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  1. I feel like this is the next little quiz heading toward the big exam. We'll see how the team does on the road, especially the freshman. I know its BGSU, but they'll still be a bit bitter about last years 3OT game which they let slip away a few times. If Collins plays tonight we also can evaluate the progress of our offense.
  2. RPI means nothing until the half way point. Too few data points to accurately form a ranking.
  3. If he's as good as we hope he is at shooting, he certainly fills that hole. The other hole is depth at the 4/5 poisition; just need another able body behind Perry and Big John (Jordan OMG just isn't capable of stepping in if these guys get into foul trouble).
  4. Its really gone down hill since the U2 concert. That stage just killed everything, and the resod just wasn't the same.
  5. That's a quote from the Barry exhibition game. But I don't expect to see him against Bethune Cookman, maybe a few minutes at Bowling Green, and then some solid playing time against Stetson before taking the start against OKST.
  6. It's difficult to judge the offense at this point for a few reasons. 1) No Collins. Allen is a capable substitute, but AC is still the general on the floor. 2) Fast pace. I think that the guys are still adjusting a little to the faster pace. Some of the turnovers and mis-timing is the result of this and it should improve with each game. 3) The new rules. Players, coaches and officials are still figuring out these new "freedom of movement" rules. I do hope the NCAA starts a reevaluation soon because the games are taking too long. They're getting more points, but most of them seem to be chea
  7. Wow. Now I'm really concerned. Not so much for our team, but about the integrity of the game. This will destroy college basketball.
  8. Listening to the Stan Heath Show on 98.7. Lots of talk about the new foul rules. They already brought up the pace of the game and how that will impact the game and whatever changes they make.
  9. Thanks. Our record keeping needs a serious upgrade.
  10. I still hold to the belief that we should never accept a bid to any post season tournament below the NIT. QFT Unless you're worried about injuries, why would you not want to USF play as many games possible? Looking at last years CBI, you have 15-17 Purdue, 16-17 Texas, 17-15 Tulsa, and a bunch of 19+ win midmajors. Santa Clara ended up beating George Mason in the finals. I just don't think mediocrity should be rewarded with a post season tournament. It's like all these 6-6 bowl teams. I don't want a ribbon for finishing in 9th place.
  11. I still hold to the belief that we should never accept a bid to any post season tournament below the NIT.
  12. Does anyone have a link to this years media guide? Or do we even post it online like most other schools do?
  13. Still recovering from injury ... Not even sure he's a definite for Saturday. He was injured? I just thought it was to get more playing time for the rest. Also, I was surprised that Rudd returned after his quick ankle injury. I would have thought Stan would sit him the rest of the game just as a precaution so he'd be ready to roll on Saturday.
  14. Here's my recap post on VD5... http://www.voodoofive.com/2013/11/4/5067278/usf-vs-barry-recap-basketball Short version. It was a glorified pick-up game. We worked on some things, got playing time, figured out where we still need improvements, and did it all while beating up on someone else. Oh and I think another foul was just called.
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