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  1. RB Receiving Stats

    I mentioned this after the third week. Running back passes played a huge part of opening up the offense last year and I think it has hurt Flowers this year by not having that extra option. The defenses don't have to worry about it either. I don't care if it's a new coordinator, you use what you have to their best ability.
  2. This CBS Sports CFP prediction excludes USF

    With the way this team rolled last year and with the hype coming in and Strong I can see how outsiders would not be impressed. We have a pretty easy schedule and we have not had a statement game where we put an inferior opponent away in the first quarter. I don't have a problem with the prediction. Hopefully that will change after the Houston game.
  3. If I did not Know Better

    Um. i wasn't aware that you were not allowed to discuss sports on a sports site. And I know who Cassandra was. I graduated from USF. Twice.
  4. If I did not Know Better

  5. If I did not Know Better

    If the car's engine is in flames you don't tell the kids in the back seat to get over it because you're 20 minutes from Disney World and they should be happy.. You can appreciate your success yet still be realistic about problems.
  6. Not good enough

    The thing about the "hiding the playbook" theory is that what makes anybody think they can execute the new plays when they are having problems with the simple ones?
  7. Anybody else concerned with the lack of passion and effort?
  8. Apparently You didn't' watch the rest of the season. mmmkay.
  9. Hey! I have an idea. Run it up the middle twice and then set up a 3rd and long!
  10. Impressive the way we're hanging with Alabama. oh, wait...
  11. Yep. Auggie Sanchez would not be the equipment manager on most top 25 teams.
  12. Reality alert: This team is not good. UCF will tear this defense apart.
  13. CBS Sports Network

    I have the same setup. Fubo has been making their Apple TV app better. As soon as they get ESPN and CNN I'll drop Hulu. Really sucks that you can't just get all the channels you want from one provider.
  14. Adding Traditions to USF games

    If we were one of the service academies, ECU, Arsenal or our coach was Mike Leach this would make sense.