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  1. Carpool to Birmingham?

    Anyone wanting to carpool to Birmingham? Would be with myself and my friend Travis. Plan would be leave Wed am and return on Thurs after the game. Go Bulls
  2. Jimbo Fisher Ripple Effect

    Guys, If FSU offered Taggart, he'd be in Tallahassee as fast as I would be if I won the powerball. Let's think about. 1. He grew up an FSU fan. 2. He left his alma mater for a "greener pasture." 3. Our largest actual attendance this year, sans FSU game, is something like 24,000 fans. Seriously, 24,000 fans. That glass isn't half full, it's 2/3's empty. 4. I repeat, our largest actual attendance this year, sans FSU game, is something like 24,000 fans. We're winning lots of games, and no one cares to come. I graduated from USF in 2005, but I'm currently taking a class on campus and surprisingly, the interest in athletics is much less. If you think ****** attendance doesn't factor in a coaches decision, let alone recruting, you're fooled. Everyone loves to be appreciated. That being said, I hope he stays, and we continue winning. GO Bulls
  3. Houston v Louisville

    This game is reminding me of UL vs USF in 2005.
  4. Memphis Weather showing 53 at kickoff calm winds, ~ 5mph. o% chance of rain.
  5. CJL Comments on His Termination from USF

    And allegedly a little something about offense.
  6. Raymond Woodie

    Could have Jim harbaugh coaching this d and it would be bad. Lack of talent.
  7. Friday

    Red Star Rock Bar in Seminole Heights neighborhood in Tampa
  8. Players about attendance

    Brad, Of course it hurts the players when 80% of the seats are vacant during the game. Of course it infuriates Coach T, BUT..... What is responding with their true feelings going to achieve other than provide a hanging curve ball for Martin Fennelly? I doubt it convinces anyone else to show up. Reality bites. Our die hard fanbase is small. I'm glad to be a part of them and thanked the few left around me in section 138 after the game.
  9. Its going to be a long year on defense.
  10. What's with FSU ticket sales?

    Joe, the cheapest ticket available to the general public is 85.00 for an upper deck seat (not between the 20 yd lines) Plus a $10.20 service fee for $95.20 total. For a family of four that's $380.80.
  11. Tom Jones telling the truth

    I love the fact that some of you are getting mad. That shows you're passionate about the Bulls. And trust me, I'm mad as hell too. I've been a diehard fan since 2000. But I'm mad about fans not showing up, not the release of an actual attendance stat. My eyes already told me that stat. Pictures tell a thousand words, and the one I saw from inside the stadium was herds of open red seats, and I'm not talking about the upper deck. The Ray Jay lower bowl seats just over 42,000. 35,000 fans would have filled 83% of those. Instead, we occupied about 53% of the lower bowl. That picture doesn't look good even when you forget about the upper decks. On the bright side, we're 1-0. Here's to hoping for a much larger showing Saturday. As always, GO BULLS!!!!!
  12. Tom Jones telling the truth

    Truth hurts guys. 22,000 showed up out of 35,000 tickets sold. Vacant red seats stick out. If you're mad, be mad at your fellow Bulls who never show up. Get on the phone now and talk them into going to Saturday's game. I just recruited a few more. GO BULLS!!!!!
  13. I'm curious to see how ticket prices have changed over the years. Specifically looking for season ticket (incl. donation) and single game price ranges. Thanks in advance.
  14. Sean Price #7 Tightend by USA Today

    Everything I've heard is that he was an excellent character guy in the locker room too.
  15. Tampa Campus Changes

    Where does it say they are changing the "main campus entrance"?