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  1. Yep. Auggie Sanchez would not be the equipment manager on most top 25 teams.
  2. Reality alert: This team is not good. UCF will tear this defense apart.
  3. CBS Sports Network

    I have the same setup. Fubo has been making their Apple TV app better. As soon as they get ESPN and CNN I'll drop Hulu. Really sucks that you can't just get all the channels you want from one provider.
  4. Adding Traditions to USF games

    If we were one of the service academies, ECU, Arsenal or our coach was Mike Leach this would make sense.
  5. Um, when they ignore penalties on the other team, yes.
  6. When they don't call obvious penalties on the other team yes they are.
  7. Gilbert sucks really bad. I mean really bad. We will not be good as long as he has a job.
  8. Haha. No call on the obvious hold in the endzone. These refs suck.
  9. At what point do you stand up against bad officials?
  10. This is ridiculous. The AAC officiating has an agenda.
  11. Not really. This will work now, but if they start games like this against good teams they will be digging a grave.
  12. Must be still hiding their playbook, huh?