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  1. Bulls Signing Day Central

    Not a lot of flash but added some good size on both sides of the line. I'm really interested in seeing if Battle or McCloud can challenge at QB.
  2. Forever a Bull

    Not sure if this was posted but I thought this was cool of Q:
  3. QB next year - who's your guy.

    I know one of his teachers. That's nothing like the person they described. Said he was respectful, hard working and very smart.
  4. Gilbert Rumors

    We have a better budget now but , yeah, no guarantee we get someone better at this point in the year.
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    Looks like LSU is going to promote Steve Ensminger anyway. A lot of LSU fans are not happy.
  6. A Holtz New Era...

    Oh, we felt it alright. Still a little sore.
  7. Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    And if Strong is interested he has until the 16th to apply:
  8. Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    That's why I said "may be" and not "is". I assume some journalists have some sources or ideas about what the school is looking for.
  9. Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    Yep. i was just thinking that yesterday. Remember Holtz scrambling to get a class together?
  10. A lot of people are bringing up Strong for the Arizona job. It doesn't seem like the job he would leave for though.
  11. This is really embarrassing

    Um, yeah... No. This is just delusional. People will think they are nuts. Way worse than the Big 4 billboards.
  12. UCF, people can see you!
  13. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    He signed a four-year contract extension a few weeks ago..
  14. A Holtz New Era...

    is finally over. Can we have a party?
  15. Nigel Harris a Buc

    Nigel Harris got some playing time on special teams: