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  1. Also, with sports writers sitting the high press boxes, they have no idea of the true feel of the game from the stands. I was in the Illinois side and they were good fans cheering hard for their team and well into the game.
  2. I was there and actually thought the atmosphere was very good for a college game. I also thought that the design of that stadium (lower two levels) is something that USF should model. They keep the lower two levels smaller, so it feels very tight, loud and intimate. So if we did something like that with our OCS (limit the amount of 'club access' areas) it will make for a good game day atmosphere for the Bulls.
  3. I am making the trip up and wanted to see what sections the USF distributed tickets are on, since it's too late to get from the school?
  4. One of the companies I own (LeaderboardKing) is golf software that helps organize charity tournaments, golf leagues, and buddy trips. We are helping the USF Women do their event on Friday April 13. Coach Draper really has a lot of great prizes, lots of girls (team members and Hooters girls) and sounds like a lot of fun. We are doing live scoring via smart phone and also adds fun to the event. The website for the golf event is: http://usfvolleyballgolf.com. Take Friday afternoon off and support Coach Draper and the team. They are a non-revenue sport and need the support!
  5. Funny....my friend was a prof at Western Mich and we had MAC refs. I told them they totally sucked. There was so much non-calls on holding on their O-line it was crazy. Also about 3 personal foul calls against USF. Then the no-call for spearing Alaka on their DB late in the game almost cost us. So I thought the refs sucked for USF.
  6. I made last year's game in B-Ham but could not make this years. I instead purchase 4 tix and 2 nights of hotel for students. They said they had a great trip. I wanted to get the opinion of others on how the interactions were with Tex Tech folks at bars and restaurants. I get the idea from their message board that they had no idea about us, nor did they respect USF. Was that different in person there? Did they mention anything about B12 expansion and including the Florida schools? Or did they just stay to themselves?
  7. Now that the season is winding down and more inter-conference games being played in the bowls, these stats become very interesting. Once again, the AAC is right behind the B12 by only 1.5 points. The same difference the Big10 is behind the SEC. More interesting is that the AAC is 4 points ahead of the next G5 conference (Mountain West). And that is after Houston dropped that game to Fresno. Also to keep in mind, the B12 has playoff team Oklahoma. If you take Oklahoma and put them in the AAC, then the conference order is flipped. This is also the case where Cincy is down unusually low, along with East Carolina. Cincy has a great recruiting class this year and their play improved as the season wore on. I look for them to be a force we will need to be dealt with in the future. Here is the link for those interested: http://www.realtimerpi.com/college_football/ncaaf_conf_Men.html
  8. I had a great time in B'Ham last year. Lots of former players there and willing to chat it up. I just got my tickets for this year via the USF site. I am also fired up about this matchup because Tex Tech folks think little of us. Great chance to show them we would be a legit option for the B12. For those not going to the game, there is an option to purchase tickets and donate them to students or alumni. I encourage you all to do that approach, as it counts towards the USF ticket count.
  9. Yes would go to see Q work over a P5 team. Flying to baltimore is fairly cheap typically...fwiw
  10. For any last minute folks I put 2 really tickets behind usf bench for 10 bucks on stub hub
  11. We have a really good coach right now. And good recruits coming. No way on that idea.
  12. Team still needs to learn to run everyrhing through Jiggets, Banks and Da Silva. Then easier opportunities will come to others. Malik Martin and Scekic almost blew the game by chucking up 15 footers.
  13. Couple guys that have serious talent is Payton Banks(graduate transfer) and Justin Brown (freshman). Those two will have lots of nights in double digits this year. Don't expect them to duplicate those numbers you saw last night all year long. Don't forget Yetna and Manderson didn't play. Also, team will get even better as they play with each other deeper in the year. I think we win 12 or more games this year.
  14. Also convert new grads to intro season ticket holder package at low cost or free for first year after school.
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