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  1. Seems that there is a lot of data showing no real economic impact for professional sports stadium. This says the same about the college level: Even used FSU and UF for the study. I like RJS because it's a shorter drive for me and has nice amenities but an OCS would be cool if it was done right and not on the cheap.
  2. This is a good point and reminds be of a few years back when Ubuntu went after a lot of sites for using their logo. They argued that if they didn't aggressively enforce their logo/trademark they would lose it. Others argued that this was not the case. Maybe USF sees it that way.
  3. Football

    If they stay on the team they should contribute right away. Price started as a freshman and Boyce was supposed to be one of their best pass rushers coming off the bench.
  4. Football

    I saw a few "rumors" but Price did acknowledge and apologize for his mistake.
  5. Football

    "were dismissed from the team after failing to meet program standards, coach David Cutcliffe" Feb 21, 207
  6. I know the program has sucked for a long time but it's not like football where you need a few good years and a lot of kids to buy in just to start winning. One good get can get us back on track. A few solid guys over a couple years and we're back in business. Also, we don't know what happened at GT. There's a lot of pressure to win there. Not much here. If he could convince talent to come to Dayton I think he can do it here. I look forward to seeing how it goes.
  7. Johnny Jones was fired at LSU. No Florida connections but has been all over the South. He had one losing season in the SEC and coached under Dale Brown.
  8. Interesting to see the path of our previous targets. Dave Rice resigned from UNLV and is on Eric Musselman's staff at Nevada. Steve Masiello went on a rant about this generation being fraudulent and Manhattan is 10-22 and second to last place in the MAAC.
  9. Football

    Haha. I'm not. It was a joke.
  10. Football

    Doesn't look good for us. Marvin Wilson has the USF hat in the middle. Too obvious.
  11. Football

    If you're following on twitter use these tags: #BullStrong #USFNSD17
  12. Is the BullStrong thing new or was it here before Charlie Strong? Maybe I've been in too many gas station checkout lines but seeing it on the banner up there makes me think of the male enhancement pills.
  13. Weist says he wants to stay.
  14. Here's a list of possible names: