ESPN2. Can they break up the signal geographically like they do on ABC football? I thought the ESPN tv channels showed only one game nationally. Anyone know if the whole game is definitely going to be on the Deuce?
  8. MUST PASS HARDER OR THEY WILL CONTINUE TO STEAL THE BALL. Sorry for screaming and I know they're tired. The silver lining to a blowout might be a 10 seed so if we win we won't have to play a #1 seed. Go Bulls?
  9. Uh oh. Lazy passing is back. We have to pass crisp and firm or UConn will steal half of them.
  10. ESPN bracketology has us as a 9 seed which really sucks as 8-9 winner plays number 1 seed in the second game. Moving up to 7 or down to 10 would be much preferred. Go Bulls!
  11. Closed it out when it mattered. Tomorrow's going to be much tougher.
  12. I think at 22-8 we still get in. maybe a 12 seed?
  13. I've been looking at twitter the last couple days and don't see where they are announcing the winners each day. What am I missing? Go Bulls!
  14. All end zone seating was closed and not sold in advance or walkup so this could have been a lot more. I had friends who got in line about 15 minutes before kickoff and never got in the game as they were told it was sold out. They did however keep letting those with a student ID in and eventually they spilled over into one of the endzones. What a great night. Go Bulls!
  15. Wow that's great! Thanks for posting BB.