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  1. CountryBull

    Illinois game TV

    They need to get rid of this Troy/Nebraska game
  2. CountryBull

    Genshaft to retire

    Didn't say she would be cheap
  3. CountryBull

    Genshaft to retire

    Bring back Renu Khator... She was strong on the academic front and she loves Athletics. She worked for USF for 22 years and then took the job as the president of U of H.
  4. Great talent for the basketball team and he is eligible this coming season. http://www.tbo.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/06/04/usf-lands-6-foot-6-prep-school-star-madut-akec/
  5. Houston 25 pts Brown 13 pts Jiggets 9 rebounds 79%
  6. CountryBull

    Gotta love CFU

    Could not agree with you more.
  7. CountryBull

    Gotta love CFU

    "Almost all reports of these appointments have seemed interested that no representative was selected from the so-called Group of Five, even though one of those teams – CFU – went undefeated this year. CFU doesn’t need the CFP selection committee, though. CFU proclaimed itself national champion, including having a parade. Bill Hancock did not attend."
  8. https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/Theres-a-new-chairman-and-new-members-of-College-Football-Playoff-Selection-Committee-113920007 Scroll to the bottom of the article for a little information on CFU (UCF)