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  1. Watch Parties

    There are always big groups of UF and FSU fans on Howard Ave. Would be nice if there was a Bulls place.
  2. A lesson in reality. I remember how Carnes was a hot target for us and then Holtz pulled his offer and ended up with Jamius Gunsby who supposedly was being recruited by UF and UK.. Carnes never did much at Nebraska and then ended up with Northern Iowa. Gunsby eneded up at Georgia Military College.
  3. Yeah, that's why I finally went to Hulu. Although Sling TV is owned by DriecTV and it does have the benefits of not going out during rain and being able to watch it anywhere.
  4. I've tried most of the options. Sling has all the sports channels but they separate them into different packages. By the time you get them all it's $60-$70. (I heard they were adding CBS Sports but I don't know when). Hulu is pretty good at $40 but they don't have BeIn Sports which I like for La Liga. Youtube TV is not available in Tampa yet. It's in Orlando though.
  5. Not sure if the TV info for the San Jose game was common knowledge but it's here:
  6. Coincidently, Strong's former horns team plays them too. They might be a good test for the defense.
  7. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    I remember his name but I'm not sure if he's on here. I know Jupiter is here. Don't know of any others.
  8. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Wow. I forgot about O'Neil. He used to go nuts. Some serious tirades. They really tossed a lot of traffic down the toilet when they changed the login on the blog.
  9. USF's Mohl Hired to Replace Kingston

    If he wan't the guy here I could see him leaving with Kingston or getting a head coaching job somewhere else. He's done it on the field at Tulane and had seven years training under Kingston. He's proved himself with the pitching staff. The only question in my mind is if he can recruit like Kingston. A great pick in my opinion.
  10. Facilities vs OCS

    Seems that there is a lot of data showing no real economic impact for professional sports stadium. This says the same about the college level: Even used FSU and UF for the study. I like RJS because it's a shorter drive for me and has nice amenities but an OCS would be cool if it was done right and not on the cheap.
  11. Licensing question

    This is a good point and reminds be of a few years back when Ubuntu went after a lot of sites for using their logo. They argued that if they didn't aggressively enforce their logo/trademark they would lose it. Others argued that this was not the case. Maybe USF sees it that way.
  12. Two transfers from Duke

    If they stay on the team they should contribute right away. Price started as a freshman and Boyce was supposed to be one of their best pass rushers coming off the bench.
  13. Two transfers from Duke

    I saw a few "rumors" but Price did acknowledge and apologize for his mistake.
  14. Two transfers from Duke

    "were dismissed from the team after failing to meet program standards, coach David Cutcliffe" Feb 21, 207