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  1. All his friends graduated and he was left behind.....
  2. Hopefully Luke Skipper doesn't come back this week for Tulsa, Boomer the backup is sloppy and not mobile. Also if Corey Taylor (avg 4.5 ypc) doesn't play at running back our front 4 should easily stifle Brooks (If he plays was held out against Houston for an undisclosed reason) and the running game
  3. CountryBull


  4. CountryBull

    Illinois game TV

    They need to get rid of this Troy/Nebraska game
  5. CountryBull

    Genshaft to retire

    Didn't say she would be cheap
  6. CountryBull

    Genshaft to retire

    Bring back Renu Khator... She was strong on the academic front and she loves Athletics. She worked for USF for 22 years and then took the job as the president of U of H.