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  1. Anyone have extra tickets they want to sell or give away for the fau game?
  2. can anyone PM me a link please? im stuck in the office.
  3. anyone know what bars in town are going to be showing the game?
  4. Yeah, Im really excited about big east play to start. Must be because of our crappy schedule so far, but Im also excited about the rest of our conference mates games. With some luck, I think we can win this. If we can somehow come back with a win from morgantown...
  5. Which lots do you need parking passes in and which are general public. I dont want to use the north side anymore since I rather have a nice atmosphere without all the frats and students. man, I cant believe I just said that.
  6. So anyone have a scouting report on the tailgating there? Just park anywhere you can find a place? or? is it going to be like ucf? I know we are spoiled by having tons of parking here at ray jay. I should be getting there at around 8am.
  7. wear the adverse school tie for whomever loses for a whole week at work.
  8. so, is the game going to be on tv? I know we are all supposed to go, but sunday's are basically impossible for me.
  9. Is it just me or is this going to be the longest off-season ever?
  10. Maybe it was vanilla and bad in the redzone because he didn't have BCS quality players? Don't forget, ECU was playing with kids that they had to get AFTER all the Carolina BCS schools took their pick. Really? cause according to their board, they seem to think they have national champioship caliber players... lol. If you think UCF fans are delusional... just go and read some of their post.
  11. buy more. donate more. sorry that i just cant afford more tickets now since im barely making it as it is. i have 3 season tickets. maybe its for the old alumni.
  12. how come i didnt get tickets? 2nd year season ticket holder.n :-\
  13. whats up with the twitter post from usffootball saying just the word "mangino"
  14. they are our rivals... i care. and as much as some of you old times think we're not rivals... we are... i miss ucf game weekends..
  15. never take 275 to a night game. back roads. if there is an accident. always a way around. Some pretty hot wvu girls out there yesterday.
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