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  1. CFP Rankings

    Ranking only 8 would affect the G5 since the highest CFP ranked G5 conference champion gets a slot. They would need to at least release the top 4 G5 teams so we know where we stand.
  2. Sagarin has us ranked 290 and IU 89 for what it's worth. That's out of 351 D1 teams.
  3. CFP Rankings

    Moved up one slot in both the AP and Coaches to 22 and 19. Maybe we do sneak in the CFP at 25.
  4. Break It Out!

    This is the week to dig deep in the closet..
  5. CCS hates it here

    BA, I get it about gameday, but I just feel such a disconnect when I'm in his presence compared to CJL, CSH and CWT. During stampede, CWT (and most coaches on their stadium walks) was all smiles, high fives and saying thank you to those lining the walk. CCS is all eyes on the ground and no acknowledgment of his supporters. It's great he's focused on the game, but just strange to me. Great he shook hands after UConn. I don't remember him coming by us at ECU or Tulane as the players did. I get we're just a stepping stone back to the P5 but just a weird overall feel that he's not thrilled to be here as we provide him with that opportunity.
  6. CCS hates it here

    Me too, but if he stays he really needs to become a bit more fan friendly/accessible like every coach we've had. We're not a big donor team with unrealistic expectations but he has to engage a bit with the core base.
  7. I'll be watching on BTN with proper pre-game medication of course. This could get ugly. Vegas has IN -17.
  8. 9-1

    This is a good point. I believe on every series, they try to do what they need to do to get or hold the lead.
  9. USF, SC, or (6-4)

    The actual ranking number appearing next to the team name in writing on all things Disney (tv, streaming, websites) is the CFP ranking, though many announcers use the other rankings as well to hype what they need to hype.
  10. Number of Players with 1,000 yards rushing

    But AAC/USF/seniors stats would be better which the OP was discussing. Of course, we'd be ******** if we were 11-0 right now.
  11. Number of Players with 1,000 yards rushing

    Cancelling the 12th game was a killer. When it was all said and done, UMass and USF had a bye week on October 7th. Shame on the AAC, USF and Disney for not making that game happen. I know it's a big deal to move games, but keeping the 12th game at any and all cost for our seniors would have been the right thing to do.
  12. CCS hates it here

    He has to stop talking about execution and no complete game. If that’s truly the case after you’ve been in charge 10 games it’s all on you and your chosen staff.
  13. CFP Rankings

    Michigan lost. If NC State and Boise loose do we get in at 25?